Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Thanksgiving Week Part 2 - Black Friday

On Black Friday Mason and I were up and out the door by 7 a.m. but not to shop... to tailgate!  Mason's friends were having their birthday party at the TCU/Baylor game and we were SO EXCITED to celebrate our favorite twins and cheer on the Horned Frogs.

We were there by 8:30 in time for the Frog Walk where the kids get to high five the players as they get off the bus (and check out those sweatshirts they all got for the party!)

Breakfast tacos, throwing a football around and getting tailgate of the week! SO FUN!

Cupcakes and then it was time for kickoff!

The flags were flown in by parachuters which the kids thought was AMAZING!

Despite being late November it was like 80 degrees!  CRAZY!

We sat next to Frog Daddy (who you can read about HERE - it's a really fun story - he's like the unofficial mascot and his whole persona started 8 years ago on Halloween when he picked up the purple getup at a costume shop before a game and it just kind of stuck). 

Inseparable :)

Look who we saw!!!  She was sporting green and gold but we love her anyway :)

We got to go down on the field during halftime and had a front row seat to watch the bands, throw the football around, high five the showgirls and watch the players come back and kick off third quarter.

It was a TCU win and these two were so excited to get out on the field after the game.  Best birthday party EVER.

It was a LONG day (we weren't home until after 5!) but we had a total blast together and Mason was on cloud nine to have a whole day with me (and his besties!)

AND since I'm on a roll with the TCU stuff I thought I'd share a little bit about when we went to the first game of the season (since somehow I wrote a post about it, never scheduled it, but don't want to miss it!)...

A couple of years ago Mason made friends with some SWEET little men and as an added bonus their family is just as precious.  They've shared their love of TCU with him and he totally considers himself a horned frog :)  They invited to go to TCU's first football game of the season with them and so we excitedly grabbed all our purple and headed to Ft. Worth. 

We made our way through Frog Alley and the kids got to try out cornhole, mechanical bull riding, GIANT cornhole and got all kinds of 'swag'. 

We made our way over to our friends car for some tailgating and these two peas in a pod looked like this...

I mean... does it get any cuter???

The players arrived and the kids all lined up for high fives...

Getting the scoop on who they just high fived and getting amped up for the game :)

We got to meet Super Frog!

After that we headed down to the field where we got to hang out and watch kickoff!

It was such a cool thing to get to experience right on the field.

After kickoff we got to go over and have a photo op with the TCU showgirls. 

Mason kept things subtle with light-up shoes :)

Mason's friend was really into taking photos so I handed my camera over to him for a bit and we got some good laughs at the end of the night :)

LOVE these frog fans!

After the game the kids got to go down on the field and watch the final set of fireworks.

Possibly my favorite pic from the night :)

If y'all know me you know I'm not really a sports fan - BUT even I have had a total blast and may even be a bit of a convert because it was so much fun. ;)  We have had the best time cheering for the Frogs this season and are so grateful for friends who have shared their passions (PASSIONATELY!) with us!  We'll be wearing #allthepurple and cheering LOUDLY this Saturday!!!


  1. Football games are FUN FUN! So glad your crew has been enjoying those Horned Frog games!

  2. What a fun party idea! I bet Mason was in heaven!

  3. What a fun party! And those frogs are on a roll. Such a fun team to watch!

  4. What a fun birthday party - we are huge ISU fans and my son has converted his bestie to our side. It's so fun to enjoy sports together :) xoxo ERIN

  5. I'm pretty sure Mason probably thought that was the best day ever!! What a fun birthday party!!

  6. This post makes this former Horned Frog SO STINKING HAPPY! It is truly such a special place and will forever have a piece of my heart. Hope Mason is amped up for this weekend's game! I'm already crossing my fingers and toes.

  7. We LOVE us some football! What a fun party idea!

  8. I love college football and there is absolutely NOTHING like a football game at Beaver Stadium, home of the Penn State Nittany Lions. Best atmosphere in all of the land!

  9. What kind of phone do you have? Or are you taking pictures from a camera? They are amazing!


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