Wednesday, September 27, 2017

What's Up Wednesday

I'm linking up today with Shay, Sheaffer and Mel for What's Up Wednesday!

I can't stop eating pistachios.  Can't.  Stop.   And yes.. that's two teas on my desk earlier this week because #monday and #besthusbandever ;)

On Saturday Luke requested stuffed shells for dinner and I was happy to oblige and y'all... he made almost the entire thing from start to finish!  If you need a great kid-friendly recipe be sure to check out these easy cheesy stuffed shells!

On September 11th the MCA Honor Choir had the privilege of performing several songs at the Collin County 9/11 remembrance ceremony.  They performed and then stayed for the presentation where they heard from several former NYC first responders who were there on 9/11.

Mason's football game was at 8 am last Saturday and I LOVED the early start time!  Nothing beats a little sunrise football ;)

One of Luke's friends from school had a birthday party last weekend and y'all... his mama knows how to throw a party! ;)  They always invite the whole family and my kids have SO MUCH FUN!  Seriously - they talk about it all year long!  The birthday boys little brother is in Griffin's class and they were so excited to see each other!  These two have been hanging out with each other since their brothers were in kindergarten!

I mean!  An inflatable dodgeball arena - so fun!

Dunk tank...

... cake pops...

... cake...

... pinata...

... swimming...

... balloons and face painting!

And a mechanical bull.  For real.  Told you they know how to party! ;)

This is more Dave than me, but golf tournament season is coming up which means Dave's Mondays off will be on hold for a while and he's dreading it because he has been loving his Mondays!  A few weeks ago he chaperoned Luke's honor choir field trip and then had lunch with Mason...

... saw Luke on the volleyball court...

... and caught some lunch time with Griffin!

Lesson plans, Christmas cards, and Mason's spelling words :)

The MandaStrong 5K and Fun Run!  If you're local you can register  HERE!
If you're not local you can check out the ManaStrong Foundation website  HERE to find out how to donate and get involved.

We're still working our way through The Office and this has resulted in Dave and I sending each other Office memes all day...

If liking this song is wrong, I don't want to be right ;)


I'm especially loving   this one from Anthropologie

As of right now we have ZERO plans!  Friday is our Fair Day and we're planning on heading to The Arboretum to check out the pumpkins, but other than that it's going to be pretty low key!

So many things!!!  Pumpkins, our annual Harvest Party, making pumpkin cream pies, Trick-Or-Treating and about 40 other things :)

This one is about to be SUPER random - but back in the summer I backed into our garage door (twice) and we had both doors replaced last month.  The BEST part is that they operate with a traditional opener and all that but they also operate with an app!  So I can check and see if the doors are open or closed and can open/close them from wherever we are!  It doesn't seem like it would be a big deal but we were able to let a sprinkler repair guy into the garage the other day without coming home and I haven't had to circle back to make sure I shut it (which I do A LOT).  I know it sounds strange to be excited about a garage door opener but it's the little things in life, right??? :)

The bonus question was "what show(s) are you excited about this Fall" and DUH I'm super pumped about This Is Us coming back and am looking forward to The Good Doctor, Wisdom of the Crowd and Deception.  And of course we're looking forward to some of our favorites coming back like Blackish, Modern Family, Survivor, Law and Order and Grey's Anatomy.

Happy Wednesday, friends!!!

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  1. What a birthday party! That inflatable dodgeball court is right up Nixon's alley. I need to check on that for his birthday!

  2. Um, your garage door sounds AMAZING! An app???? That is so cool!!!

  3. I also have the garage door app & LOVE it! We recently got one for all of the doors in our house too. I'm looking forward to American Housewife, such a fun relatable show.

  4. That birthday party looks amazing! I've never seen an inflatable dodgeball court before -- I would have loved that as a kid!

  5. Love the garage app. I need one to make sure I unplugged the straightener and turned off the oven. I always do, but I always question myself when I'm 10 minutes from my house.

  6. I love pistachios! Your post makes me want a handful right now. :)

  7. I'm with ya on that Demi song.. #sorrynotsorry & I'm loving all of your dresses! Fall outfits are the best!!

  8. I need to figure out the garage door app thing! That sounds glorious!

  9. I can totally relate to the garage door situation! Love the early morning soccer pic!

  10. We're about to replace our garage door & I must know about this app!

  11. Girl, I'm obsessed with Sorry Not Sorry, too! I accidentally downloaded the explicit version, though, and now I can't listen to it with the kids. Lol.

    And that's awesome about your garage door! I need something like that, too, because Lawd, do I constantly worry if I left the door open! It's almost as bad as the whole "did I leave the curling iron on" debacle.

  12. We have an app too which controls all of our home security stuff and also can open and shut the garage doors, unlock/lock the front door, change the room temp etc all from the app. We've also got that doorbell camera where we can see who's there plus talk to them from a speaker. It is the best invention ever!! (We went through Vivent if anyone is wondering.) :)

    That Inspired Chick

  13. So much fun, love that Dave got to visit the kids at school. Our kids love when we come! I love that they are having a fun run/5K for Manda and her legacy lives on :) So special! xoxo ERIN

  14. Oh man that garage door app sounds AWESOME! What company did you use!?!

  15. That garage door opener sounds like something we need. I drove off the other day and didn't put down the door !! Thank goodness for awesome neighbors!

  16. Love your dress - such happy colours and that garage door app - wow that's brilliant.

  17. We have the same thing on our garage and it's life changing! I love it! Ours also controls our lights (not just the ones connected to our garage door) the actual lights! Love it.

  18. So happy I came across your blog! I love your style & all you share :) don't know how you find the time but it's so inspiring!


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