Monday, April 30, 2018

Weekend Recap

This week was FULL of sunshine and celebrating and I mean - can you really ask for more than that???  Saturday morning Luke left for the lake with my dad, Mason and Dave headed to football practice and Griffin and I headed out to dance, the grocery store and a bagel run :) 

The rest of Saturday we spent outside organizing the garage, pulling out some of the summer stuff and just enjoying the weather!

Dave headed to work and Mason, Griffin and I ate dinner and then headed out for a redbox and an oreo blast to share...

It's always funny when one of the kids is away for the day because the other two can somehow magically get along BEAUTIFULLY!!!  These two played together ALL DAY LONG and had the absolute best time.  

Sunday was our BUSY day.  After church, Griffin had a birthday party on the square and Dave and I decided to divide and conquer.  He took the girly party duty and I took Mason to lunch :)  

Mason and I enjoyed a hearty brunch followed by some shopping and PIE.  Mason LOVES him some quality time and I adore getting to listen to him one-on-one.

He's a hand holder and we just had a sweet time exploring together.  

Meanwhile... in princess party land...

Dave was being introduced to the world of hair glitter, fashion shows and karaoke :)

We reunited after the party and Mason showed Griffin the little treat he picked out for her - sweetest!

We ran home, changed clothes, grabbed a present and headed to a graduation party...

A couple hours of swimming and snacks and they were PASSED OUT!!

We got home in time for me to grab another present and head out to celebrate Miss Violet!

When I got home Luke was home and I had the best time hearing all about his weekend with Haha. 

It was FULL and FUN and such a great weekend!  We need another day to rest after all the fun we had but I feel like that every week :)

Happy HAPPY Monday, friends!!!


  1. That graduation party had the best weather! It was absolutely gorgeous yesterday!

  2. Mason looked like he had the best time on his date! How could he not with that brunch AND pie!!!

  3. I have 3 kids too (ages 8, 12, and 14), and I was just asking them this weekend (after a glorious day out with just my younger 2) why any grouping of 2 of them can get along but when it is 3, it is a mess. I still don’t understand it!

  4. Love your date with Mason! So Sweet!

  5. I mean y’all have been partyin’ it up this month!! 😉 I love that you & Mason had a date! Cooper thrives off quality time & loves date days ... & I love them just as much if not more!!

  6. Wow! A jam packed weekend full of fun and memories! Now, go back to school so you can rest;) Happy Monday!!

  7. That's a lot of parties for one day! Happy Monday! Simply Tish

  8. I wish they made Griffin's dresses in adult sizes!

  9. Random question but what car seat do you have for Griffin? Do you like it?


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