Monday, January 29, 2018

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday, friends!  This weekend felt like Spring and we weren't too mad about it :)  Dave had to work Saturday morning so the kids and I headed to dance and then made a Trader Joe's stop before heading home for bike riding, chalk and jumping on the trampoline.

Dave came home around lunch time and Griffin and I packed up and headed to a baby shower for Dave's cousin who's expecting a baby boy this Spring.  There is NOTHING sweeter than teeny tiny Hanna jams :)

Amy Jo looked BEAUTIFUL and y'all check out those teeny tiny boots!

Lots of visiting, shower snacks and a cupcake will do this to a girl ;)

When we got home the boys were excited to show me their rooms that they had cleaned (#praisehands) and everyone enjoyed 30 minutes of iPad time before heading back outside.

Saturday night was low key and the kids and I all crashed early.  Sunday morning Griffin wanted a picture of us in our polka dots :)

We spent the afternoon out in the sunshine...

And then we headed downtown because Griffin and I had tickets to a children's ballet and the boys were going to go to the library while we were at the performance.  I smiled when we pulled up to the square because people often comment that downtown McKinney has a "Stars Hollow vibe" (it's the town Gilmore Girls is set in) and when we rounded the corner there was a guy sitting on the bench playing guitar.  TOTAL town troubadour moment :)

The performance was at the McKinney Performing Arts Center which used to be the original courthouse. 

Random tidbit... my baby shower for Luke was here ;)

Excited and ready for it to start!

It was a short performance (about 45 minutes) and Griffin loved it!  They're putting on a production of Cinderella in April that I'll probably get tickets for (still working on birthday party dates/plans!) because she loved it so much.

It was so sweet after the performance the girls all came out into the audience and autographed the programs and took pictures with the attendees.  Griffin got SUPER shy but not too shy to wait in line to get her picture taken :)

The boys met up with us when it was over and somehow this was the best picture we could get.  I'll take it! :) hahaha

We ended the evening with dinner, books and checking out the moon - perfect!

Mondays can be HARD and it's easy for me to hop on the struggle bus :)  so instead I like to think about all the fun stuff we have coming up... Mason's first flag football practice is today, I have some girls time on the calendar (YES!), I'm hoping to firm up birthday party dates (let the planning commence!) and we're hoping Mason's glasses will come in.  

I hope y'all have lots to look forward to this week!  Happy Monday!


  1. Yay for some mommy/daughter time! And we were loving the weather this weekend too!

  2. What a fun afternoon for you and GG yesterday!!

  3. What a fun weekend and yay for spring-like weather :). xoxo ERIN

  4. What a sweet weekend and how precious is the ballet with you and Griffin!

  5. What a fun weekend!! Love your & Griffin’s polka dat dresses!

  6. Where did you get Griffins boot/shoes she is wearing at the baby shower? I have 2 nieces that NEED those!

  7. All the pictures of you and Griffin are so sweet!

  8. Where did you get the wire and hooks in Mason's room?

  9. Yes! The stars hollow reference is so true! Looks like a fun weekend!

  10. New Nena & Co bag? So pretty!

  11. It really IS like Stars Hollow!!! Love your pics of your beautiful family! Good cleaning up boys!

  12. What a fun weekend and I assume you are talking about McKinney, Texas. If so, we love McKinney and have a dear friend that sings at The Pantry every month. Anyway, great post! Happy week!

  13. What a fun date day to the ballet with your little girl!

  14. Dear Andrea,
    I picked up my sons slow progress at school when he was 5 he was my 3rd child and I am a teacher so I felt something was not quite working. Anyway he was diagnosed with a developmental eye condition at 5. He wore glasses only in class and for reading etc. He loved his glasses and was very proud of them. At the time the optometrist wanted him to do a very intensive programme of exercises. I decided against it - it was going to be very demanding and for a little boy who absolutely adored his sport, lego and just coming home and simply playing I did not want to add this extra stress in his and our lives. This may sound selfish or even neglectful of me but I intuitively felt it was all too much for a little boy who had not long started school and just wanted to enjoy school and play in his free time. Instead I decided we would practise ball sports at our home, he also played in a team for both soccer and cricket and we spent a lot of time together reading. Anyway to cut a long story short he no longer needed his glasses at 7, he is now 16 and his eyes are perfect. He does extremely well academically - tested in the top 5 percentile for his age, and he excels at sports playing at National rep. level. He was diagnosed as dyslexic at around the age 10, I had always suspected this but had taken him for tests at an earlier age however he broke down as he just didn't want to do the tests so we left, I didn't see the point when he was happy doing well and learning.
    I don't know exactly what Mason has been diagnosed with but it all sounds very similar to my son, I suppose I just wanted to say I am sure Mason will be absolutely fine, at the time these things seem big and worrying but I am sure he will embrace his glasses and his eyes will catchup :-) Annie


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