Thursday, August 3, 2017

Day In The Life - Summer Edition

Today I thought I'd share a typical "day in the life" but a summer edition.  

I try to sleep in as much as possible in the summer:)  Dave had to be at work early and I had to get Griffin to VBS otherwise I would have been rolling out of bed an hour or so later.

I laid in bed for a few minutes... checked emails, blog comments and stuff and this girl came downstairs for snuggles.  She had already picked out a dress she wanted to wear and put it on as well.  Win-Win!

We had some snuggles while watching Elena  and then it was time to get moving!

I fed Jack Bauer, made tea and toast and headed to the bathroom to see what I was dealing with :)  I went to take a picture and literally caught myself half-yawn.  I figured that was the most fitting pic so I ran with it.  Also, I can't look at this pic without yawning!

I was going to be out and about a bit so I put on a teeny tiny bit of makeup.  I rubbed some witch hazel on my face, added eyeliner and mascara and was done.

I pulled my hair out of the crazy top knot, threw on an easy dress and Birks and was ready to go in about 90 seconds.  

I don't wash my hair very often (especially in the summer).  I had washed, dried and curled it with a flat iron on Sunday and so on this day I just pulled it down and was ready to go.

I ran upstairs to wake the boys up, got this girl some dry cereal and set about taking out her braids from the night before and redoing them for her morning at VBS.

annnnnndddddd done!

On our way out the door I threw a few more pieces of laundry in the washer along with a laundry tab thing and started the machine.  I've mentioned this before but I don't sort or separate any laundry... I throw everything in there as it gets dirty and wash it all on cold when the washer is full.  The kids don't have hampers in their rooms, but instead they bring their dirty laundry down and just toss it in.  Easy peasy and I've never had an issue with washing everything together.  

Off to VBS! (yes... we're in the driveway)

Drop-off was a breeze and she was excited to get to her room.

After dropping Griffin of the boys and I headed home and I got Luke started on some school work he's been putting off :)...

... while Mason met with his reading tutor downstairs.

While the boys were working I cleaned the kids bathrooms, put some laundry away, made beds and tidied up our game closet.  

After tutoring I put the clothes in the dryer and put another load of towels into the washer.

We picked Griffin up from VBS and they had BUBBLES at the exit! Super fun :)

After we picked Griffin up we swung through Kroger to grab a few things....

... and then the kids set up a picnic in the family room while I took care of...

... all this mess.

I got their lunches ready...

... and let them lounge/eat in the family room (a special treat!) while watching Boss Baby because mama had things to do!

I put away groceries, washed fruit....

... wiped counters (can you see that perfectly formed little handprint?!?!?!)...

... and ended up rearranging the fridge... which happens almost every time we do a grocery run.

I made myself some lunch...

... then tackled this mess :)
At this point in the afternoon all the kids went upstairs for "quiet time".  The way we do quiet time is they have to be in their rooms quietly doing something for an hour.  That's it.  They can play, read, nap, color... they just can't come out of their rooms.  I took the time to watch a bit of a sermon I had missed at church and read a few chapters.

After quiet time we played a round of Quirkle, I read with Mason and then Mason and G put on a "show" while Luke built with Legos upstairs.

I prepped smoothies for the kids for dinner...

... and was still being serenaded :)

Time for dinner prep!

I tried out a new recipe which ended up being okay... but not great.

While dinner cooked I emptied the dishwasher...

More Legos...

... more laundry...

... and I took a few minutes to put reapply mascara and get ready for dinner with some girlfriends.  



And I tamed my hair a bit more before I headed out the door as well ;)

Dave got home and he and the kids sat down for dinner pretty early (like 5:15 pm early) because the boys had VBS at 6.

Dave took the kids and dropped the boys off at VBS and I met friends for some awesome tacos and even better conversation...

I got home from dinner, tucked Griffin in for the night and finished up a blog post while Dave picked the boys up from VBS.

Boys were home in time for a night swim!  Theyswam until about 10:00 (it was a later night than usual for them!) and then pretty much fell into their beds :)

I did a little bit of this, put on some pjs...

... and settled in for some Wheat Chex and TV-time with Dave.  Cereal before bed is a habit I just can't quit.  :)

This ended up being a pretty "normal" summer day for us.  We have days where we are running around all day long... errands, dentist appointments, etc., etc. and then we have days where we lounge until 11 am, then swim until 5 and never leave the house.

Regardless of what our summer days have looked like I have treasured each and every one of them. 
I feel so lucky to get to spend the time off with my kids!

Happy Thursday, friends!


  1. I remember this day!! Your top, your hair, you were looking good, Mama!

  2. Cereal before bed is my bad habit too! No matter how many good choices I make all day, I still really really REALLY want a bowl of cereal after the kids go down. :) I love the trays your kids have at the table. What a great idea! My kids end up making a sticky messes on our table that I often don't see until morning (yuck) and I think a tray would help. Where did you get yours?

  3. I'm so envious of your hair routine. Even with the best dry shampoo my hair looks like a disgusting grease ball by the end of day two.

  4. I eat cereal almost every night before bed, too! Isn't it crazy how much laundry there is to do? We don't even have kids yet and I feel like we are constantly running the washing machine.

  5. I have short hair so I shower at night and then just quick get ready in the morning. I love to see where mamas sneak in their blog time. I feel like it bleeds into the whole day but I am trying to chunk it more so I can enjoy it all without feeling overwhelmed. Thoughts? Anyway love these posts as always :) they make me happy to peak into someone else's life. Have a great day at your teacher meetings. xoxo ERIN

  6. You looked precious on that day! And loved reading about your day in the life!!!

  7. Two things-I yawned when looking at your picture as well, and I have done my laundry that same way for 20 years!

  8. So I started to use your laundry tip of doing it all that night about a month or two ago and it is great! Most of this summer I have been doing a load a day and really kept up with our laundry.

  9. As a teacher, I love days at home like this, too. Although I get up at 6:30 every day so I can take a walk before my husband goes to work. I also wash everything together in cold water, but what a great idea to just bring everything to the washing machine. Is it on the same floor as tour kids' rooms? I am also a big believer in daily quiet time. One kid play Legos, the other usually naps, and I read until I fall asleep :) Thanks for sharing!

  10. Random question: What does the witch hazel do?

    1. I had the same question! Thanks for sharing your day and how low key some are. As a teacher the summer never seems to have a routine for me so it is good to be reminded that it all about cherishing the time we have with our kiddos!

    2. I actually recommended this on an old post. I use it after I wash my face morning and night, bascially a toner...alittle on a cotton ball does the trick. Great for acne, oily or sensitive skin. Really makes the face look brightened!

  11. Is that a popsocket grip for your phone? How do you like it?

  12. Love seeing inside your day!! First thing.. I love how you do laundry! I always sorted whites/darks, etc but this sounds much easier. I love the idea of the kids just throwing their clothes in and when it's full- starting it! Anyway, thanks for sharing your day with us!

  13. Where did you get your galvanized tiered tray? I love it!!

  14. Love these kinds of posts! I wish I didn't have to wash and dry my hair every day but God graced me with an extra portion of oil in my skin. Hoping it helps me one day to look 10 years younger than my old lady friends. LOL

  15. I love the day-in-the-life posts! Thanks for sharing! That yawn picture made me yawn too.

  16. Your summer days look awesome! Thanks for showing us real life- life that contains messes and lots of chores! My next comment is going to be weird but can I just point out how happy it makes me to see that you don't have the latest and greatest washing machine/dryer combo?! Ha! I know that's a silly thing to notice but in this day and age I feel like everyone HAS to have THE BEST of everything from the start. I don't know about you but my "old fashioned combo" works great!

  17. I think you have mentioned this before...maybe...but the solar system in Luke's room. Did you buy it or was it a kit and he made them?

  18. Girl, I have a frozen yogurt problem before bed that I just can't quit! I look forward to it every single evening... Netflix and froyo... it's our thing!

    Also, what is the witch hazel for?

  19. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who just throws all the laundry in the washer together! My mom cringes but it is soooo much easier!

  20. Hi Andrea..I love your blog! It looks like your day was awesome!

  21. I seriously love that you wash all your clothes together. I do that too and my husband still thinks Im crazy. But it works like a charm. My husband also is a bedtime cereal eater! Almost every night I catch him with a small bowl before coming upstairs. Thank you so much for the love youve shown foster families lately on IG, your heart is pure gold!


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