Friday, August 10, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!  I still can't believe that inservice week is over and school starts on Monday.  This week has been jam packed and kind of a whirlwind but I am SO EXCITED about the school year and getting started next week.

ErikaNarci and I are sharing our FAVORITES and we'd love it if you'd grab our graphic, link back to one (or all!) of us and share your own Friday Favorites post.

First up on my list of FAVORITES is meet the teacher! We met Luke and Griffin's teachers, checked out their new classrooms and I got to meet a ton of my students as well.  It's one of my favorite nights because of all the excitement!

Griffin had to complete a scavenger hunt in her classroom and she was all about it :)

It was ridiculously hot and so my people cooled off in my classroom after doing the bounce house, eating at the food trucks and having ice cream :)

We didn't take a picture before we left, but we grabbed this one after. ;)  It's going to be a great year!

Next up is  this top.   The pink floral is my FAVORITE!!!

Last Sunday we were invited to check out the new Playstreet Museum in Irving, but since we were taking Mason to camp we missed the party :(  Instead we went and checked it out on Monday and it was SO AWESOME!!!

It's set up like a college campus and couldn't be cuter.

Loved the Department of Zoological Studies as well as the school of architecture and engineering.  SO CREATIVE!

They played in the School of Medicine...

... and Luke was seriously the best sport ever :)

They even got to learn about hermit crabs as part of the oceans unit they had out.

And, of course, we colored....

Thank you SO MUCH to Playstreet for having us out!  We had so much fun!

With Mason being gone this week it's been extra quiet around our house but a FAVORITE part has been seeing these two interact all week.  Mason is in the "middle" in every sense of the word in our house... he and Luke play together and he and Griffin play together but Luke and Griffin rarely play together (they're 5 years apart) and this week it's been fun to see them play more.  

I saw this earlier this week and it's a FAVORITE!!!  I've been reading Everybody, Always and I feel like this is a simplified version of the book :)

Luke got a haircut and his new do is my FAVORITE!!!

And Dave teaching him to make one of his FAVORITE meals was a highlight of the week as well :)

Pictures from camp have been a FAVORITE too!

As have after-work snuggles :)

And while I loved my pjs and pool coverups all summer getting dressed and ready this week has been a FAVORITE too :)  Although I'm sure the novelty will have worn off by the middle of next week :)

I am SO EXCITED because we pick Mason up tomorrow!  I can't wait to hear all about his time at camp and can't wait to have him home!  We're also having our back-to-school brinner this weekend which is always one of my FAVORITES.

Happy FRIDAY, friends!!!

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  1. I love reading your Friday favourites post each week. And I love your sweet bracelets with your kids' names on them. Wishing you and your family a good week ahead.


  2. Aw! I love those back to school pictures so much!!

  3. What a great week. I am excited for the school routine to return (I teach) and I also look forward to getting dressed in work clothes those first few days...then I really look forward to my summer wardrobe. Hahaha! I love Open House but it can be a little bittersweet (because I'm meeting my students) so thank goodness for good husbands who handle Open House :)

  4. I bet Mason had the best time st camp! And Luke is looking so grown up!

  5. Happy Friday! Please share the name/color of nail polish you're wearing, the pretty purple? Thank you!

  6. That outfit with the black ruffle pants is adorable! Friday Favorites is by far my favorite :)

  7. It always feels good to get back into a routine I think! Wishing you another great year for your kids and you :)! I love that pom pom tassel A LOT :)!

  8. I LOVE that floral top! So pretty! Have the best weekend!

  9. I've been thinking about Mason all week! Can't wait to hear how he did:).

  10. The picture of Luke and Griffin remind me of my brother and I! How sweet! Happy Friday!!!!

  11. Griffin in jeans = teenager! She looks so much older!

  12. That life-size Lite Brite thing (remember those?!) looks like so much fun!
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  13. Sounds like lots of fun!! I can't wait until meet the teacher for my daughter. She is going into Kindergarten, and is so excited!!

  14. I always loved meet the teacher night!

  15. Do you have a link for the Matilda Jane pants and recommended sizing?


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