Thursday, June 28, 2018

Super Easy (and CLEAN) Patriotic Craft

Today I'm sharing a really easy and really CLEAN craft idea.  I know that sometimes the "mess" of crafting can hold some of y'all back in doing crafts with your kids and so I really hope that this idea will inspire some mess-free creative time :)

What You'll Need
- Blue plastic cups
- Hole punch
- red/white ribbon
- star stickers
- a pipe cleaner

Using your hole puncher, punch holes along the rim of the cup.  I punched 12 holes (just like a clock if that makes sense).

Next, cut 12 strips of ribbon (6 of each color) for each wind catcher that you're going to make.  We were making two so I cut 24 total strips of ribbon. 

 And that's it!  Then I just gave the kids each their ribbon pieces, showed them how to thread them through the holes and once they pulled them through I tied them.  EASY!

Once they had all their ribbons tied on they decorated their blue cups with the white star stickers...

... I poked a hole through the top and put a pipe cleaner through...

... Dave helped the kids hang them...

... and we were done!

Festive, easy and CLEAN!!!

We'll probably take these down on the Fourth and bring them with us to the parade to wave around and they had a great time making them.  You cold really do these for any occasion/season (black cups with orange ribbon for halloween, rainbow for St. Patrick's Day, etc.) and because I used satiny ribbon they should hold up in the weather.

Happy (clean!) crafting, friends!!!


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  2. How did you punch the hole to hang the cup? This is really cute!

  3. Cute craft! I like that the kids can take these to your parade, and that the craft is adaptable to other holidays!

  4. This is so cute! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Adorable!!
    I love that this is easy enough that I can prep it ahead of time and let them do it on their own
    While I’m starting dinner or something!!

  6. So cute!! I hope everyone is feeling great today!;)

  7. Oh cute!! May have to steal this! My kiddos would love it!

  8. How cute and festive! Love this craft idea.

  9. Cute idea...only issue I have is that you need 13 holes punches for the 13 stripes on the flag


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