Friday, December 22, 2017

Friday Favorites - All Things Christmas

I still can't believe that Christmas Eve is THIS WEEKEND!  I mean - where did the entire Christmas season go???  We've been making the most of it, even if it's been flying by, and this week I'm sharing a few of our FAVORITES from the week that are all pretty festive.

Erika and Narci are joining me and I'd love it if you'd join in too!  Link up your Friday Favorites blog post below and/or leave a comment and share your favorite(s) from the week!

First up are a few new ornament additions to our tree...

... Mason made both the O' Holy Night ornament and the light bulb ornament below in his class this week and I love them both so much!  His teacher's "theme" in her classroom is light bulbs and he was so excited about how she took his writing and shrunk it down to fit inside the glass bulb.

The Texas ornament we picked up at a pottery booth when we were at Enchant Christmas Wednesday night and I love how unique it is and that the kids picked it out as our ornament memento from going.

Last up is this fun one that Luke made at his class party.  They dropped in pieces of crayon and then used a hair dryer to melt them and swirl them around.

Another festive FAVORITE from the week were teacher's gifts!  I bought simple brown bags and the kids personalized them....

... and we gave their teachers THE BEST personalized tumblers!

We added in some ornaments and handmade cards and called it a day!

(PS - I bought the tumblers from  Amanda at That Inspired Chick - she's one of my FAVORITE people and her work is awesome!)

With all the festive fun happening this week Griffin crashed HARD during naptime on Tuesday and her teacher sent me this pic of her snoozing in her sunnies :)  

I've received a TON of questions about my festive rose gold clogs and I've been waiting to share until I could give a full review.  The verdict is in and I'm in LOVE!  They're my new FAVORITE shoes and I can't stop wearing them.  They're by Lotta From Stockholm and are incredibly comfortable.  I think that they actually fit my feet the best out of my several pairs of clogs and run true to size (I'm in a 37 and I wear a 6.5 or 7).  They did take a while to get here (I bought them on Black Friday and they showed up last week), but are totally worth the wait.

 My classroom has been decorated since before Thanksgiving and I can't believe I almost forgot to share my few festive little touches! 

My classroom tree is SO FUN and filled with the same colorful ornaments that are on our playroom tree along with some knit and felted cactus ornaments also from Target.

A few bottle brush trees on the hutch and some festive student artwork on my whiteboard (not pictures because I erased it before exams) and that was all.

While at Enchant on Wednesday night this sweet little nativity caught my eye in one of the shop windows and it had to come home with us for the playroom.  The sweet little faces are so cute and having it tied with the memory of such a fun family night just put it over the top.

One of my FAVORITE parts of the week was all the festive art and projects coming home from school...

The fridge is PACKED and I love every single one.

And can we just talk about the inside of this card?!?!  #melting

And the back of his stained glass piece was pretty sweet as well...

Griffin brought home this wooden block with her handprints on the back and I love it because having little handprints displayed is my FAVORITE!

Can you spy her project??? :)

I mentioned on IG stories the other week that I had some antique ornaments from my great grandparents and wasn't sure how to display them safely - well, I grabbed a pretty glass jar this week and put them on the desk in the office and have loved having them out but also safe from little hands.

And the amaryllis that Mason picked out at Trader Joe's a few weeks ago bloomed and it it GORGEOUS!

Yesterday I took the kids to see The Star (I snapped this during the commercials before the previews) and we officially have a new FAVORITE Christmas movie.  If you have a chance to see it before it's out of theaters GO!  It was cute and entertaining and I loved that it focused on the true meaning of Christmas.

Auntie Judy sent the kids musical cards yesterday and it's one of their FAVORITE little traditions.  

Thank you so much, Auntie Judy!!!

A friend at school gave me a super sweet gift this week - everything I needed to pop in a pot and create a stovetop potpurri.  Having a festive-smelling house is my FAVORITE!

The kids are in FULL ON break mode which includes making "the most epic fort" using #alltheblankets :) Nothing says Christmas break like a good fort!

Last, but not least is this...

... there can be so much pressure surrounding Christmas and this is what I'm going to be meditating on and working toward this weekend. 

I hope that you have an amazing  Christmas - whether that means it's loud and bustling or quiet and reflective.  I hope it's filled with love and hope and the presence of God.

Happy Friday, friends!


  1. Merry Christmas to you & your sweet family!!

  2. Merry Christmas, Andrea! It looks like you guys are already loving your holiday break :) .

    1. Girl - you know that any time I can be in pajamas drinking tea I'm having a good time. :)

  3. Christmas ornaments tied to memories are my favorite!!!

  4. Merry Merry Christmas, Friend! I hope you have the best weekend!

  5. I love your fridge!! Handmade art is my favorite!!

  6. I love all those sweet ornaments and there's nothing quite like kid's artwork, especially at Christmas. I get the pleasure of decorating my fridge with the grandchildren's creations:). I hope and pray that you and your sweet family have the happiest of Christmases! Merry Christmas, Andrea!

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks so much, Nichole! Merry Christmas to y'all as well!

  8. Merry Christmas! Love following your blog! Thank you for sharing :)

    1. Thanks so much for reading and following along, Rachel!

  9. Oh my! So much Christmas goodness packed in here. Merry Christmas to you and your precious little family!

  10. Merry Christmas McAnally Family! I just love following your family and enjoy your blog so very much!

  11. Have you heard of Fort Magic? My daughter has had a set since she was four and it gets played with a TON during the winter months. She's been setting up a new fort each day this week!

  12. Such a fun round up! I love the crayon ornament and great for a class party. I am making a mental note for next year (hope I remember). We are seeing The Star with our extended family on the 26th and we can't wait. I have heard nothing but awesome things about it :) xoxo ERIN

  13. I love the potpourri in a pot gift idea! Have a Merry Christmas and enjoy your break!

  14. So much to love and enjoy in this post! I wish for you and yours a most wonderful Christmas!

  15. ANDREA!!! How did I miss this?! So earlier tonight I was looking through my stats on my Etsy to see where my traffic was coming from over the past few months and noticed there was traffic from your site. And I had no idea when you had posted a link to the shop so I came here to do a search and found this and I never even said THANK YOU!! Ughhh I feel so bad!!! So thank you, sweet friend. I hope they loved their gifts. xoxo


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