Monday, October 30, 2017

Weekend Recap - PJ Day Edition

Happy Monday, friends!  I'm writing this on Sunday night and have the biggest smile on my face :)  It was a great weekend!

Friday morning the kids had their annual pajama day parade and it's one of their favorite mornings of the year.  It was FREEZING and I promise that I sent Mason in a jacket - but when I showed up at the parade it was off because "how else would you see my awesome shirt, mom???" ;)

The kids all wear pjs, and get to walk down the deck a class at a time with other classes making almost a little tunnel. There's loud music and tons of cheering and high fives.  Seriously so cute.

Friday afternoon we hung out with Jellybean Jones...

... and called it an early night.  

Saturday morning we enjoyed pumpkin waffles (Trader Joes for the win!) in mismatched PJs.  Be still my heart.

... and kept things slow and simple with reading, dancing, drawing and doing some toy purging.

Luke went to hang out with my mom for a bit, Dave headed into work and I packed these two up for Mason's football pictures and game.  We pulled into pictures and I saw this in my backseats.  Sigh. :)

Luckily we were there a few minutes early and so I took a quick breather and let them have a couple more minutes of rest.  Weekend look for life!

It was SO COLD at the game (and by so cole I mean like 52 and windy) but we had the best time cheering for number 25!

He only has one more game left and we've had so much fun watching him play this year.  Both boys are signed up for basketball this Winter and we're looking forward to getting to cheer them both on.

The Lil' Stangs cheerleaders were there and some of the little sisters got out and cheered with them.  Griffin is counting down the days until she can get some poms :)

Mason wasn't super thrilled about taking a pic with his "baby sister", but look how excited G is! hahaha

Can you even with that backpack and sneakers?!?! She looks like she's 12!!!

On the way home we stopped for a tea and I snapped this picture of Griffin and y'all... I can't believe how big she looks all of a sudden!!!

Saturday night we worked on numbers...

... snuggled the kitty...

.... and enjoyed the fire :)

Sunday morning we had an extra little girl want to be in our picture ;)

 and you can't say no to someone that cute!

Sunday afternoon we met up with Mark and Diana for a quick fall festival and then dinner back at our house.  Look at these cute cousins!!!

I'm not sure she's ever been happier!

A little playground time...

... and then it was back home for dinner (and more snuggles!)

Y'all - look how big Davis is!

Quite possibly the best part of my entire weekend :)

It was such a fun weekend and we're just crossing our fingers and toes that the storms and rain forecasted for tomorrow stays away long enough for us to trick-or-treat!

Happy Halloween Eve, friends!!!


  1. YES!!! Me too!! Rain, rain go away! And sweet Davis is adorable!

  2. Aw! What a great weekend!! Such seeet pictures of your crew!

  3. That apple cider sweatshirt is TOO CUTE!!!

  4. Sweet Jellybean probably doesn’t know how to walk anymore, and I’m sure she likes it like that. What a sweet weekend, and yay to slower/relaxing Saturday’s!

  5. Can you share about the shoes you’re wearing in the first pic where Jelly Bean is in your lap!?

  6. Masons face with G at his game is priceless!! What a fun weekend!!

  7. G is looking so big! We did some you purging this weekend as well and it felt so good.

  8. I need that apple cider sweatshirt! And, yes, she does look so big in that outfit. Time slow down, right?

  9. Where do you get Griffin's bang barrettes?? Love the size!

  10. That Apple Cider sweatshirt!!!

    A quick question, I remember you saying in one of your instastories that you bought blue light blocking glasses. What brand did you buy? There is pages and pages of them on amazon, and I really liked how "big" the pair you had on looked!

  11. I LOVE Griffin's sweatshirt! Why can't our kiddos just stay little?!? I feel like Millie Jo has grown up so much just in the past few months & I know that when baby sister gets here she will look even bigger!! So glad y'all had such a fun weekend!

  12. gahhhh I need the details on every single thing Griffin wore! ha:)

  13. Griffin does look so much more grown up lately! It's crazy! She is always such a doll!

  14. OMG...I am DYING over Griffin's Adidas! I didn't know they made tiny ones like that - SO stinking adorable!

  15. Looks like a delightful weekend for sure. I love these quieter weekends, we have one on tap for next weekend too! xoxo ERIN

  16. Where did you get Griffin's hair clip? So cute!!


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