Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Three Things Right Now

Today is a fresh start of a new semester and I thought it would be fun to share three things right now about these three cuties :)

Luke is going to be entering DOUBLE DIGITS in just a few months and I honestly can't believe it.  He informed me that he felt like double digits called for a double party (bonus points for creativity!) and so we're in the beginning phases of figuring out how we'll be celebrating him (currently we're thinking a party followed by a sleepover). 

Third grade is when academic competitions start through the school and ACSI and Luke decided to try out for and made it to the Area Level competitions for Math Olympics and the Spelling Bee.  We're so very proud of him and are loving seeing his gifts and talents being encouraged and recognized.  

I've mentioned before that while watching my babies grow into big kids definitely tugs at my heartstrings, seeing them learn and grow and become increasingly independent is the absolute best.  Luke made his own breakfast pretty much every day over break and a lot of the time he would make lunch for himself, Mason AND Griffin!  Dave taught him how to fry and scramble eggs and he's been using the leaf blower on his own as well.  Getting laundry INTO the hamper can be a struggle some days (SERIOUSLY, THOUGH!!!) but we're working on that :)

Jelly Bean Jones spent the day at the vet yesterday and when we were telling the kids about it beforehand Dave mentioned that she was being microchipped and Mason looked up at him with these huge, wide eyes and goes, "But DAAAAAD!  I don't want to have a ROBOT CAT!!!"   #cutestthingever

Mason's little flag football team loved playing together so much this Fall that they're going to keep up their momentum with indoor winter football.  He's so excited and we can't wait to watch him play!

I've chronicled Mason's reading journey here starting with his struggles with sight words and after a few insights from his teacher earlier this year we had him evaluated by an occupational therapist who recommended that he have some further testing done by a developmental optometrist.  He's scheduled for testing later this month and then we'll know more about his visual perception deficits (if there are any), how they affect him academically and (fingers crossed) get a treatment/therapy plan in place.  

Griffin has always been a mommy's girl but after time off together she is REEEEEEALLY a mommy's girl.  Every day for the last two weeks she's gotten up in the morning, climbed into our bed and snuggled up.  She does play in her own room independently, but more often than not she wants to bring whatever she's playing with to wherever I am.  I'm thinking there may be a bit of mommy-withdrawal today but am hoping that we'll be able to cure it with some time on the couch with some books tonight.

Griffin took dance for two years, but wasn't looooving it at the end of last school year so we decided to opt out of it for the Fall semester.  Recently she has been ALL ABOUT dance so we're looking at enrolling her again ASAP or even giving gymnastics a try.  Figuring schedules out and getting her registered is on my to-do-list this week.  

Y'all.  If Griffin could only eat cheese indefinitely I think she'd be happy as a clam.  I can't even tell you how many times a day she asks me for a string cheese, piece of cheese and/or cheese tortellini.  Homegirl LOVES her some cheese.

Jelly Bean Jones finally weighed in at over 3 lbs and so yesterday she was able to be spayed.  We're supposed to keep her activity "to a minimum" which is going to be a challenge.  She's looking at a few days of no climbing trees and we're hoping that we can keep her kind of low key during the day and then monitor her exploring after school.  I have a feeling that she'll be doing her own thing again sooner rather than later.  She may be teeny but she is TOUGH!

- DAVE -
Dave made it through Christmas craziness at the club and he's enjoying some well-deserved downtime on Mondays.  And by downtime I mean hanging out with all three kids (plus one of Luke's friends yesterday) and tackling a big long to-do-list around the house :)  I'm hoping he can squeeze a few naps and rounds of golf in over the next month or so as well before golf tournaments start back up.

- ME -
Along with cleaning, organizing and purging I have been doing #alltheplanning for Spring.  Spring break, birthday parties, activities and everything in between. I was on the hunt for a great planner for personal use and couldn't find anything that I loved so I actually made my own.  I'm hoping that it's everything I want it to be and if it works well for us I'll be sure to share!

 I'd love to know what "three things" are going on with y'all!  Let me know in the comments :) 

Happy Tuesday, friends! 


  1. Griffin and I could be besties...I’m a big fan of some cheese too. Ha!

  2. My oldest turns 10 this month! With a birthday so close to Christmas it’s hard to think of even more gifts and this age is just hard. So I was curious if Luke has been asking for anything in particular or if you have any awesome gift ideas for soon to be 10 year olds!?

  3. My daughter turned 10 this past October and wanted to do the same thing. I had started planning "Double the Digits, Double the Fun! Bowling and Laser Tag, All in One!" As we have some great options in our town for that. But two months prior we ended up changing plans and doing a trip instead.

  4. My little one wasn’t loving dance at the end of the year, so we enrolled her in tumbling and cheer. She loves the tumbling, so we may just try tumbling and dance next year, because she misses dance so much. Ha! Fickle, cute girls!

  5. My kids are the exact same way after breaks. And I miss them like crazy when I get back into the work routine. I love these posts.

  6. Love these posts!! Millie Jo is a big mommy’s girl!! I’m going to miss that little stinker so much when she starts kindergarten this fall!!

  7. I love Three Things post! I am with Griffin-give me ALL THE CHEESE! Woman after my own heart! Right now we are our three things would be school, chores, and basketball. Trying to edge my kids into being much more helpful around the house (as much as my OCD will allow)...also bible study!

  8. Love these posts! I wondered if Griffin was still dancing. Hadn't seen any dance class pics in a while. :)

  9. Seeing a developmental optometrist is life giving! We see the top pediatric opthamologist in Atlanta who for a few years has denied that there could be any issue. We were doing some advanced testing and a psychologist actually recommended it! We not only found the source of my hunches...we have a plan!!! This will be wonderful.

  10. Do tell... how did you make your own planner?!

  11. I made my own planner last year and it was the best thing I could have done! Hope yours works out for you too!

  12. What about Jack Bauer?!? What's up with him! ;)

  13. Can't wait to see what you included in your planner! I hope you get some answers soon for Mason. We walked through some similar stuff with our son and it's hard because you just want to fix it! Happy first day back at school! xoxo ERIN

  14. These are so much fun to look back on later - they change so quickly. Also, what is this font? It's amaze.

  15. Hey Andrea!
    Love all of this!! Our son began vision therapy about three weeks ago and I’m excited to see him improve on his reading skills, along with gaining more depth perception. He’s 12 and I am so thankful we’re doing this for him...I only wish I would have known about this sooner, rather than see him struggle and have to work ten times harder than a child who doesn’t have vision issues. He’s eye sight is great (20/20), but he has difficulty tracking words. Praying you, too will get answers and a game plan for your little guy!!

  16. Purging. Walking my step bet challenge daily. redecorating my front den! Happy Tuesday!

  17. I remember how exciting hitting double digits was a kid. I hope your son has a great celebration!


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