Monday, June 18, 2018

Weekend Top 10

This weekend most definitely didn't go as planned... but isn't that how it is sometimes?!?! 

1)  The kids had the best time at VBS last week and brought home some cute crafts and projects... and Griffin also brought home an AWFUL stomach bug.  AW-FUL.

Friday looked mostly like this... except with a lot more tears and laundry.  Honestly, all I did Friday was sit with Griffin and watch movies while she was super sick and uncomfortable and then when she slept I ran around doing laundry, playing games with the boys, etc.

2)  Friday night she was MISERABLE and in a moment of mommy desperation I drew this little smiley face on her hand and told her that was how she would hopefully feel the next day...

3) Saturday rolled around and she was NOT better and Dave was working so I spent my day pretty much the same way I had spent Friday.  The boys were SUCH troopers though (I'm not sure I've ever appreciated them more!) and when Dave was able to sneak away from work for a couple of hours in the afternoon you better believe the boys and I made a bee-line for the pool.


4) Saturday night my parents stopped by and we played the boys new favorite game - SORRY.

5) and then I made their little worlds by ordering the "dinner box" from Pizza Hut.  If you want to know how to win the hearts of elementary-aged boys it's this box.  Promise.

6) Sunday morning Griffin was still feeling super weak and puny and so Dave  took the boys to church and they sent me this amazing picture which absolutely made my day!

7) They had "knight training" set up in the gym and Mason and Luke got to battle it out :)  I was sad I wasn't there to see it!

8) While Griffin napped and I tried to do a few things around the house the boys, Dave, my dad and one of Luke's friends headed to see The Incredibles II.  All the boys loved it and Griffin made us promise to take her this week since she gave up her ticket to Lincoln :)

9) Griffin started to perk up Sunday afternoon and Mason read her a book - sweetest!

10) We didn't grill out or swim or have my parents over or open presents or do any of the other things we had planned on doing for Father's Day but this right here is really all that matters, right?!?!! 

This week we're praying for everyone to get and stay healthy and for some sweet, uneventful pool days.  

HAPPY Monday!!!


  1. Oh no! I hope it's over and G is 100% this morning! Poor thing!

  2. We got the stomach plague in April - hit 4/5 of us within hours. I don't think I've ever felt worse in my life. Hope G feels better!

  3. Poor Griffin!!! I hope the rest of y’all stay well!!!

  4. Poor Griffin! Ashby missed her at church yesterday.

  5. Enjoy your week! Glad everyone is on the mend! That dinner box is awesome! I think that would make my night too!

  6. Praying your family stays healthy and you can get in some pool time. My kids would love that pizza box! Ha!

  7. Poor girl! That is the worst. I hope she feels much better today and that everyone else stays healthy!

  8. 1. Bless her heart! Hoping she's better today!
    2. Love the pics of the boys at church in their armor. I still chuckle at the "in the face" video.
    3. I'll admit with no shame that a dinner box would also make my day!

  9. Glad GG is feeling better! hopefully the boys stay healthy too

  10. I hope GG is feeling much better today! I didn't even know there was such a thing as a Pizza Hut "dinner box", checking into that right now:).

  11. OH goodness! Poor baby! I've never heard of a stomach bug lasting that long! I hope she's 100% now!


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