Monday, February 5, 2018

Weekend Recap

I mentioned on Friday that this weekend was my "get my crud together weekend" and y'all - I got it done.  I am caught up on laundry, used my ACTUAL vacuum instead of just the Roomba and had a hefty dose of relaxation time as well.  #allthepraisehands

By 9:00 pm I CRASHED and if you were looking for me I was here ;) ...

Saturday morning looked a lot like this...

... and then I got Griffin ready to head to dance class with Dave.  Looking SO BIG!!!

Dave took her to class and she was SO excited for her daddy to watch her dance.

While they were at dance and running a couple of errands, the boys played Legos and helped me get all the laundry put away and the upstairs bathroom cleaned (OMG - HOW in the HECK does so much toothpaste get everywhere?!?!)

Back at home and back in her nightgown just in time to play in her clean room :)

After lunch and a few rounds of Bug Bingo we spent some time outside and then...

... loaded up our babies, picked up Gibi and headed to the The Greatest Showman AGAIN!

All three of the kids had been asking to go back and see it and I was more than happy to oblige.  Y'all.  It was even better the second time!

Let's talk about how the last movie my mom saw in the theater was THE GREEN MILE! YES, FRIENDS!!!  19 years ago she went to the movies and hasn't been back since.  Apparently all it took was three grandkids asking her :) hahahaha

We came home from the movie in a total popcorn stupor.  Seriously - why do I do that to myself every single time.  I wish I was joking.  Apparently I can't handle my popcorn.  #thisis33 

Thankfully we rallied by Sunday morning in time for me to don my golden clogs and snap a bathroom selfie on my way to Sunday School :)  

This kid in church.  He can sleep anywhere and I'm not mad about it because his face looks JUST like it did when he was a baby when he sleeps and I don't get glimpses of that very often anymore. 

It was GORGEOUS out and we spent the majority of the afternoon in the cul-de-sac riding bikes and playing catch.  It was officially Birkenstock weather and I ate up every minute of it (because the temperature dropped about 20 degrees over the next couple of hours after that!)

PS - I used to think that Birkenstocks were old man sandals.  And then last year I went over to the dark side, bought a pair and wore them every single day that the weather was above 55 degrees.  When  the copper color came back in stock I jumped on them and I an in LOVE!!!  Prepare to see a LOT of these!

We had a couple of errands to run so we loaded up, grabbed some sundaes and headed out.

Such a sweet little afternoon.

Luke is playing baseball this season (eeeek!) and he's officially set with all of his gear!  We can't wait!

Sunday night we ate #allthejunkfood and our Superbowl party looked like this...

It was exactly the kind of weekend we all needed to start the week refreshed and reenergized!  I'm excited about this week because my Pre-Algebra classes are taking a test today (hello, quiet!!! hahaha), we have dinner plans two nights, Luke has his first baseball practice and Mason's glasses (more on that later) should be ready!  

I hope that y'all had a wonderful weekend and a great week planned.
HAPPY Monday :)

PS - the link for the Birks was an affiliate link - I so appreciate y'all reading and supporting my blog!


  1. Hi! Would you mind sharing where You found griffin’s bookcase? I’d love a post on decorating bookshelves! Thanks.

  2. I just love your sweet mama! I think it's funny that she remembers what she saw 19 years ago! And that pic at the end with your dad is so cute too!!

  3. What a fun weekend!
    And I'm not sure if I've ever said this, but G's room makes me happy. It's just so dang cute!

  4. What a great weekend, and your bedding looks so good! Our super bowl party looked much like yours, and it was perfect. :) Happy Monday, friend!

  5. Wahoo for all the catching up!! Isn’t that the best way to start a Monday??

  6. Looks like a lovely kind of weekend! xoxo ERIN

  7. Love, love your blog!!!
    Your room looks so pretty! Do you mind sharing where you purchased the round mirror and what
    the paint color and brand is you used in your room? I think you need a bedroom blog post😉
    Thanks so much, I get so much inspiration and ideas from your blog! It's my favorite!!

  8. My closest theater is the 'dollar theater.' 2 tickets, 2 BIG drinks, & 2 large popcorns is $20. The last time I took my 4 children it was free refill day...we left there with FULL timmies and couldn't even eat dinner that night. My stomach hurt for days...we ate SO MUCH popcorn...

  9. Our bathroom upstairs is solely used for bathing baby dolls and brushing teeth. It’s always a disaster!

  10. What color are Griffin's walls?? That's the grey I'm looking for! I think I've found it but it's still the TINIEST bit blue and I'm about to lose my mind. That Inspired Chick

  11. Omg YES with the toothpaste everywhere.... I cannot understand how that happens.

  12. Why is it that when they sleep they look like babies?!? Love it when my daughter is asleep too.

  13. True story I haven’t been to the movies in 4 years myself!

  14. I love seeing pics of Gibi and HaHa with the kids! Makes my mimi heart so happy;). And our super bowl party was pretty much like yours, friends had planned to come but we had snow topped with freezing rain all day, so it was just us. Which is okay with me:).

  15. You probably have already answered this somewhere but where are the frames from on Griffin's wall those are the exact frames I have been looking for in my new house? Thanks!

  16. I so love the dress you are wearing in the mirror selfie. I know you get tired of people asking, but was it a recent purchase and where can I find it? Cutey-cute-cute! Have a great week!

  17. I so love the dress you are wearing in the mirror selfie! cute! I know you get tired of people asking, but was it a recent purchase and where can I find it? Cutey-cute-cute! Have a great week!

  18. OMG your Mom hasn't been to the movies in 19 years?!?! That's crazy!! So glad she got to see The Greatest Showman! My kids have been begging to see it again too!

  19. I absolutely love your bedding! Where did you find it?

  20. I absolutely love your bedding! Where did you find it?


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