Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Weekend on a Wednesday

Happy Wednesday, friends!  Today I'm sharing a few highlights from our long weekend because it was a good one! ;)

Friday morning was CHILLY and my three were looking super cute all bundled up :) 

Friday night was low key - think pizza, popcorn and lots and lots of games.

Saturday morning Griffin was jazzed up because she started back to dance!!!  She started taking dance in the Fall of 2015 (she was 2) and after two full years she just wasn't super pumped about it this Fall.  With other activities we had going on we decided just to drop it off our calendars and see what happened.  Well... starting in about November she started asking to go back and so as soon as the semester changed she jumped back in!

Her classes are 45 minutes instead of 30 now and her teacher (who was the same one she had before) and she was s totally different kid out there.  More attentive and engaged and proof of what a semester of school will do for a girl :)

SO EXCITED for dance!

She came out of the class BEAMING and asking if she could "go again" (like, right then) so I counted that as a sigh and got her fitted for new ballet and tap shoes.  So excited to watch her learn this Spring!

We spent the rest of Saturday laying low, playing Legos and I worked on a few little projects around the house.

Sunday morning we attempted a group picture...

... and I managed to snag a couple of good ones :)

We played outside, took naps (PRAISE HANDS!!!) and played our fair share of Skip Bo.

Monday Luke was performing the National Anthem at the Allen Americans hockey game with Honor Choir and while he, Mason, Dave and my dad were at the game I spent the day with these cuties.  First stop was lunch where we decided that chocolate cake was the perfect appetizer :)

I literally just sat and listened to them chat about Barbies and pizza and their puppies and everything in between and couldn't help but grin at their sweet little friendship.

Next stop was Playstreet where they played and crafted while I graded papers :)

After Playstreet we headed back to our house for tattoos and a show :) 

... Oh, and they spent a solid 10 minutes sharpening pencils and I think it may have been the highlight of their day :)

Monday night we hunkered down and braced ourselves for the snow/ice storm that was heading our way (and secretly kind of planned on a delayed start) and woke up to NOTHING!  Not a flake to be seen at our house.  Talk about a let down!  I NEED it to snow at least once this year because I bought sleds 2 (or maybe even 3?!?!) years ago because we'd had some pretty heavy snows and ever since then there hasn't been enough snow on the ground to sled in.  BOO!

I hope that y'all are staying warm and cozy and enjoying your Wednesday!  


  1. Oh girl!!! Us too! We were hoping for just a little bit-at least and nothing! Major let down!!

  2. Love these pictures, you brighten up my day here in work!! I'll swap you....we have a snowday here in Northern Ireland, my kids couldn't be happier. I'm not so happy driving to work, yesterday a 20 minute journey took me just over 2 hours and school buses were cancelled!!! x

  3. We were hoping for snow too-boo! Hope you are having a great week!

  4. So we just moved to Tyler (from the panhandle-where it actually snows) over Christmas break and we told the kids there was a chance we could never see snow again. Weeeelllll.....we're now on snow day number 2. 😂😳 it was just so icy and with all the hills here no one could drive anywhere!! We thought it was no big deal and we're used to driving on ice and snow, but those hills are legit..the panhandle doesn't have hills 😂.The whole city was pretty much shut down yesterday. And we're only a couple hours east of y'all. Must have barely missed you!

  5. It has been freezing n Long Island, more so than I can remember in years! Today, more giant snowflakes falling. Quick question, the plant in your living that real and is it a fiddle leaf ? Thanks!

  6. Those two girls; so sweet! We got about 6 inches of snow in PA yesterday but it was actually colder in Texas! Happy Wednesday!

  7. I live in Utah and we have no snow! Sooooo disappointing ��! It’s colder where you guys are than here!

  8. What a fun weekend! I know this is a random question, but what type of Stabilo pens were you using for grading? Have to ask, as a fellow teacher! :)

  9. With all this crazy winter weather everywhere else I can't believe you haven't gotten any. It's been cold enough surely. That playstreet museum makes me jealous every time. My kids would all love it :) xoxo ERIN

  10. Think i posted to the wrong blog - sorry Andry.

  11. Get rid of your sleds, that's a sure fire way to make it snow :)


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