Thursday, July 20, 2017

Colorado - Day 6 - Breckenridge and Chipmunks!

On Friday morning we hit the road for Breckenridge and immediately headed up the mountain in the gondola.  Griffin has some motion sickness issues and handled it well, but Mason struggled BIG time with the swaying.  He tried sitting forward and backward and as soon as we got to the top he wanted to head back down.  We literally got off the gondola, checked out the snow and got back on.  Poor Mason!!! 

Almost to the bottom and to solid ground, Mas!

Caught this little bit busting a move after the gondola and had to chuckle because her brother did almost the exact same thing two years ago :)

We didn't try out any of the mountaintop activities this year (the kids didn't have a whole lot of interest), but I have a feeling the next time we're there they'll look like the picture below...

After the gondola we walked down Main Street and popped into a few stores, grabbed crepes and played in the creek.  

(Seriously! Breckenridge friends - this toy store (the one on Main Street) was THE CUTEST!!!)

When you both want the s'mores crepe at the same time :)

I'd had several friends who live locally to Vail/Breck message me and tell me that we HAD to stop at Sapphire point to feed the chipmunks and so we grabbed some sunflower seeds and made our way up there.

It was STUNNING!!!  The view over the lake was amazing!

As soon as we walked up and saw people feeding the chipmunks the kids got SO EXCITED!!!  We don't have chipmunks here in McKinney and the kids were absolutely in love!

A sweet family was leaving and gave us their leftover peanuts which the chipmunks definitely preferred over our sunflower seeds :)

Those cheeks!!!

GG wanted to hold one SO BAD!!!  I think if she could have she would have stuck one in her overall pocket to take home :)

Luke may have a future in chipmunk training :)  He wasn't just feeding them, he had them climbing up his arm and and leg and it was so funny!

I seriously think that this little outing was the highlight of the trip for all three kids :)  Which is probably why we had BIG crocodile tears from Griffin when it was time to go. 

There was an older couple who volunteered to take a family picture for us and they were cracking up at all of us smiling and taking a pic while she totally melted down.  It is what it is sometimes, can I get an amen???? 

I wish I could say that everyone was happy 100% of the trip, but traveling with kids (and let's be real... even without kids) that just isn't the case.  Thankfully she took a good long nap on the way back to Vail and recovered nicely after that :)

That afternoon we had some porch/creek time and the kids worked more on their little town they had been making.  Dave and I started packing up and getting ready to leave the next morning and we even played a few rounds of Quirkle out on the deck.

Friday evening we walked to Lionshead for pizza and I decided that I could easily live in Lionshead OR Vail Village.  They are both so pretty and the flowers are to die for!

The kids played a few games while we waited for our table...

Pizza time!

I love a restaurant with paper on the tables and the boys LOVE the dot game!

We stuffed ourselves with meatball pizza and then tried to burn some of it off at the playground...

The playground had a little splash pad area and the kids asked to run around in it and this was one of those parenting moments where we were just like, "why the heck not" and let them do their thing.  We were going back to the house to take baths and pack up anyway so it worked out well.  I think the pictures speak for themselves as to how much fun they had :)

Some of my favorite parenting moments are when I get to say yes when they think I'm going to say no :)

They were a little bit chilly walking home - but we had zero complaints :)

We walked back to the house, took hot showers and snuggled in for one last movie night before loading up and starting our trip home on Saturday.  I have one last vacation post that I'll share next week - I'm so glad that so many of y'all have found a few helpful tips and fun stops while visiting Vail with kids :)

And if you think chipmunks are just about the cutest thing ever make sure you check out the video below because there are some seriously precious chipmunk cheeks happening!

Happy Wednesday, friends!


  1. Girl, those chipmunks are just adorable!!! What a fun day!

  2. The chipmunks are so sweet! I'm jealous! I grew up with chipmunks in KY, but we dont have them in Florida either. I'm sure my kids would totally love that!

    1. I remember them from living in Canada but it hadn't even really occurred to me that my kids hadn't really seen them before! They were so cute!

  3. Replies
    1. If you google "dots and boxes" game there are several sites with pictures and such that explain it WAY better than I could in the comments :) It's a super simple game that you can play with pencil and paper and my kids LOVE it! Great way to pass the time while you wait places.

  4. Great pictures as always! Love the chipmunk training and the pic of Griffin in the water!

  5. This was exactly where we were at Spring Break this year! The pizza restaurant, the playground, the village-I loved it all!

  6. I love reading your blog! Are you going to share where you stayed in Vail? We are planning a "staycation" there in August before my daughter starts school.

  7. Love your vacation posts. What a fun trip. I never knew there was a place to feed chipmunks! Aren't they cute? And the kids splashing around in their clothes? What great memories! I love saying yes to "crazy" things like that. Those are things they'll remember. Good job, mama!

    1. Thanks, Tracy! I sweet reader sent me the info about feeding the chipmunks and I was so glad because it was seriously the highlight of the trip for the kids! If you can't say "yes" and/or "why not" on vacation then when can you, right? :)

  8. I have loved these vacation posts. It makes me want to go to Vail. You hit the nail on the head with having Joy in Griffin's name. Her face just beams with joy. What precious memories those three are going to have from your family vacations.

    1. Thank you so much, Emily! Y'all should totally head to the mountains - there's just something special about them in the summer! And I couldn't agree more about her name - I pray every day that she let's the JOY that's inside of her shine out!

  9. So fun!! I love your sweet video at the end. :)

  10. Awesome pictures! Are those taken with your phone or a camera? The quality is amazing!

    1. I take a lot with both - but most of these are with my Nikon D40x

  11. Letting the kids play fully dressed in the splash pad, priceless! The joy just shines from their faces. I love it. Good job, mama!


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