Friday, February 23, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!!!  This week has been another busy one with lots of FAVORITES like this shirt that pretty much summed up my week :)

Erika,  Narci and I are sharing all of our...
... and we'd love for you to grab our graphic and join us!

This kid's crazy dance moves were a FAVORITE this week...

... as was ALLLLMOST wrapping up our bedroom "refresh".

Mason had his second football game and the little sister cheering section is one of my FAVORITE parts. (there were about 5 little girls over here by halftime) ;)

The boys won in the last seconds of the game (WOO HOO!) and Braums to celebrate was our FAVORITE part :)

Mason fell asleep Tuesday after school and woke up at 8:00 as we were putting the other two kids to bed (NOOOOOO!!!).  It actually ended up being one of my FAVORITE parts of the week - Dave had to run back up to work and he and I snuggled up in my bed, watched the olympics and it was the best.

I got this text from Mason's teacher this week and it was a FAVORITE...

... and so was this one from Griffin's teacher last week :)

I grabbed a couple of cute things from Target and these were my FAVORITES.

This cute bunny headband was under $7 (it totally looks like a boutique one!)...

I thought  these shorts would be perfect for spring/summer (they're $7!)...

... and this bunny backpack was under $15! 

Can you tell they were her FAVORITES as well?!??!! :)

One of Mason's friends at school had a relative who just go back from China and she brought all the kids yen, some little souvenirs and they learned about Chinese New Year.  It was one of his FAVORITE parts of the week.

We have a FAVORITE new app in our house called A+ Spelling Test.  Mason and Luke both have spelling lists every week and I can enter their words, record myself saying them and then they can practice!  We still practice them by writing, but it mixes it up a bit throughout the week (and I get to say, "you have to do your spelling words before you can do any other apps"!) 

Griffin doing some "work" at her desk is one of my FAVORITE views... especially when it includes Jellybean Jones :)

Luke won a "guess how many candies are in the jar" contest at his speech therapist's office and he got a $15 Target gift card.  This was by FAR his FAVORITE moment of the week - look at that smile! :)

And while Luke was in speech Mason did one of his FAVORITE things :)

Baseball practice has been rained out for two weeks in a row, but this boy is getting super excited!!!  Hitting clinics start on Monday and watching him be so excited is our FAVORITE!

 This pic was from last weekend but I never shared it and that little smile and perfect pony is my FAVORITE!

I grabbed  this henley last week and it's become a fast FAVORITE.  It's quick, easy, comfy and flowy.  LOVE IT!

Watching Olympics after dinner has been our FAVORITE the last two weeks and we are so sad it's ending!  What are we going to do without the Olympics?!?!?!

And last, but not least, don't forget to place your Matilda Jane order where 25% of your purchase will go straight to the Manda Strong Foundation (MJ is donating a portion and my AMAZING trunk keeper is donating her commission) and you can click HERE to shop.  Select Manda Strong at checkout and all the perks of the show will go to Miley ;)

I hope y'alll had a wonderful week and have a great weekend planned.  HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

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  1. Where did you get your Jesus shirt? Live them! Blessings

  2. Love your Jesus shirt! And the Olympics meme about funny!
    Rebecca @

  3. I remember being so bummed the summer Olympics were over in 2016!! I feel ya, Friend!

  4. Jellybean on the desk with GG is just so cute!!

  5. Can you remind me where you got those big leather earrings? :D

  6. Griffin's deep lunge while showing off her new pieces had me ROLLING!!!! Love it!

  7. So much fun this week :) I just got the girls those shorts at Target. I had the Target ones last summer and they lived in them!!! xoxo ERIN

  8. You take the best pictures! Love the bunny headband and the last picture of Griffin is just precious!!! Where do you buy your gift wrap and ribbon? So pretty!!!❤️

    1. Thank you!!! I typically buy gift wrap at Homegoods and ribbon at Hobby Lobby

  9. So much cuteness. Love the bunny headband & those bedroom lamps!

  10. Mason's shirt is the best! Where did you find it?

  11. Yen is from Japan :) In China they say renminbi or cash!

  12. Your bag in that top pic is amazing. Where is that from?! I’m slightly obsessed and need one for my own! Also, G’s blue and yellow pajamas are too cute. Where did you find them?!

  13. I love that bunny headband and bag!

  14. I love those Target finds, especially for Easter! Good idea for that spelling app; I'm all about those things that make spelling study more efficient!

  15. Love when you share things from Mason's class. I totally stole that regrouping helper! Also, there is a site called where you can type in your kids words and the computer will read the words and use them in a sentence for your child to take a mock test. It will also put the words into games they can play like hangman (hang mouse on the site) and crosswords etc. It's free but there is a version you can pay for to get more games.

  16. "Why y'all trying to test the Jesus in me" LOVE IT!

    I just picked up some shorts for my girls at Walmart for less than $3 bucks a pair!

  17. Congrats to Luke on winning the gift card. Love the "Jesus is my Jam" tshirt.


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