Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Colorado - Day 5 - Horseback Riding and Rodeo

Thursday in Vail we headed to Vail Stables bright and early for a trail ride with the boys.  

Griffin was too small to go so Dave took her on a "parent-led trail ride" and then they checked out the goats (they have them for goat yoga... which I had no idea was a thing) and played.

Before the trip when we were talking to the kids about things they wanted to do while we were in Colorado horseback riding was at the top of both of their lists.  They were a little nervous when we got there but as soon as they got on their horses and the staff walked them through some instructions they were 100% comfortable.

We were on the earliest ride of the day and it was just me, the boys and one other couple.  We headed up the ridge and were treated to some awesome views along the way.

Mason's horse was led by a guide from the get-go and Luke's horse was having a hard time not snacking on the grass the entire time so another guide helped him out for part of the ride as well. 


Oh. My. Word.

After the ridge we got to go through an amazing aspen grove and the boys thought it was so cool because the guides would point out bear claw marks on the tree trunks. 

The ride was about an hour and a half and was probably my favorite part of the trip.  It was absolutely beautiful and such an experience to get to see parts of the mountain that we wouldn't have otherwise.  The boys had a great time as well and did really really well considering it was their first time on a horse for more than a pony ride at a birthday party.

After horseback riding we shopped in Vail Village for a bit, grabbed lunch and then the kids wanted to attempt the creek-crossing again :)

They made it all the way across and back and were so proud!

Afterward we headed back to the house and the kids played out back for a good part of the afternoon.

There were fly fishermen in the creek behind the house and they watched them cast...

... made a hideout in the tree right off the porch...

... and collected moss, rocks and sticks to make a town (which I didn't get a picture of when it was done! BOO!)

After getting cleaned up a bit we went to Beaver Creek for the rodeo.  There were several activities before the rodeo started and all three kids wanted to get their faces painted.  GG opted for a rainbow...

... Luke got a Pikachu and Mason got a full face skeleton :)

After face painting we got on horses one more time for the day...

... and then grabbed some barbecue.  #amen

Showing me his scary skeleton face :)

The rodeo was so much fun!  The kids had never been to a rodeo before and they were amazed by the whole thing.  The boys had TONS of questions and Griffin cheered the entire time :)

Their favorite parts were the calf scramble, mutton bustin' and bull riding. 

And the night wouldn't have been complete without a picture with the Rodeo Queen and Princess!

It was a day full of firsts and fun and lots of great memories.  They liked the rodeo so much we're going to try to head to Ft.Worth this Fall and watch another. 

And, as always, a video :)  Even if you don't have time to watch the whole thing be sure to watch the rodeo part at the end - so much fun!

Happy Tuesday, Friends!


  1. Griffin is growing up so fast! Look at how LONG her hair is!
    It was nice you were able to horseback with your boys. And I'd love a cold creek for my feet right about now.

  2. How sweet are all of these pictures?!?! That little rainbow on her cheek is precious!

  3. What an amazing time! What GORGEOUS pictures!!!!!!

  4. Oh, the rodeo looks like so much fun, Andrea! What a great day!

  5. Sorry to be "that" person but can you tell me where Griffin's red gingham dress is from? Are you able to adjust the ties on the shoulder? This dress would be perfect for my daughter's county fair birthday party!

  6. Your kids are adorable. What a special vacation of great memories! I'm wondering about Griffin's dress too - it is just TOO cute!

  7. I love this! We've always talked about going to Colorado in the winter to see snow (I live in South Florida, so we will have to travel if we want to see the white stuff). You are really making a strong case for Colorado in the summer, though! And I absolutely adore GG's little Cheeky Plum dress!

  8. Such a beautiful pic of you and Griffin at the rodeo together! What a fantastic trip!!! Heidi www.heidiwanderstheworld.com

  9. Come down to Houston for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo! Next year it starts on Feb 27th. You guys would have a blast!

  10. How fun!!! I am loving these posts!

  11. I love horses! This looks like so much fun and such sweet family memories!

  12. Horseback riding looked so fun!!! And a rodeo!? I've never seen one before either!

  13. Best trip ever! Can't believe that was yalls (their) first rodeo! I figured as Texans y'all went to some. Esp Houston Rodeo! It's one of the best! First of many, I'm sure! Precious memories

  14. Your details on Colorado trip are perfect timing since we will be going there in a few weeks. I have been able to forward your blog to my parents so they can get excited about our trip. I already planned on going to the Beaver Creek rodeo at the beginning of August, curious if you bought the VIP tickets as well as how early you got there to get a seat? It doesn't look overly crowded in your pictures but wanted to check. Appreciate any tips! Thank you so much!!


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