Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Easter Weekend - Part 2

Sunday morning we were up bright and early so we could kick off Luke's birthday AND open Easter baskets before Dave had to be to work at 8:00.  It wasn't a problem since Luke was up EARLY anxiously awaiting opening presents :)  

Handmade cards from Mason and Griffin :)

Birthday donuts and kolaches per the birthday boy's request :) 

After birthday donuts it was time for Easter Baskets!

They were so excited!!!

LOVED this reaction from Griffin about her new "retro style" My Little Pony :)

I opted for to use these wire baskets because they'll be able to use them on the shelves in their room to store toys and/or books and I thought they looked super cute.  They all got similar items (markers, tattoos, a book, a game, etc.) and then they each got a couple of other little things.

Dave went in to work and the kids and I all played for a bit before getting ready to pick up my parents for church.

We've never done super dressy on Easter but I do love to coordinate their outfits :) 

Love a good twirly dress!

I wore a dress from last year that I absolutely love.  I snapped one pic in it and I'm awkwardly touching my hair - but that's nothing new so I'm running with it :) 

After church we got to see "Our Anna Grace" and it was so much fun to catch up with her for a bit.

When we got home I made Luke take a picture with his birthday balloons.  He's my least cooperative photo-taker but thankfully he was happy to oblige and I love how cute he looks in these!

We did have a few balloon mishaps, but that's to be expected when you're dealing with 40" balloons!

We spent the rest of the afternoon snuggling, getting dinner prepped and playing with new games/toys and around 5:00 Dave got home and my parents, brother, sister-in-law and nephews came over for dinner.  The temperature literally dropped about 20 degrees in an hour so we had to bundle Davis up before we headed out front to hunt a few eggs.

We were planning on doing this at the little park down the street from our house, but it was SO COLD so we kept it easy and simple and in our front yard.  The kids were still SUPER pumped!

and Davis was super snuggly :)

And this was the only other picture I took of them hunting eggs.  Each kid had 20 eggs in an assigned color and there were three yellow eggs as well.  Each of my kids got to find ONE yellow egg and then we went inside and opened them up to see who got the $5 prize (two had $1 bills and one had a $5 bill).  When Beau's bigger and cares about cash we'll add an egg for him as well :)

Can you guess who got the $5 egg?!?!?! :)

Luke opened presents and the rest of us hung out...

... he was THRILLED with his gifts :) 

I kept it simple and we grilled burgers and I served them with sweet potato fries (frozen from Trader Joe's - SO GOOD!) and this corn salad (I use the word salad loosely.... it's mainly mayo and cheese). :) 

We ate, sang happy birthday and all enjoyed a cupcake...

... Mason loves a good birthday song. 

Eveyone left our house around 8 pm and I'm not kidding when I tell you that we seriously were all asleep by 8:30.  I laid down on our bed around 8:15 (still in jeans and makeup and everything) and didn't wake up until 8:30 Monday morning.  

Monday we ran some errands, did some things around the house, had a couple of appointments and then got ready to celebrate Luke with his friends from school.

Luke wanted to have an arcade/game/etc party and we picked Pinstack because they had ALLLLL of those things plus bumper cars, a rock wall, laser tag, a ropes course, etc. PLUS all the arcade stuff.  I should note that I am NOT a fan of an arcade but even I like Pinstack :)

When we got there all the boys had pizza and mozzarella sticks followed up by cake (we like to cover all the major food groups).

Luke picked his entire cake out all on his own and he couldn't have been happier.  I mean - not a whole lot screams "TEN" like an edible Star Wars image.

I love this next picture for a lot of reasons but look at Griffin clapping!  We let Luke decide about including his siblings and he opted to have both of them there which was so incredibly sweet.

After food and the longest 45 minutes EVER in the party room we hit laser tag followed up by games and all the other attractions.  I feel like it should be noted that when the kids came out of the two-story laser tag area and immediately headed toward the screen to check out the scores Griffin had beaten a handful of them ;)  #girlpower 

This is what happens when you find out you're too little to ride on the bumper cars with all the boys.  


And them almost exactly four years ago...

Everyone got picked up and then my boys wanted to have one last bumper car battle :) 

We got there at 5:00 and didn't leave until close to 9... we were WHIPPED but it was such a fun party and Luke had a BLAST so it was totally worth it.

We told Luke that he could open his presents at home if they could all get cleaned up and in their pajamas quickly and I'm not sure I've ever seen the kids move so fast :)  And as we were bringing his gifts inside I realized that they had had all the kids at the party sign a bowling pin for Luke that he got to keep! How cute is that?!?!

Happy Wednesday, friends!!!


  1. I cannot believe Luke is TEN!! Andrea! How did this happen?!

  2. What a great birthday celebration!! Posts like these remind me that them growing up isn’t all bad. ;)

  3. What a fun rest of your weekend :) I would have fallen right asleep too! Holiday weekends wear me out from all the fun! xoxo ERIN

  4. Please do a tutorial on that balloon arch!

  5. What a fun birthday for Luke!!! I bet there’s boys had a blast!!

  6. What a cool place for a party; I love the signed bowling pin idea.

    Happy happy birthday, Luke! What a special day for a special kid!

  7. Perfect way to celebrate your 10 year old!

  8. How did you make (or where did you buy??) the balloon garland over your fireplace? It's so cute!

  9. I remember having my party at a bowling alley for my 8th birthday and they got everyone to sign a bowling pin! I'm 26 and still have it to this day!!
    Such a cute momentum!!

  10. What a fun way to celebrate the big 1-0!

  11. A perfect 10 yr old birthday party. And so sweet that he wanted to invite his siblings. That's one special son you have, Andrea!

  12. Love those Pokemon balloons--why do I feel like my husband would want those for his birthday lol?


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