Wednesday, August 30, 2017

What's Up Wednesday

Today I'm linking up with Shay, Sheaffer and Mel for What's up Wednesday.  So here we go! :)

- Monday Dave and I ate out while the kids ate sandwiches at home with a babysitter (#praisehands)
- Tuesday - meatloaf balls and mashed potatoes
- Wednesday - Leftovers
- Thursday - Tortellini Soup
- Friday - Pizza Friday 

Dave has Mondays off (typically) and since Luke was an infant those have been "daddy days" at our house.  Dave and I have been reminiscing about his special days with the kids and, honestly, it's going to be hard for him!  With having kind of an unusual work schedule he's always treasured those days with the kids.  Dave is WAY more "relaxed" than I am and always took Mondays in stride.  I can't tell you how many times he'd text me things like "oh yeah - I decided to get the tires done today" with an accompanying pic of two-year old Mason eating lunch in the waiting area while newborn Griffin (strapped into the Ergo on his chest) was drinking a bottle.  They would walk to the grocery store with a wagon full of babies, surprise me with Starbucks in the afternoon after a morning spent at the library and somehow when I got home the house was always in order.  Y'all. Dave loves his Mondays.  

He's going to have a busy Fall with lots of upcoming golf tournaments on Mondays and he DOES have plans to relax a bit and meet friends on the golf course but he's also trying to convince me that checking the kids out of school every once and a while to hang out is a good idea :)  I have a feeling that there may be a few Monday afternoons you'll spot him at Playstreet with Griffin at the Perot with Luke or throwing the football with Mason.  I don't think we'll ever check them out for a full day, but an after-lunch adventure or two is bound to happen.

Seeing my kids on campus every day :)  I know I've talked about this before - but it's SUCH a joy to look out my classroom window and see Luke playing four square or have Mason poke his head into my classroom and blow me a kiss on his way back from library (with his teacher's permission).  Seeing Griffin doing jumping jacks while I'm on my way to middle school lunch duty or being able to see her holding hands with her little friend as they skip around the circle.  

Maybe my kids are the only ones, but I don't get a ton of information out of them at the end of the day so seeing these little glimpses into their school day is such a treat.

#allthethings :)  I feel like the past couple of weeks have been FULL.  Between all the back-to-school activities, the school meetings/events and new sports/activities starting it's been a little bit hectic.  So hectic in fact that I've been using an online calendar app instead of my beloved paper planner.  I know - I'm as shocked as you are!  Since Dave and I are both juggling schedules, carpools, appointments, etc. I really needed something that both he and I could see and edit at the same time.  We've only been using it for a week or so, but I'll keep you posted and let you know if we like it.

Not a whole lot at the moment...

Christmas cards!  Believe it or not I've had multiple emails about Christmas cards already and so I've started putting together information about it to get out to y'all next month! 

I've purchased  Dara Ettinger jewelry from Anthropologie for years.  The arrowhead ring I get asked about all the time is hers and I love how unique and special her pieces are.  I was looking on her Etsy shop last week and found out she's having a HUGE sale where everything is $25 or less!  I ordered several pieces that I am so excited about and if you love unique jewelry you need to go grab some for yourself or as gifts!  Seriously... they're normally $100-$200!  Click  HERE to shop her sale!

I'm still on the Big Brother train and I know that my opinion isn't a popular one, but I really hope Paul wins.  I feel like he's the only one REALLY playing and I think he totally deserves it.

So I downloaded the new Taylor Swift song and I don't really know what I think.  On the one hand I kind of like it... but on the other hand I really liked the "old Taylor"!  What do y'all think?!?!

Dresses, dresses and more dresses.  When I'm getting ready for school in the morning dresses are my outfit of choice because they're SO EASY! I just ordered this dress from Anthropologie and think it's going to be a staple this Fall...

WE got invited to go to TCU's first football game of the season so we're taking the boys and they're SO PUMPED!!! Mason has it in his head that he can have "unlimited hot dogs" and they're really excited to see a game played on the same field that they got to run on during Spring Break last year.  In case you missed that post we took the kids to Ft.Worth for the day and visited the zoo, stockyards and TCU campus.  Here's a little video of our day...

So many things!!!
Cooler weather (I just need a few crisp mornings and I'll be good!), MCA Homecoming, Mason's flag football games, Luke's first Honor Choir performance, the list goes on and on!

I mentioned this on my Instastory yesterday, but Mission Regan released a new list of items they're collecting and taking south to help with Hurricane Harvey relief efforts...

... the awesome thing about this is that if you're not local you can order all of these things on Amazon and have them sent straight to the Mission Regan Warehouse!

Mission Regan - 330 Industrial Blvd #111, McKinney, TX 75069

There are A LOT of things I struggle with... making piles of papers on my kitchen counter, keeping track of everyone's schedules/activities, and getting my kids to eat vegetables to name a few... but school lunches are something that I feel like I have a handle on.  

I pledged my allegiance to the YumBox last summer and never looked back.  My kids are eating better (and more!) than they did before and for some odd reason filling all those little compartments is like a creative outlet for me.  I know - it's weird.  I don't go all "crazy creative bento" (although I'm for SURE not knocking it... I've had those little animal picks in my Amazon cart multiple times), but I do have a good time making lunches that are a mix of lots of things that they enjoy.  I've also found the Yum Box to be a great way to use up leftovers and I've realized that a lot of things I assumed my kids would only eat hot they'll eat cold as well (i.e. sliced meatloaf, sausage balls, leftover pizza, etc.).  

You can read the full post I did last year  HERE and it's full of ideas and reasons why I love YumBoxes!

Luke is pretty much a bottomless pit this year and he came home the first week complaining that his two snacks Dave was packing him weren't filling him up.  I assumed he was getting a package of fruit snacks and a yumbox snack box with some crackers and hummus or something but no... he was getting a FULL pb&j cut up and put in his yumbox snack box along with a string cheese as one snack AND a regular size cliff bar as his other snack.  I mean - WHAT?!?!  

We've been continuing to pack him his regular lunches in the yumbox, but have been adding on a thermos filled with meat-filled pasta (we like the sausage filled tortellini from Sam's club) and sauce.  

Hoping that y'all have a wonderful Wednesday!

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  1. Gosh I totally forgot about Christmas cards! Great reminder! I love all the dresses!

  2. My mom taught at the elementary school I went to and as a kid, I loved it! I loved seeing her in the hallways or popping into her room if I didn't feel well...until I got in the 5th grade and thought I was too cool haha!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. Love Yum boxes! My kids used them a lot this summer at the beach (so perfect for the beach - keeps their food from getting sandy!). BUT, they all say they won't use them at school because they're embarrassed that people will think they're babyish. I keep teasing them that I may start packing MY lunch in a yum box because they're so great. Have your kids expressed this at all? My school age kids are in 4th and 1st grades.

  4. Andrea, I flip my lid every single time I see GG in her school uniform. HOW SWEET IS SHE?!?!

  5. It would take Carter 3 days to eat all of the food in 1 of your YumBoxes. I however could TEAR ONE OF THOSE UP. I love eating like I'm at a buffet and just grazing on tons of different stuff!!!!

  6. Aww I can totally see how Dave is going to miss those Mondays!! We use a Bentgo box which is pretty similar and we love it!!

  7. Yes to Paul winning BB! He truly is the only one playing the game. I hope the house doesn't figure it out because he totally deserves to win this season.

  8. Such a great post today! We love our yumboxes and boy do I understand the struggle of growing boys eating a ton! My oldest is a freshman this year (enter me sobbing about my baby being a high schooler already) and decided to play football along with his usual sport, basketball. I literally pack him FOUR sandwiches, two protein bars, an apple, a baggies FULL of grapes, a fruit leather, a fiber one brownie, chips, and a protein shake 😳 He still comes home starving! I told him he is going to have to start pulling a giant cooler full of food behind him soon. Lol

  9. The first thing my kids told me when they went back to school is "you need to pack more food" LOL!

  10. I love the beginning of the school year and how full it is. I think after summer we are ready to get back into all the things. I also love getting to see my kids throughout the day at school. It is so fun, but also they are tight lipped about what happens at school so I like seeing what is going on :) Have a great day!

  11. I'm with you on Paul playing the best game! I don't like him the best but I think he deserves to win. BUT I also don't think it's fair that he's done it all once before!! How is that fair!?! He learned so much the first time around that it has given him an advantage. I liked it better when they would bring on people who were secretly related. That was fun. ;) After Jason fell apart over the news of his pregnant wife though, he totally shot to the top of my list! So sweet!

    That Inspired Chick

  12. I understand the whole "creative outlet" thing -- I get it!!! Thanks for posting. . .no link-up this week (boo!) but your post reminded me to do one anyway :) And. . .completely understand (and linked to Shay's post) about why they aren't doing the link-up. . .thanks for sharing your life with us!! Can't wait for a classroom tour. . .

  13. I love my yumbox... everyone at work always gets a kick out of how "cute" it is. :)

    We can't wait to see all the kids' fun fall activities! Send us their schedules so we can make it out and cheer them on! :)

    see yall soon! <3

  14. Awww, I hope Dave gets lots of fun Monday afternoons :) And there's nothing better than getting checked out of school early!
    ...And I feel so conflicted about Taylor Swift. #whatishappening

  15. Cannot wait to try the Tortellini soup this fall! It looks so good.
    Question about the Yum Box- I've been trying to tell my sister about it for my niece. Her question- do you take the things out to heat? Or do you serve everything cold?

  16. I can't wait to hear about the calendar app you & Dave are sharing. My husband and I definitely need something like this!

  17. I want Paul to win too!! He's so good!! They bring people back all the time and veterans actually have a disadvantage because they have played before. Because usually people want veterans out for that reason so the fact that he's still in and everyone still wants him there and trusts him means he's just so good, and they all eat out of the palm of his hand!! He definitely deserves to win!

  18. I'm definitely one of the people who's asked about your green arrowhead ring! Just hoped over and bought myself some jewelry! Can't wait, thanks for the tip!!


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