Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mother's Day 2017

Our Mother's Day celebrations really started Sunday evening when Dave got home from work and my crew treated me to a few of my favorites - Mexican food and time watching the kids having fun.  

We started off at Mi Cocina where Mason and I pretty much split this bowl of queso blanco.  He informed me that he would like to swim in it and I could float on a giant tortilla chip.  Sounds like a plan, dude.

When the food arrived he was overcome with joy.  I think I was making the same face because #briskettacos

After dinner we headed to the treehouse playground along the creek (ps - this is at Watter's Creek in Allen if you're local).  It was a special treat for the kids because I typically don't let them play here when it's just me and them.  There are two exits/entries to the playground and you can't see one from the other - it totally freaks me out (one is also really close to the road - so there's that).  So since Dave was there we could each keep an eye on them and it was great. 

(I'm also the mom who has left a birthday party because it was crazy crowded and there were lots of exits and the one who brings a babysitter with me as an extra set of eyes/hands when we go to the country club pool.  I also still cut their grapes ) hahaha

The slide spills out on the lawn and there are ducks in the creek. 

Isn't it so cool?!?!  How amazing would this be in a backyard?!?!

These three made me a mama!


Why take the grassy path when you could climb???

This picture cracks me up because it looks like she came off the slide standing up/floating/gliding ;)

After no less than 65 trips down the slide we moved on to the ducks.  Some other little girls shared their snacks with the boys and they had so much fun!

Dave and I were talking about how we weren't sure any of us had been this close to a duck before.  

Look how cute they are!

And then this happened ;)  Look at Mason's face!

Apparently Mexican food brings out her crazy side as this was pre-dessert ;)

When we got home we decided to forego baths in favor of our first official dip in the pool because what I didn't want to do on "my day" was baths :)

The kids seemed to pick up right where they left off back in August and I see a TON of swimming in our future this summer!

Watching these three goofballs giggle, squeal and laugh a TON was the perfect icing on my Mother's Day cake.  

And just for fun, here's a look back at Mother's Days past :)

In 2008 Dave and I were dedicating newborn Luke at Church...

... 2009 we were dining (if you can call this mess dining!) on spaghetti...

... and in 2010 I was just attempting to get a picture with my 2-year old ;)

On Mother's Day 2011 we took our first picture as a family of four...

... in 2012 we kept it casual in our jammies...

... and in 2013 we celebrated with brand new Griffin!

2014 my lap was extra full...

... in 2015 we took up a whole bench (and looked really cute doing it!)...

... and last year I'm 99% certain I cried both before AND after we took this picture because we were living with DOZENS and DOZENS of packed boxes and I really didn't think we were going to survive the moving process.  I was not coping well :)  

Next year I hope I look back on this year and remember how much we enjoyed each other and how much fun we had just hanging out!

Happy belated Mother's Day, friends!


  1. Oooo! That park!! I live in Prosper, so I see a picnic at the park in our near future!! My kids are older, but we still love a good park! Thanks! :)

  2. Ahhhhh! So many sweet, sweet pictures!!

  3. So glad you had such a sweet Mother's Day! And how fun is that park?!? Oh my heart!

  4. Looks like a great Mother's Day weekend! And yes, grape cutters for life hahahahaha!!!

  5. What a fun time together!!! Happ Mother's Day! Xoxo

  6. Aw sounds like such a fun Mother's Day Andrea!! Love looking back at the old pics!

  7. You know, you could probably write a children's book with all the cute things your kids have said. When I read about you floating on a tortilla chip, I laughed, because it would make a cute story. Anyway, I don't know if you've ever thought of doing that, but it sounds like a good idea to me:)

  8. Babysitter to the pool! Yes! I've been tying to figure out how I could do the pool this summer. Thanks!

  9. What a sweet Mother's Day, so glad that your family celebrated you well! I was as cautious as you when I was a young mom and now probably even more so when I care for my grandchildren:).

  10. I am the same way! If I get overwhelmed I just leave, lol. I am such a helicopter mom on safety! That Mason is hilarious!! PS that park looks amazing! Parts of your little town look SO pretty!!

  11. We've still never played on the playground either! And I would be totally ok with floating in a pool of queso too. ;) Love all the pictures! And thanks for helping me find Meagan on Sunday!

    That Inspired Chick

  12. My sons are 27 and 31 and I've always been the kind of parent you are. When my oldest was about 3, I took him to Summerfest (Milwaukee's big music festival) on "Kids" day. There was a big play area like the one you were at, tons of different exits and slides going in all directions. After about 10 minutes of me having a nervous breakdown, I offered to take him to Toys R Us and buy him anything he wanted if he wouldn't be sad we left. He loved the deal, whew!

  13. What sweet pics! Mexican is my FAVE, and I just love that park!
    Happy Mother's Day (belated), Andrea!

  14. Haha! I still cut grapes, too, and they'll NEVER be old enough for the full size gumball gum machine ;)

  15. Happy happy Mother's Day, Andrea!! First of all, I could eat queso blanco with a spoon... no chips required. Second of all, that playground is incredible!! I wish we had something like that here!! And third, moving is AWFUL and I don't blame you for not coping well. The last time we moved I was a frazzled mess and we didn't even have kiddos yet! I would be a disaster if we ever moved now! Ha!

  16. Glad you had a fun mother's day! That part looks amazing!

  17. Loving that park! I think Mason is onto something with the whole floating on tortilla chips with queso. #makeithappen #dreambiglittleone Happy Belated Mama's Day, friend!


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