Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Three Things - September

Today I thought I'd share "three things" about each of us and I snapped a few pictures of the kids after school.  I love them because they really do sum each of them up... 

Luke - still in his uniform, getting whatever homework he didn't finish at school complete
Mason - stripped down to his underwear, wrapped in a blanket, still recovering from being asleep on the car ride home
Griffin - uniform in the washer, outfit of choice OR princess dress on, animatedly telling all of us EVERYTHING that happened at school that day 

Luke and his best friend talk often about college and where they want to go for school (which I think is so cute!).  They know they want to live together but want to be close enough to come home and hang out with us on the weekend.  I have a feeling this will change by the time it's time to pick a college but I definitely plan on bringing up his 3rd grade plans during the decision-making process. 

Luke and another friend are currently writing a book called "Stick Man Stories".  They each have a notebook where they jot down ideas and then they fold white paper in half and write and illustrate the pages.  They asked me the other day about making 200 copies of their book to pass out and I had to rein them in a bit but I can't wait for the finished product.

Luke's favorite thing to do right now is "tinkering".  He is constantly taking things apart, putting things back together and trying to figure out how things work.  I guess he must talk about it at school because one of his teachers brought him her old blender base (with the blade and glass part removed) so he could take it apart. I'm not sure I've ever seen him happier!  His room is constantly covered in screws, nuts, bolts and other tiny pieces and I have to shake out his carpet before I vacuum but I love how inquisitive he is!  I'm hoping that his "tinkering" can get moved out to Dave's workbench this Fall ;)

The kids all pack lunch every day EXCEPT when it's "brunch for lunch" day.  It's scrambled eggs, french toast, cinnamon apples... you get the idea.... and they FLIP OUT over it.  On Monday night when Dave was tucking Mason in he goes, "Daddy, when you wake me up in the morning can you please remind me that it's brunch for lunch day so I won't be grumpy?"  SO CUTE!!!

Last week while I was dressed up like a shark Mason's class was coming back from the tech lab and walked past me sitting at the picnic tables with a group of my students.  A couple of the girls behind him in line giggled at my outfit (totally understandable!) and he turns around and in a serious voice goes, "Hey! Don't laugh at her - that's my mom!"  Talk about a proud mama moment! 

Mason has SO MANY stuffed animals, beanie boos and pillows in his bed that last week he opted to sleep on the floor so his animals could all have a spot to rest.  We tried to convince him to move up to his bed and make a pallet for his friends, but he just wasn't having it.  He grabbed a pillow and blanket and crashed right there on his rug.

Last week was the book fair at school and we went one morning to pick out books and then I walked the kids to class.  As I was walking her Griffin kept asking when we were going to go to the book fair and so I crouched down and told her that we JUST went and she goes, "No! When are we going to the book fair with the rides and snacks!"  Sweet girl thought book fair was going to be a real fair with cotton candy and a ferris wheel :)

Griffin has always done imaginative play well and this weekend I went upstairs and she had set up all her animals in a circle and was hosting circle time.  I watched her for a little while and figured out that she was playing "Mrs. Wilkerson" her teacher from school!  Later that day she had dolls set up at Mason's art table and she was walking around it going, "Mrs. Wilkerson thinks you're doing a wonderful job!"  I love that she adores her teacher so much!

Griffin was the prayer leader in her class one day last week and she's insisted on leading all the prayers at home since then.  They typically go something like this (and you have to repeat every line after her)... "Dear God (Dear God), thank you for this day (thank you for this day), thank you for my family (thank you for my family), thank you for this food (thank you for this food), Amen (amen)."  She also will add in thank yous for other random things like The Trolls Movie, her lunch box and her favorite song ;)

A couple of weeks ago we started rewatching The Office in the evenings and y'all... I don't think I've ever laughed so hard.  Maybe we're both just exhausted (and therefore everything is more funny than it normally would be!), but we laugh SO HARD.   We're currently about 40 episodes in and are loving it just as much as the first (and second and third!) time we watched the series.  

With cooler weather right around the corner Dave is about to start a busy tournament season at work.  Normally he has Mondays off, but in the Fall they have tons of private tournaments on Mondays and so that will mean early mornings and busy days.

We're ready for cooler weather for lots of reasons - but one of the main reasons is our nightly after-dinner family walk.  It's one of our favorite times of the day and Dave and I get a chance to catch up while the kids ride bikes and scooters ahead.  Come on, Fall!!!

So there you go... THREE THINGS!  I'd love to know what three things are going on with you lately... let me know in the comments!


  1. Brunch for lunch day sounds delightful!

  2. Aw, I love these posts, friend! So sweet! :)

  3. Mason's comment gave me all the happy feels!!!

  4. Fun post! I love getting to read these little glimpses into your kiddos' lives!

  5. I love how all your children have their own unique personality! And my husband and I loveeee the office and recently started rewatching it as well.

  6. Oh my heavens the book fair story is too cute. I can see where she might get confused. I also love that your son slept on the floor so his stuffed animals could have his comfy bed. Bless! xoxo ERIN

  7. Yes-- to the after dinner walks and a bit of adult conversation, we do the same thing. The office is television gold. We have seen the whole series multiple times and it remains at the top of our "bed time shows". We rotate through The Office, Friends, That 70's show, and How I Met Your Mother.

  8. I love your family. Mason defending your shark attire is soo stinking cute! My three things are decluttering, dance and senior kiddos are back in full swing of school we are busy bees.

  9. So cute about Mason sleeping in the floor!! LOL My 3 things are 1) Finally feeling like I'm back in the groove of school for both of my kids. 2) Getting organized (mentally) and prepping for a big WDW trip in 6 weeks. 3) Reading everything I can about starting my own boutique.

  10. Griffin thinking the book fair was a real fair. Hysterical and so sweet. Kids are the best!

  11. We are re-watching The Office right now too. We are loving it!

  12. Griffin not only wants to be like her teacher but also her teacher-momma! So sweet!

  13. That's great that Griffin likes to play "teacher"! I used to year I got a teacher's edition of a math book and probably spent the entire winter "teaching class" with my whiteboard and teacher book :)
    Three things....learning to live life with only three at home - my oldest went away to college this year. And like Luke dreams of, is close enough to come home when we have three hours to spare to go down and get him and bring him back ;)
    I started a new job/career last week that I am loving
    Fall sports - watching my kiddos on the soccer pitch and tennis court!! Busy, happy life! Thanks for asking :)

  14. Could they be any cuter? I think not and that Griffin, oh, my, a precious little Diva for sure! Cute post, so enjoyed it!

  15. Golf, traveling with my hubby and Fresno State football games!

  16. We had to stop saying to our daughter, "do you want to go for a ride" when we were just referring to going in the car somewhere. She would get so mad and tell us we told her she was going on a ride!

  17. The Office and Parks and Rec never ever get old. It makes me smile to see other people who agree :)

  18. Book fairs should totally have rides and candy!:) I am loving Parenthood right now, on season 3, never watched it before. I think The Office might be next. It would be nice to have something that makes us laugh once in awhile.


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