Monday, March 12, 2018

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday, friends!  I really didn't think we had that much on our agenda for the weekend, but the pictures prove otherwise. ;)  It was FULL and fun and it started off with Kite Day at school on Friday.

Griffin and Luke's classes were out on the field at the same time and Dave was able to stop by and look how cute they are!  Both my boys wanted "character kites" and Griffin wanted pink.  I got the boys Spiderman and Griffin a basic pink kite and y'all... hers ROCKED!  Another kite crashed into Luke's and he had no shame in sharing the pink with his sister because it was so awesome :) 

If you're in the market for a great kite you can check the one she used  HERE.  This is the first kite we've ever used that actually survived kite day.  Apparently I have zero skills in picking out a kite... until now :) 

I was in class and Dave had to head back to work before Mason's class came out so another mom grabbed a few pictures for me.  He had a BLAST!

Saturday morning Griffin had dance...

... and I enjoyed her class sipping hot tea and scrolling through my phone and NOT grading papers.  Yes ma'am.  

And we even stopped to watch the big girls after practice :) 

When we got home we played outside for pretty much the majority of the afternoon.  We cleaned up a bit, played basketball and tried to get a picture with the cat :)

We tried on some twirly mail...

... and then later that afternoon we went and saw Peter Rabbit and it was actually WAY cuter and more funny than I anticipated.  We all really enjoyed it and even stayed through the credits.

We followed up the movie with a sunset golf cart ride...

The baby geese were out with their mamas and we stopped to watch them because they're SO CUTE!  The babies were all in the water and the mamas were all watching - sounds familiar ;)

The day caught up with this one at dinnertime :)  And we all crashed early which was awesome.

Sunday morning came EARLY but some of us were unaffected :)

I took my new bag out for a test run and couldn't love it more.  

SO CUTE, right???

We headed to Play Street for a painting party later in the afternoon and they were SO EXCITED!

Play Street in McKinney recently started offering pottery painting and we couldn't wait to try it out!

And how fun is it that you can pick up the supplies there, paint at home and then bring it back for them to glaze and fire?!?!

Each of the kids picked out something to paint and got right to work.

It was super nice because they would paint a coat, then go play and then come back and paint some more. 

Those are GIANT magformers!!!  Isn't that awesome???  They actually made structures big enough to go inside.  OBSESSED!

After Play Street we grabbed frozen yogurt...

... and then headed to the park for more kite flying.

Whew.  That was a LOT!  We LOVED having Dave at home all weekend and can't wait for a fun family week together.  HAPPY Monday, friends!!!

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  1. Such a FUN weekend!! :) Happy Monday!

  2. Fun weekend!! We are copy cats😂 what kind of shoes are on griffins feet? So cute my daughter needs them!

  3. What a perfect weekend!
    Such a fun & different school event!
    I just bought my kiddos kites for their Easter baskets.... can’t wait to fly them
    I really wish we had a playstreet here in Mi

  4. How fun! I should take my nephews kite flying! Enjoy your week off!

  5. What a great start to Spring Break! I hope you all have the best week:).

  6. can you link up Griffin's purple see through bow shoes? super cute!

  7. Thanks for the kite recommendation! Those will be in my niece and nephews Easter baskets.

  8. What type of jellies does Griffin have on? I'm looking for a pair.

  9. EEEK what a fun weekend :) did you take all these photos with your awesome new camera :)? Those life size magformers are awesome, my kids would want those for our house ;)! xoxo ERIN

  10. Where are Griffin’s shows from?? The pink Mary janes...


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