Friday, May 18, 2018


Y'all.  TODAY IS MY LAST FRIDAY OF SCHOOL!!!! I just need to make it through a field trip, middle school dance, two birthday parties, dance recital, water day, field day, pre-k graduation, elementary academic awards, giving and grading 5 exams, middle school academic and leadership awards, 4 baseball games, an end of the year party AND all the things I have to do in my classroom before officially signing off for summer.  #sendcaffeine 

Obviously my first FAVORITES this week are hot tea, diet coke and the million scraps of paper I have notes written to myself on.  ;)  If you have FAVORITES to share you should join me, Erika and Narci by grabbing our graphic and linking up with us below.

First up on my list is this funny picture...

It's funny because it's true :)

Next up is Nordstrom.  Their shipping ALWAYS comes through for me and I love that when I need something in a pinch I can use the "shop my store" option to see what's available at the location closest to me, order it online and then pick it up WITHOUT EVEN GETTING OUT OF MY CAR!!!  Time is at a premium right now so both of those options make my heart go pitter patter.  

A couple of weeks ago I went through the kids closets (again!) because apparently they're all growing like weeds and ordered a few things from the kids department to try.  Spoiler alert - they loved them all.

I'd never heard of the brand  STEM before but the price point and comfort factor were speaking my language so I ordered a bunch of things to try.  

First up were  these PRECIOUS jeans and striped tee.  I loved the rolled hem, wide leg and the fact that they have an elasticized waist.  Sometimes Griffin has a hard time keeping regular jeans up on her waist so these will be PERFECT for play all summer and fall.

The shirt is CRAZY soft and I loved the little button detail on the back.   (This shirt looks like it's sold out online - so  here's the link for the boy version - I'd check in your local store OR keep checking back online if you're looking for the girl one - SO SORRY!!!)

Next up was this  pink cotton ruffle dress.  It's $25 and the quality is awesome.  And of course - it's pink so she loved it.  She wanted to try it on with boots, but it'll be great with Natives all summer as well.

Speaking of Natives - how awesome are  this glittery pair???  They are the perfect color to go with EVERYTHING and Natives are our go-to-shoes for summer (and really all the time).

The other STEM piece we're loving is  this romper!  It's under $30 and is crazy soft and comfy.  It's easy for her to get on and off for bathroom breaks and will be perfect alone or with a denim jacket.

And the back is pretty dang cute!

Griffin just turned five and all of the STEM pieces she's in a size 5.  I feel like they're a teeny bit big on her BUT I think size fours would have been too small (or she would have outgrown them quickly).  Everything is machine washable and so comfy!

Here are all the STEM pieces I'm loving right now!  The line is SO CUTE!!!

Luke is my hardest kid to shop for.  He can be a little bit picky and his taste differs from mine (no... just because the shirt AND shorts are red doesn't mean they go together!) so when I picked up a couple of things from  Vineyard Vines for summer and he LOVED them I could have almost cried :) 

I don't think many things scream summer like red, white and blue - right?  I'm pretty new to the Vineyard Vines brand and was SO IMPRESSED with the quality of their tees.  My boys especially typically only want to wear Nike shirts because they're the dri-fit material but they both love these shirts so much because of how they feel.  I ADORE the flag print on  this tee.

The plaid shorts made my  heart go pitter-patter and I didn't mind the splurge because I know they'll hold up well and in a few years Mason will wear them and they'll still be cute (AH! These aren't online yet EITHER - but  here's a link to a pair I ordered Mason and they're equally as cute!)

I picked up  this shirt for Mason (shocker - he was asleep when I snapped pics) and look how cute they'll be from Memorial Day through Labor day!

And  this shirt is actually from the boys department, but I've been tracking down tees for Griffin to wear with shorts this summer and I thought it would be super cute (shorts HERE)

Another reason I love Nordstrom is because the staff is always super helpful.  I've never had anything but awesome experiences in the store (shoutout to the Stonebriar location!) and when I had about 5 minutes to run in and pick up an order and find something for a 9-year-old girl birthday present the girls in the kids department couldn't have been more helpful.  They recommended  this sequin pizza pillow and they were spot on with their recommendation because when I brought it home to show Luke he goes, "YES! She'll LOVE THAT!"

It's one of those ones that you can change the color of the sequins with your fingers - so cool!

Last, but not least - my Christmas Cookie body wash just ran out and I was in the mood for something summery so I picked up  this raspberry sorbet one and it smells JUST like sun ripened raspberry (shoutout to my nineties girls!) but better.  So if you need a little summer of '98 in your life I highly recommend this one :)

As always, it's always a pleasure to talk about Nordstrom and things I love from there because their quality and customer service can't be beat.  Nobody's service compares.  #stepsoffsoapbox :)

Next up is some awesome art that Griffin has been bringing home.  I promise that I'm working on the post sharing how I've been working to organize all the kids school papers but it's on the backburner as we actually get through school :)  

But you should know that if it has a fingerprint - I'm keeping it :)

Listen up, Hobby Lobby.  Fall is my FAVORITE season - I loooooove it.  But SLOW YOUR ROLL!!! I was in the new McKinney store earlier this week picking up some things for the dance and I was surprised to see this because it's MAY!

I mentioned that I'm in crunch mode so "working lunches" that I don't have to make have been a FAVORITE.  Our PTF is wonderful and provides a luncheon for us once a month, and leftovers the next day are just icing on the cake.

My parents made the yearbook!  They're my FAVORITE!!!

And the first grade 'Talking Zoo" was a FAVORITE from the week as well.  The kids have been researching animals and then they had to make masks, draw backdrops, write a report and then perform in the talking zoo.  I watched their rehearsal yesterday and today they're taking their show on the road to the senior center.  SO CUTE!

Last, but not least are these tulips.  I'm waiting patiently for peonies to make their way to my local store but in the meantime I'm not hating having these around :)

I hope y'all have a fantastic Friday and a wonderful weekend.  After the dance tonight I feel like I'll be able to exhale and am SO looking forward to everything coming up next week.  

HAPPY FRIDAY, friends!!!

PS - Thanks again to Nordstrom for partnering with me on this post!  The links used above are affiliate links - thank you so much for reading and supporting my blog!


  1. You're almost to the finish line, friend!!!!!!

  2. That Talking Zoo was such a cute activity!! Wahoo, friend!!! You’re almost DONE!!

  3. Luke is so dang cute in that Vineyard Vines outfit!!!! Good luck getting through your weekend, friend!

  4. We love V Vines here too. My daughter mostly wears the boys tees too. They fit just fine and there are usually more of them in stock at the store.
    Totally agree on Hobby Lobby, not quite ready for fall!!!

  5. So many cute the little romper on Griffin and the pizza pillow. What a great gift idea. Ugh Hobby Lobby is putting me over the top...can we please at least get through the 4th of July lol!!

  6. I love the way you make a sponsored post NOT feel like advertising! Thanks for always keepin' it real on your blog and IG. Have a happy weekend! :)

  7. Your first paragraph had me laughing out loud! Hang in there! I love the Vineyard Vines shirts!

  8. I noticed that at Hobby Lobby, too. I love fall so much, but it is a bit early, even for me!
    So glad you are almost done. I can tell how much you love your job, but even though I don't really know you, I'm happy you will get a nice break.

  9. Per a Hobby Lobby employee, they put seasonal decor out early for the many crafters and DIY-ers who need to get items ready for craft shows, etc.

  10. I have not heard of the Stem brand at Nordstrom but that romper is so cute! Loved watching G try on her cowboy boots on stories this week, too cute! xoxo ERIN

  11. Who doesn't want some summer of '98 in their life!? LOL and Hobby Lobby needs to chill out- I'm an October baby and Fall is 10000% my season, but come on yall haha! Great post :) Happy Friday!

  12. I walked through the fall aisle at Hobby Lobby the other day and it smelled AMAZING. For a minute there, I had to shake myself out of wanting it to hurry up and be fall!!
    That Inspired Chick

  13. Oh my goodness your list almost made me hyperventilate!!! You can do it... almost there. :)

  14. My 19-year-old daughter introduced us to Vineyard Vines. She orders the boys t shirts for herself. They wash and wear well. Their customer service is the best. We had an order go missing right before Christmas and they were super helpful with replacing the item.


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