Friday, October 20, 2017

Friday Favorites - Sparkle, Smile, Smartypants Edition

Happy Friday, friends!  This week has flown by and we are so excited for some quiet time this weekend.  I'm going to share a few of our FAVORITES from the week and if you'd like to join me, Erika and Narci in sharing you can add your link at the bottom of this post.

First up on my list is  No Such Thing - one of the CUTEST Halloween books EVER!  I ordered it a while ago and it came in last week and we can't stop reading it!

The illustrations are so cute and the story is simple and fun.

It's been our FAVORITE this week and I'm going to have a hard time putting this one away at the end of the month.

Several of y'all have noticed and asked me about my new moccasins and I was hesitant to give too much information until I tried them out and made sure I really liked them and the verdict is in and they're the  comfiest moccs EVER!

I even wore them all day at the fair last weekend and they were PERFECT!

I really can's say enough great things about them!  (PS -  they're on sale in select sizes... I'm typically a 6.5 or 7 and went with the 6.5 and while they were tight at first they're perfect now)

These lopsided piggies and rumpled after-school-look are signs of a great day and my FAVORITES!

It's been cooling off here at night and I finally got to break out  this AHHH-MAZING poncho!  I'm in the XS/S and it's almost too big but I absolutely adore it.  It's the most comfortable thing in my closet and is a great length that I'll be able to wear to school with leggings.

The inside is pretty much the softest blanket you've ever felt and I want to live in it. :)  It comes in several other great colors (I grabbed mine during the anniversary sale and this was the only color available in my size) and I'm seriously eyeing the gray.  You can click HERE to check it out!

Remember a few weeks ago when Mason lost his tooth a couple hours after having his school picture taken and his teacher took him back to have his picture retaken??? Well... we got the pics in and LOOK HOW PROUD HE IS!!! FAVORITE school pic to date :) 

I talked about  these Keds back in the summer, but they're now available from Nordstrom so I thought they were worth mentioning again.  Rifle Paper Co is my FAVORITE ann I get so many compliments on these shoes every time I wear them.  (my hoodie went 40% off this week!!! )

So cute, right???

Sunrise/sunset pics are my FAVORITE and never get old for me.   Luke snapped this one on our way to school yesterday and I must have looked at it a dozen times because HOW AWESOME is God to make something so gorgeous?!?!  

Yesterday afternoon I got to stop in at the middle school football game.  Getting to see my students do their thing outside of the classroom is my FAVORITE!  

(If you're a teacher I seriously think that one of the best things you can do to improve classroom behavior is go to the kids events.  Show an interest, tell them how great they did and build that rapport!)

This sweet boy (who looks like he has freckles but actually is covered in sand) makes me proud every day but I may have been a little extra proud when he told me that he made the Math Olympics Team this week.  I'm secretly WAY excited about helping him get ready!

While Mason had football practice, Griffin, Luke and I played on the playground and when I told her she couldn't swing (because we forgot her motion sickness bands) I had to resort to silly selfies to distract her until she forgot about the swings.  #momlife

This one was my FAVORITE ;)

That smile though.

And last, but not least, my FAVORITE art from the week was Mason's "never-ending pizza slice and balloons that never pop".  Please note that he "framed it like it was hanging in a museum".  

Have a WONDERFUL day and a fantastic weekend, friends!!! 

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  1. I need your messy bun skills! Seriously amazing!

  2. Thanks for hosting! Happy Weekend! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  3. If I had that blanket poncho that soft, I'm pretty sure I'd never wear anything else. Ha! I think you're spot on about building rapport with your students. I can still remember the teachers who would stop by our games. It was so fun to show them what else I worked on (outside of the classroom).

  4. Aw!! Those selfies are precious!! And, way to go Luke!!!

  5. I love your moccs! And those selfies are the best! Happy Friday!

  6. I don't have any children of my own yet, but I spend many afternoons and Saturday mornings watching my students and former students play football, volleyball, baseball, etc. It is DEFINITELY my favorite part of teaching. I so enjoy seeing my kiddos thrive outside of the classroom and building relationships with them. I teach 1st-6th Advanced Academics so I get to teach the same kids for many years in a row and it is so much fun! :)

  7. Love that blush hoodie so much! And your selfies made me lol!

  8. Bless G's heart! I know how she feels! I get sick on the swing too. I can only swing at night, ha. HG

  9. Poor G! Motion really gets to her! I love all the pics - you are such a fun mom!

  10. Hoodie sold out! Bummer! I'd love to see a post with your budget friendly clothing brands suggestions. :)

  11. I always thought I was the only person that gets motion sickness on swings!!! Poor GG!

  12. I ordered that Ugg poncho and loved it, but even the XS was way to big. I looked ridiculous in it. I want that Free People hoodie, but my size is already gone in that too. So GG is Mason with long hair. I never saw it as much as in these silly pics. Cute! Happy weekend!


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