Thursday, May 3, 2018

7 Questions Part Two

Back in February I answered seven random questions from readers and today I'm going to answer seven more!

1) "You seem like a very busy working mom, what do you do for self care?"

I am SUPER low maintenance in the beauty/spa department so a hot bubble bath, manicure, etc aren't things that I really consider "self care".  For me self care is more about doing things that "refuel" me and often that looks more like NOT doing something than actually doing it.  For me self care can mean leaving that load of laundry until the next day so I can lay in bed and have a bowl of cereal.  Recharging my batteries sometimes looks like a night where we swing through chick-fil-a and pick up dinner and there isn't a single dish to clean.  Self care looks like cutting myself some slack, taking the time for a girl's night (YES!!!) and maybe even favoring in my favorite salad from Zoe's on a Saturday night when Dave's working.

2) "Where do you buy your canvas prints and what size are they?"

I've purchased canvases from several different companies but the ones that I feel are the best value are by Canvas People.  They're always running specials and discounts and their quality is great.  The canvases that I have in our home are size 16x20.

3) "You've mentioned that you will splurge on clothes, what kind of things do you save on?"

Yes!  I am definitely a "cost per wear" kind of person and would rather spend my money on pieces that I LOOOOVE and will wear for multiple seasons/years and sometimes that means paying a little bit more.  

Things that I save on are beauty products (I buy pretty much all of my makeup at the grocery store!), hair maintenance (as in I don't do anything to my hair - hahaha) and manicures/pedicures (I do my own).

We try not to eat out a lot (although this kind of comes in fits and spurts based on our evening schedules - this Spring we've eaten out WAY more than normal thanks to baseball, football, etc.).  and when we do go out the fact that neither Dave or I drink can definitely cut down on the bill ;)  (Sidenote - this isn't a religious or even really a conscious decision... neither one of us ever really started drinking and have no desire to start now. hahaha)

Dave and I also save on our cars... while we obviously want to drive cars that are safe and comfortable we're not super into having the newest, greatest, latest, nicest, etc. when it comes to our vehicles and so we've actually never had a car payment. When we had kids Dave traded in his BMW (he LOVED that car!) for something that had more manageable upkeep and maintenance and we now both drive Hondas that aren't anywhere close to new but are great for us! (PS - absolutely no judgement if cars are your "thing" (shopping is more mine).... to each their own!)

4) "How do you leave so quickly in the morning?  You've said you're not a morning person and manage to get up and get out the door in about 30 minutes?!?!? HOW???"

I have two words for you... Dave. McAnally. :) 

Seriously.  The ONLY person I'm responsible for getting ready and out the door is myself and Dave takes care of everyone and everything else.  Bless him.  He typically doesn't have to be at work until about an hour after we leave so he gets ready and does his morning routine (and even puts laundry away!) after we're out the door.  The mornings where he has a golf tournament or other event where he isn't there to help in the mornings I pretty much want to crawl back into bed and give up OR I have to get up way early so I can "preheat" before I have to get everyone up and ready.

I also work my hair-washing schedule (this is a thing, right?) so that I typically only have to have one early shower/blowdry/flat iron morning during the school week. 

5) "How do you do one-on-one time with your kids?"

The short answer is we take what we can get when we get it.  What I've realized is that it doesn't have to be a big, elaborate special outing or event.  Sometimes just walking around the square with one kid while another is at a birthday party or taking one out for ice cream after their practice or bringing one kid along with you while you run errands and making a pitstop at the toy aisle so they can make their birthday list is all that it takes to fill their little tanks up.  Yes, a whole outing or special event is WONDERFUL but so is taking one kid to the grocery store with you on a Sunday afternoon and letting them pick out a pack of gum in the checkout or eating ice cream and watching a movie in bed after the other two are asleep :)

6) "How do you make the videos you share?"

I use iMovie!  I have the full version on my iMac and LOVE IT!!!  There's definitely a learning curve, but if I can figure it out so can you!  Youtube is a great resource (you can watch tutorial videos) and I did a super brief little beginners tutorial that you can check out  HERE.

7) "What does your summer schedule look like with your kids?"

This can vary day-to-day depending on camps, clinics, VBS, day trips, etc. but GENERALLY this is what our days look like...

Dave leaves for work around 9:00 which means I drag myself out of bed for breakfast sometime before he goes  :)  I joke that all the sleep I miss during the school year I make up for in the summer. We'll typically play at home for a bit in the morning and if we have an errand or outing we need to do we try to leave when Dave does and are usually home around 11:00 a.m.  

When we get home we sunscreen up, get in the pool, have lunch poolside and usually hang out in the backyard until 2:30 or so.  3:00 - 4:30 is "quiet time" which is when the kids have to go to their rooms and play quietly and independently.  I've done this since they gave up naps and it's really for all of our sanity!  I will use their quiet time to read a book, take a nap (told you I'm playing catch up on sleep!) or watch a Real Housewives episode.  

After quiet time I'll get dinner started while they play and then we'll do dinner and usually an after-dinner swim and then games and/or a movie.  It's pretty simple and basic and THE BEST!!! 

Obviously it isn't like this every day - there are days we have a TON to do, days it rains and we can't be in the pool or days when we spend the day at the museum or aquarium.  But in GENERAL this is what our days look like and what works for us.  Somehow the days seem to FLY in the summer, right???

HAPPY THURSDAY, friends!!! Hoping I answered one of your burning questions today and if not shoot me an email and I'll answer it in an upcoming post!


  1. Such a fun post! I love a Q and A!!

  2. The last answer has me SO EXCITED for summer! YES to some lazy days!!! And I'm telling you, Dave is a freaking rock star.

  3. So many good questions!!! (And answers ;)! )

  4. Andrea
    I absolutely love how “ real” & relatable you are
    It’s so refreshing to see someone content to live and enjoy life in an affordable and attainable way
    It’s very clear that you enjoy being a mom and savor your family time
    Thanks for having such a wonderful blog !

  5. What a great Q and A!!!

  6. You are so down to earth and genuine. It comes across in your posts effortlessly. I love your recipes, and how much you love being a Mom. You are my favorite blog!

  7. Such a fun post!!! Thanks for being authentic and sharing.

  8. We did an afternoon quiet time for the kids the whole time (they are 19 now) (twins)....they actually grew to love the down time and alone time in their rooms. They could do puzzles, read, play, listen to audio books (no screens allowed during this time) etc. And I enjoyed peace and quiet, and would do my Bible study, or read. I refused to ever do "house things" during that time (clean, laundry, cook, etc) because it was the only down time I had all day long. It's good for kids to have this quiet time built into their day, and it helps prevent melt downs around the dinner hour (for both mom and kids) :)

  9. I enjoyed your blog today. I really enjoy how down to earth you are! #5 is my favorite. ☺️

  10. Great post! I love q&a posts and was so excited that you used one of my questions!!! :)

  11. Great post! How do I enforce quiet time for a 3 year old?!

  12. I love that you also have a hair washing schedule. My friends and family do not understand that plans can be made or broken depending on when I need to wash my hair HAHAH! But! I'm a wash at night and dry while I sleep kinda gal - I don't have the energy to blow dry two feet of thick hair :P Happy Friday!!


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