Friday, March 30, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!!!  I'm off today with my kids with is my first FAVORITE of the week :)  If you have FAVORITES to share you should join me, Erika and Narci by grabbing our graphic and linking up with us below.

First up is  Luke's new FAVORITE book series.  He can't stop!  They're a 4.8 reading level (if your kid is doing the A.R. program this info is helpful!) and he has read a TON of them!  They're great!

Next on my list of FAVORITES is when my dad stops by after work and he, Dave and Luke all practice baseball :) 

We'll be seeing the Easter bunny this weekend and we're all hoping that Griffin reacts a little bit better this year - although this picture from two years ago is one of my FAVORITES.  PS - we didn't know how strongly she felt about the bunny until we went to take the picture... we didn't put her up there knowing she was that freaked out

These unicorn shoes arrived this week and they're already a FAVORITE.

See  that yellow lamp on my desk?  My kids each have one on their desks in their room and the last time I was at IKEA I picked one up for school because it's my FAVORITE!!! The best part is that it's $10!!!

Luke outgrew his FAVORITE pair of Natives (he loves  this style) and when I went to order him a size up I realized that he's now in MENS SIZES!!! When did this even happen?!?!  Combined with his birthday this weekend I almost had a "moment". 

 Their FAVORITE part of Easter parties?? Going through the eggs after school. :)

The weather last night was PERFECTION so we did our FAVORITE thing and had a post-dinner neighborhood walk/scooter.... complete with a pocket baby :)

We even stopped by one of our FAVORITE places - our old house!

Having my classroom door open with a PERFECT breeze blowing through is one of my FAVORITE things...

 ... and so is watching this kid play ball.

Mason drew a family picture this week with two of his FAVORITE "brothers from another mother" included...

... and this picture that Dave sent me while I was with Luke at a birthday party is one of my FAVORITE pictures ever.

Mornings playing in my classroom before school are a favorite...

... and watching Luke being recognized for Math Olympics and the Area Spelling Bee was a FAVORITE as well.

I've been wearing  these glasses when I do computer work and they're supposed to cut down on eye strain when you look at a screen.  They've definitely helped with some eye fatigue and headaches I was having and matching Mason is a bonus!

These little besties hanging out on the sideline are my FAVORITE...

... and  these pants (I'm in a small) are my FAVORITE too.

And getting to use an umbrella was Griffin's FAVORITE part of the week!

This weekend is one of my FAVORITE ones of the year with some of my FAVORITE services and events going on at church.  I'd absolutely love to see you there!  You can checkout the details  HERE and if you have any questions don't hesitate to let me know.

Happy Friday, friends!!! 

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  1. Who knew Natives comes in men’s sizes??? Happy Easter, Friend!

  2. I love that picture that Mason drew! How cute!!

  3. And now, I have to go buy unicorn shoes...

  4. Have a blessed weekend Andrea and I love that y'all have been enjoying hanging out outside. The best day of our week was Wednesday because we got to be outside too ;)! xoxo ERIN

  5. I am obsessed with unicorns so of course, I am dying over those cute little unicorn shoes!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  6. Griffin's pics with the Easter Bunny and Santa Clause are some of my very favorites. That girl felt strongly about characters for awhile!!!! (Carter never took issue with Santa Clause, but he didn't trust the bunny for 2 years.) Haha! :)

  7. Where'd you get your school bag ? so cute!

  8. Thanks for the tip on the glasses...I'm going to give those a try. Happy Easter!

  9. That leaf blower picture made me laugh out loud! Too cute! Where did you get your computer glasses? My eye doctor is now recommending them to all his patient but I don't really want to spend and arm & a leg for a pair.

  10. Uhm, I need unicorn shoes. I say, almost daily, "I just want unicorns and rainbows. ". ;-)

    The picture of Griffin with the umbrella is adorable! And my younger daughter had that same reaction to "characters"... even at 19 when she sees them at the mall she remembers how much she disliked them. (In fact, she didn't like the idea of the Easter Bunny coming in the house to bring her basket inside, so we had to leave their empty baskets on the front porch the night before- to be filled- ha!!). Such fun memories!!

  11. Oh I hear you on the men's shoes! We just went shoe shopping yesterday and all three of my guys are now in Men's shoes.. which I kind of knew but my older two?? They're in an 11 and a 13 wide; that's a HUGE men's shoe and not always easy to find. I swear I was just buying them all toddler shoes like.. last week?!

  12. I didn't know Natives came in adult sizes!! I'm going to have to check them out!

  13. It looks like your glasses are sold out! Do you know where else they may be available?

  14. 2 questions:
    1) Does the white part on the Natives sole clean up well? Or does it look dingy and stained after a few wears?
    2) The pink bowl/vase in your desk with the Flair pens? Where did you get that? It seems like the perfect size for my teacher flair pen collection?

  15. You look so cute in your glasses!! Wondering if I should get some too. My eyes are showing their age in more ways than one lately! (boo!) That Inspired Chick


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