Wednesday, April 25, 2018

What's Up Wednesday

Happy Wednesday, friends!  Today I'm linking up with ShaySheaffer and Mel for What's Up Wednesday...

This past weekend was BUSY and I honestly felt like I didn't eat an actual meal between Friday and Sunday night.  I was living on the kids pizza crusts and string cheese.  I wish i was kidding :)  Anyway, after the party on Sunday I swung through Zoe's and celebrated wrapping up birthday month with this...

... but y'all.... look what was in there!!!

Weird, right??? It was the entire bottom of the green pepper!

The picture below showed up on my "on this day" Facebook app yesterday and I DIED laughing!  This was the "weekend from Hell" where we had tons of showings on our house and the kids and I had to be out of the house pretty much all day.  I remember that I took them to church ( after being out of our house the ENTIRE day before) and then we went to the club to eat lunch since we couldn't go home.  I tried to get a cute picture of the three of them and Griffin pretty much summed up exactly what I was feeling.  And believe it or not less than a month later we had sold our house, packed and moved into our current home!  I didn't think I was EVER going to laugh about that whole situation, but I am!

Circular bags! The absolute last thing I need is another bag BUT I adore  this one so much!  I think it would be so cute with a fun pom tassel for summer!

We've been eating #allthecake celebrating a TON of birthdays!  Yesterday we celebrated one of Mason's friends birthdays...

... and then swung by my parents house after baths to give my dad some birthday cupcakes since it was his birthday!   And my mom's birthday is TODAY!!! Happy Birthday, Gibi and Haha!

I've been putting off sheet-washing and this weekend is the weekend.  UGH!!! Anyone else hate making beds?!?! I HATE IT!

I'm working on planning the 7th/8th Grade Spring Semi-Formal... SO FUN!!!  Do y'all remember when last year the AC went out and I had to move the party outside?  I'm thinking that this year we'll have air conditioning and a photo booth :) 

All of my Pre-Algebra classes are taking tests today which means SILENCE!!!  

It MAY just be my house - but  this book on interrupting has been on repeat :)  

I get asked a lot about music that's in my stories and more often than not it's the "Indie Folk Revival" Pandora station.

Well... GLASSES!  I've been having some trouble with depth perception and night time vision which became SUPER apparent when I was looking through the telescope on the 8th grade trip I chaperoned and couldn't make anything out.  I'm still getting used to them - but so far so good! 

Getting our life back in order! I feel like the last month has kicked my tail and I'm ready to get things together as we kick off the last month of school!

- PreK Graduation
- Mother's Day
- End of school
- Not grading papers
- Graduation
(Did I mention sleeping in?!?!) ;)

I grabbed a few new jewelry pieces from this etsy shop and I'm loving them!

Happy Wednesday, friends!!!

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  1. WHat a FUN month! You look great in your new glasses! Love the new jewelry!

  2. Your glasses are super cute!! And Yay for another Birthday Month in the books!

  3. Those colorful bracelets are just so pretty and fun! I love them on you! :)

  4. Happy Wednesday! You did have SUCH a busy month! I love your glasses! Yay for sleeping in and a fun summer ahead. PS Moving is so stressful, I remember the same thoughts when we moved 5 years ago with 2 little kids!

  5. I love your glasses! Now it is time for you to get a comfy blanket and relax some. What a busy month you have had.

  6. You survived birthday month! Yay,you! The glasses are adorable on you and I can't believe that summer is only a month away;).

  7. Your month has me exhausted! Rest up sister!

  8. I love your glasses!! Girl, I know you can't wait for that summer break!! You deserve a nice long vacation! That Inspired Chick

  9. I love Griffin’s dress she’s wearing in the pic of her eating a cupcake. Where is it from? My five year old daughter is in “I only wear dresses” mode and she would love this one.

  10. Strange question- are those cooked onions on your salad? The weird jelly looking things by the chicken????

    Also, love love love that pic of Mason and Luke with GG lying down in the background. Cracked me up!

  11. You look SUPER CUTE in your glasses! And I am exhausted just following you through April! Ha! You deserve some sleeping in and R&R! Simply Tish

  12. Julia Cook is a great author! She is an even better speaker. If your school could bring her in as a speaker, you will not regret it. We had her come to our elementary school and she did a talk with the kids during the day, visited with teachers and did a parent presentation at night. Well worth it!

  13. Love your glasses AND those bracelets!! I’m with you on the sheet washing but I do love crawling into bed when it has clean sheets!! 😍

  14. Tell me about that salad! What is it? It looks fabulous.


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