Thursday, May 10, 2018


Happy Thursday, friends! Today I'm sharing three things about each of my three favorite people :)

Luke has been in speech therapy for two years and has worked daily on a whole host of articulation issues.  We are so happy to report that he was just reevaluated and he has mastered all his sounds at the word level and now he's just working on being consistent in conversation.  WOO HOO!!!

A few weeks ago my mom took the boys to Half Price Books and Luke came home with a TON of Boxcar Children books.  He has been burning through them and I love that he loves something that I read as a kid!

Luke and a couple of friends from school have been working on planning an "ultimate treehouse" for over a month now.  They have plans to sell all their Pokemon cards, get thousands of dollars (ha!) and pour it all into a treehouse with a drawbridge, nerf gun artillery room and fireman pole :)  They have detailed plans, a supply list and a timeline all set up.  CUTEST EVER!

Mason finished his Spring football season last weekend and there were lots of tears... not because they lost (which they did), but because football was over and he'd "just had so much fun!".  I mean... you can't really ask for anything more than that, right???

Mason always has a LOT to say when I tuck him in at night and last week the conversation turned to being "growed up", what he wanted to be, where he wanted to live, etc.  I asked him if he was going to get married and he goes, "Yes.  And then Jack (his best friend) and I are going to get houses and live next door to each other.  And the girls can live in one and the boys can live in the other."  It was ALMOST as cute as the time he made me promise that even when he was big and married I'd still come tuck him in and rub his back at night :)

Mason's reading has taken off over the last month or so and he's reading EVERYTHING!  It's been so fun to see his little world open up as he reads signs, labels, etc.  He's never been a kid who wants to read after I tuck him in but now he's staying up after we tuck him in and reading!  His current favorite is Dog Man and he'll read and read and then sneak downstairs to tell us how many pages he's read or that he finished ANOTHER one.  I. LOVE. IT.  I see lots of trips to the library in our future this summer!

Griffin is all set to start Kindergarten but she just realized last week that that means she won't be with her beloved Pre-K teachers anymore and the mixed emotions have set in.  I feel ya, baby girl! I feel ya!

The kids got in the pool for the first time this week and I'm happy to report that Griffin is ready to live that mermaid life again this summer :)  She picked up right where she left off last summer and asks to swim every morning when she wakes up, every day as soon as I pick her up from school and every night when we put her to bed she asks if she can swim tomorrow.  She's the first one in and the last one out of the water and even with her teeth chattering we have to pull her out of the water when it's time for bed.

Griffin got her first ever Barbies for her birthday last month and she plays with them CONSTANTLY.  I looooooved my Barbies growing up and love walking upstairs and peeking in her room and seeing her imagination at work.  Her Gram and Papa Mac gave her a Barbie house and I'm not sure she's ever been happier!

The end of the year is QUICKLY approaching and as I'm going through some of my materials from the end of last year and reflecting on my last few weeks of the 2017 school year I am SOOOOOOOOOO grateful that I don't have to pack anything this year!  Last year was SUCH a beat down having th pack, clean, etc. as we prepared to move classrooms and then moving into new rooms days before school started and I am GIDDY that this year I'll wipe down my desks, lock my door and walk out in May knowing that I'm ready to start back in August.  

When I get my most stressed I tend to start organization projects that I don't REALLY have time for.  I think that internally I feel like if I get our entire house in order that somehow everything else will magically just fall into place.  :)  WELL... our entire house is torn up from top to bottom because my organization projects are all about 1/3 of the way done and everything is everywhere.  It's going to be MAGIC when it's done - but for now it's chaos.


Dave and I were both in band from middle school through college and while I loved it and love listening to music I'd definitely say that Dave is the more musical of the two of us.  He's been bringing out his drum pad at night and giving the kids little drum lessons and this past week they got down his guitar and he's been showing them how to hold it, what the parts do, etc.  I'm pretty sure he wants all three of our kids to play percussion and truthfully, I'd be okay with that!


  1. I love your 3 things post!
    I do the same thing when I am stressed! That's when I suddenly want to organize and clean EVERYTHING!

  2. I am the same way! The more stressed I am, the more organizing and list making I do. I start organizing things like crazy instead of doing what needs to be done. Maybe it's a way of mentally calming the chaos?

  3. That’s the sign of a good sport season...when they cry after the last game. He must have had fun! And I love Mason’s married life game plan. ;)

  4. I always love these updates!!

  5. So cool that your boys are such good readers! And it's always fun when they read what you read as a kid- I loved the Boxcar children, too!

  6. I do the same thing when it comes to organizing. When things get out of control, I think it's my way of trying to get control of something. But, it backfires and I stress out/burn out trying to get it all done. One thing always leads to twenty!

  7. My husband is a drummer, starting lessons when he was 11. It's his stress reliever to play. He also plays in bands for extra income (and the fun of course.) Neither of our two children were interested, but our daughter took piano lessons. Almost 27 years of marriage, and I still love to listen to him play to music everyday. It's like my own personal concert in my own home! :)

  8. Love this 3 things post! I hope your kids do decide to play an instrument, no matter what it is! Making music is awesome and helps to stimulate our gray matter! ;)

  9. Love these posts. I'm with GG - if I had a pool, I'd be in it ALL THE TIME! :)

  10. My dad and myself were in band and now my daughter is too. I quit band right before I started high school, but my daughter has continued through high school and has plans to play in college (she'll be a senior in the fall). She does color guard as well and we're already looking forward to marching band season! Woohoo! :)

  11. Such a sweet update. We are all about Dogman over here and I read aloud the first Boxcar Children to my older two this winter. They loved it! Erin

  12. Loved this post!! Please share your organization projects too !!


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