Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Halloween FUN! Mario Kart Edition

This Halloween was one for the books!  We had so much fun brainstorming family costume ideas over the last month or so and after much debate we came up with Mario Kart, everyone was excited and so we can with it.  We wanted something that the kids "got" and were excited about (because it's Halloween and we wanted them to love their costumes!) and this fit the bill!

Two Inflatable stomachs, 15 helium balloons, 1 upside down mustache and some of the funniest masks ever.  ;)

Ironically I think the most embarrassing part of this photo is that Dave is wearing his "lawn mowing crocs" :)  Also - my mustache was so huge it stick to my top and bottom lip and made smiling so awkward!!!

Cutest little Nintento stars!  (and yes... Luke managed to lose his balloons in between family pics and this one so he borrowed Dave's).

And then this happened :)

So we were invited to a trick-or-treat party at one of the boy's friends houses with several other MCA families and the kids were SO excited to get to hang out with some of their friends from school. Well, long story short - the horrible weather forecast Monday night led to a cancellation and a whole bunch of scrambling Tuesday afternoon and ended up with pizza delivery and friends at our house (like normal!) and one of the most gorgeous nights for trick-or-treating yet.  Funny how it all worked out in the end! 

The best part of the boys masks was that it didn't matter at all if anyone was actually looking/smiling :)

Crew of cuties ready to get some candy!

Our FAVORITE festive house!

There were lots of people out with fun little setups but this one was by far the creepiest. I was SHOCKED the kids all went up there!

Sweet big girl with the little girls!

And it wouldn't be Halloween without using cell phone flashlights to dig through candy bags looking for the good stuff!

We brought our LED light sticks  and glasses to give out to our friends and they were a HUGE hit!

We did a few more houses and then it was time to head back home for everyone's favorite part...

... the sorting!

My boys LOOOOOVE doing this.  I think they may enjoy it more than the trick-or-treating itself. 

They sort, count and make lists and then we just dump it all in one big bowl/bag.  My dad stopped by and assisted in the "inventory process" and Luke concluded that they ended up with over 600 pieces of candy.

While I love the idea of "switch witch" we usually just leave it all in the pantry and let them pick a piece or two a day (for a lunch treat or dessert after dinner) and Dave and I will sneak bags of it with us to school and work to share with students and co-workers.  ;)

It was a great Halloween and now we're ready to switch into Thanksgiving mode.  I started filling in our December calendar this week and just bought tickets for a few things we have coming up and we couldn't be more excited about the next couple of months!

Hope you're having a great Wednesday and are getting to indulge in a few pieces of your kids candy this morning :)


  1. I love love loved your Mario Kart costumes! So so cute!!

  2. I'm so sad we weren't with you guys this year!! Your costumes were so cute!!

  3. Those are GREAT family costumes!!!!!

  4. The Mario Kart idea was genius!!! It totally took me back to my childhood, and my kiddos would love it too. Great job!!

  5. fantastic family costume!

  6. We do the same with our candy, goes in a big bin in the pantry and we take one or two pieces a day. I also put some in my baking bin for Christmas cookies. Looks like a great Halloween and you made the most of it despite the weather :) xoxo ERIN

  7. My boys love the youngest made a video of his stash for YIu Tube..LOL. So crazy. Glad everyone had fun! I managed to sneaka few Kit Kats from the loot last night :)

  8. Very cute! I was hoping to see the shark costume make an appearance. LOL!

  9. SO super fun! Love your costumes! Looks like a pretty great Halloween! Now that it's Nov 1st...bring on Christmas!!

  10. That is so funny that they line up their candy by kind and count them all. :) Love it! Your costumes were amazing too - what a great idea!

  11. Cute family costume!! Looks like y'all had a great night! The torrential downpour landed in Houston and was relentless. We ditched our costumes for ponchos and tried to make the best of it!

  12. Well done, McAnally crew! Y'all look awesome!

  13. Perfection, Andrea!! Y'all are just the cutest!

  14. What a wonderful time. Thank yo for sharing. Love love love to sort.


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