Friday, May 5, 2017

Friday Favorites - Nugget Edition

WOO HOO for Friday, am I right??? 

Today it's just Narci and I holding down the Friday Favorite Fort as Erika gets ready to go get her BABY GIRL!!! I feel like I could end this post right here and it would be enough FAVORITE to hold us over until next week :)  It is absolutely my FAVORITE to watch friends follow God's calling for their lives through adoption, fostering, ministry, service, etc.

First up on my list of FAVORITES is Playstreet Museum!  I feel like I talk about them all the time - but they're just that awesome :)  Monday night I took Mason and Griffin to yoga!  How cute is that?!?!  They brought in a wonderful instructor and the kids both had a great time.  Here they are working on their breathing and feeling their bellies expand and contract like the ball.

Child's pose...


Namaste... and then time to play :)

We headed BACK to Playstreet on Tuesday night for their petting zoo!  We got to meet a baby pig...

... guinea pigs...

... bunnies...

... a baby goat...

... chicks...

... and even a mini horse!

Day. Made. ;)

It was seriously the CUTEST event!  The kids played, petted and had an awesome time.  If you're local make sure you keep an eye on their Events Page to keep up to date with all the fun events they have going on.  

Next up is our new FAVORITE piece of furniture.... our NUGGET!!!

 This big orange box arrived on our doorstep and the boys thought the occasion called for silly faces.  They had no idea what was inside and apparently that brought out their crazy faces :)

They hauled the box inside...

.... and were still confused as they opened it up :)

They tore through the treasure map...

And out popped 4 shrink wrapped foam pillows.  This is where my pictures stopped because I was helping them open the plastic wrap but y'all... look what was inside...

SO FUN!!!  It's two large cushions (that fold) and two triangle pillows.  The fabric makes it so that the pieces don't slide around on each other and there are about a million ways for the kids to configure it. 

It's been in our family room, our bedroom, each of the kids rooms, the office... basically everywhere.  The kids can carry the pieces and it's been awesome for them to drag around room to room and make their own forts, furniture and trampolines :)

Its been great for movie night...

... book reading/cheeto eating...

... and tea partying with friends :)

The NUGGET has also been great for enjoying some time with her FAVORITE real life stuffed animal...

... and of course JUMPING!!!

We are LOVING the NUGGET and see lots of sleepovers, movie nights, and wrestling matches going down in our future :)

You can customize your own Nugget (they have tons of colors!) and read more about the company and product HERE.

Thank you so much to Nugget for sending us the awesome foam sofa to review!  WE LOVE IT!!!

And one last picture of the MESS! :) hahaha

A couple of days ago I shared these fun little tins on my Instastories and the little flower crowns on are my FAVORITE!  I picked them up HERE for just under $10 and they're PRECIOUS! (It looks like they're sold out on Hautelook... but you can find the CAT HERE and the DOG HERE).  They're little "trinket trays" but my plan is to put them on some little easels on shelves in my classroom next year. 

The picture below was my FAVORITE funny from the week :)

I saw this commercial this week and if I drank beer I think Heineken would be my FAVORITE based solely on this ad ;)

I picked up some of my FAVORITE gummy bears (they're the ones from Sprouts!) earlier this week and they did not disappoint! ;)

I've talked about Mission Regan before - they're an organization that friends of ours started - and they send medical supplies all over the world.  They do AMAZING work and you can support them by purchasing one of my FAVORITE things... mugs! :)  They also have bracelets and you can see all the details and purchase them HERE.  Don't tell my mom - but I ordered her one for Mother's Day ;)

My FAVORITE girl stopped by school yesterday and she brought me a picture of ME!  I especially love my pink eyes ;) 

If you've read here for a while you know that my classroom is one of my FAVORITE places to be and I decorated it all pink and girly and FUN when I thought that I wasn't going to ever get to dress a little girl.  I pretty much dressed my classroom.
You can see the whole post HERE but it was definitely A LOT ;)

Well... I'm moving to a new classroom next year and so I've started the cleaning/packing/etc. process and it is so weird!!!  LOOK!

My students are totally hating it and I am too!

My plan is to have everything packed and ready to move by the last day of school.  I'm starting over in my decor (think less pink and yellow) and am getting rid of a lot which has been totally cathartic. 

Last, but not least... 

... that smile and those teeny jeans are two of my FAVORITES!

We have a weekend full of baseball, dance, sleepovers and a super fun fortieth birthday party for one of our FAVORITE people.

TGIF, friends! ;)

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  1. Totally nodding my head to many things in your post! The Heineken ad was amazing- so many good messages wrapped into a great commercial. Also, Sprouts gummy bears..I thought I was the only one in love with those. They're 100% the best gummies that I've ever eaten. We're packing up our entire school right now because they've built us a new one down the street. Not even a paperclip gets left behind. :( Have the best weekend!

  2. Eeeekkkk!!! Thank you, Andrea!! I'll be back soon!

  3. Those gummy bears are INSANE! I may or may not have eaten like half of them myself this week! Thanks for bringing us some!!! xo

  4. That Heineken commercial is awesome, I had not seen it before but, wow! Love it!

  5. The nugget is amazing. Where was that 15 years ago?

  6. Playstreet looks so awesome!! And that very hungry caterpillar meme is so me too! Happy Weekend!

  7. Hi Andrea! i just love your blog!!! Say......I'm a Minnesota gal and wondering where I can purchase your awesome Sprouts gummie bears?!! Are they only down south? I haven't checked Amazon yet!

  8. I can't wait to see what you do with your new classroom. You are so creative, I know it's going to look great! :)

  9. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Sprouts' gummy bears!!!

  10. I love the photos from the petting zoo, they are adorable :)
    Thanks for hosting, Andrea. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  11. Griffin holding that pig....all the heart eyes!!!!

  12. Playstreet looks like so much fun. I wish we had something like that. Moving classrooms is such a beating...good luck with it. One positive, getting rid of all the stuff and starting over with new! Happy Friday!

  13. It's so great of you to keep your classroom look fresh and updated, i'm sure your students really appreciate it! Your kiddos are, as always, so adorable! thanks for hosting!

    Julie |

  14. So much good stuff in this post! How did I not know about the petting zoo! Will definitely look at their Events tab! Love the Nugget too!

  15. I love the clothes you buy for Griffin. She looks comfy, but stylish. Over half the stuff she wears I wish they made in adult sizes so I could wear them and look just like her!!

    Happy Weekend!!

    Chels @ Red Velvet Rooster

  16. I am so in love with Griffin's rug! I want something similar to put over the 4 giant paint spills on the carpet in my craft room. haha. I've just given up on that carpet. Happy Friday!!

    That Inspired Chick

  17. Playstreet looks so fun! I'm looking forward to seeing your style in the new classroom, it will be awesome!

  18. Ok two things - I need to know where Griffin's clips are from, and WHERE TO GET HER RUG. Basically I want to be a 3 year old girl? JK - my 3 year old would greatly benefit from these sources! The Nugget looks awesome (I actually took note of the cool movie watching pic earlier this week!), and I already have it bookmarked for a future present idea!

  19. So glad yours is not a money shilling post!

  20. Oh my goodness moving classrooms is so much work! I did it 3 years in a row and each year I purged - ha! Playstreet sounds like the best place ever, we would love it :) Have a great weekend! xoxo ERIN

  21. omg, how cute is she with that baby pig!!!!!


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