Thursday, November 16, 2017

Christmas Wishlist - Mason Edition

Two weeks ago I shared  Luke's Christmas Wishlist, last week I shared  Griffin's and today I'm going to be sharing Mason's!  These lists aren't their ACTUAL Christmas lists, but are combinations of things that he has and loves as well as things that we have our eye on for him for Christmas.  

1 - I do not understand the appeal of remote control cars AT ALL but Mason is crazy about them and so  this is the one we have our eye on for him.  I'm hoping it can go "off-road" as well so the boys can take it out at the lake house as well.

2 - I've talked about ZOOB a few times and if you have a little builder on your hand you MUST check them out.  This 500-piece starter set is wonderful (we have it!) because there are SO MANY cool things you can build (I also love that it comes in the plastic bin).  Zoob is perfect for Mason because it's easy to build with and super sturdy once it's put together.

3 -  Sorry is at the top of Mason's favorite game list right now.  Nothing makes him happier than pulling that SORRY card and sending one of us back to our home :)  All three of our kids "get" the game and can play with each other!

4 - Mason still loves him some  Beanie Boos.  He makes them homes, carries a couple to school in his backpack every day.  I kind of love his beanie boo obsession because it reminds me of my elementary school love of beanie babies :) 

5 - We have a couple different GEARS sets and they are one of the coolest toys we have.  They promote abstract and logical reasoning, critical thinking, and problem solving and when he puts something together and sees it all move as one unit it's the coolest thing.  This set is motorized and I think he'll get a big kick out of the chomping teeth :)  (we also have  this basic set and Griffin has  this set which she loves)

6 - Mason loves imaginative play and anytime we get a large box he's immediately turning it into a rocket or space ship.  I love that  this little dress-up set is well made and detailed without being overwhelming. 

7 - Rummikub is another of Mason's current favorites and is one of Dave and my favorites as well.  You use your tiles to make sets and runs and throughout the game it reinforces patterns, counting, addition, etc.  It says it's for ages 8 and up, but I think if you're playing with your child 6-year olds could definitely handle it.

8 - Mason got  this widescreen light designer last year and has played with it often all year long.  The whole board lights up and illuminates his drawings and the screen is large enough for him to draw pretty detailed pictures.   Also, Dave and I got Mason  this light board for his birthday this year as well and he LOVES it!  He uses it to trace and practice drawing - if you have a little artist on your hand I highly recommend it!

9 - I mentioned the OSMO Geunis Kit in Luke's list, but Mason is getting the  creative set for Christmas and I am SO EXCITED to give it to him!  We've been using paper and pencil and kind of making the app work, but he's going to flip out when he has the actual kit to use!  Their pictures actually come to life and it's incredible!

10 - If you remember back a few months ago, Mason asked if he could PLEASE have slippers to be next to his bed like a "real person" and when he picked some our OF COURSE they had to be  dinosaur feet :)  These are plush and warm and so much fun and if you have a dinosaur-lover (or someone who wants to be a "real person") ;) I highly recommend them.

11 - Mason has been working HARD on reading and he loves Pete the Cat.   These readers would be perfect for him and give him something fun to read on his own at night when he goes to bed (just like his big brother).

12 -  This book is full of jokes and unfinished cartoon drawings and I can't wait to give this to him!  This would be perfect to keep in the car for those days where you get stuck at an appointment longer than you think and would be a great stocking stuffer as well.

13 - Mason loves to draw and he has several drawing books that he uses for techniques and ideas.  I love the style of  this book and think he'll have fun with it.

14 - Mason loves to play with "army men"  but I feel like an entire army can disappear over the course of a week.  This set of LARGE army men will be perfect because (hopefully!) they won't disappear quite so easily. 

15 - Both Mason and Luke started doing  rainbow loom at ESS after school and Mason is CRAZY about it!  I don't know a ton about rainbow loom so I can't really speak to the age-appropriateness of it but what I do know is that Mason comes home from school with bracelets that he's made on his own - win!

16 - I'm always on the hunt for good outdoor toys and this collapsible cornhole set is on my short list.  I love that it goes in the bag for easy storage and that the kids could play together.  I also love that we could play it out back by the pool or they could move it to the driveway when we're out there riding bikes and doing chalk.

I hope that Mason's list gave you some inspiration and ideas if you're shopping for a six-year-old!  If you have a great gift recommendation for a First-grader I'd love to hear it!

Happy Thursday, friends!!!

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  1. Have you heard of the game, Who Tooted? YES!! That's for real the name! My kids think it's hysterical and I have a feeling Mason McAnally would to!

  2. I think this age for a boy is hard, so I'm really impressed by your list!

  3. I bought that huge ZOOB set for my son for Christmas based on your recommendation!! Great round up!!

  4. Great ideas! Cornhole is big where I live. I love the collapsible set! What fun that will be!

  5. I really want to get the Crayola light up board for my daughter but so many of the reviews I see say it is difficult to clean and it's really never fully clean again - what do you think?! I'm so on the fence!

  6. Totally curious what age you think the gears like griffins are good for? I have a 3 yr old who loves to tinker with things and learn and watch how they work? This year or wait?

  7. Thank you for putting these lists together! My boys are 5 & 7 and I've added lots of your suggestions to our list! :)


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