Friday, May 12, 2017

Friday Favorites - Mother's Day Edition

Y'all... only ONE MORE FRIDAY until Summer!!! WOO to the HOO!  I am in FULL ON end-of-the-year mode and it's pure insanity.  Last rounds of quizzes, tests, exam prep, exam study guides, awards, a dance, etc., etc., etc.  I am sooooooo ready for a break!

Narci and I are sharing our Friday Favorites and we'd love for you to join us!  Grab  our graphic, link back to one (or both!) of us and enter your link at the bottom of the post.

My first favorite of the week was one evening when Dave picked GG up from the sitter and the boys up from school and I had a chance to run to the grocery store and come home and unpack without little hands digging through and asking for snacks :)  I was able to get everything put away before kids got home and it was a FAVORITE moment.

Fresh flowers are always a FAVORITE!

If you're needing cards for occasions this month (teacher gifts, graduations, etc.) be sure to check out Trader Joes.  Their cards are SO CUTE, really great quality and only 99 cents!  They're my FAVORITE!

A couple of weeks ago I won this chalkboard in an adoption auction for a local family and am SO EXCITED to hang it in my classroom next year.  I'm thinking FAVORITE quotes, verses, etc.  Can't wait to get it hung!

Griffin has a new FAVORITE spot to snuggle up and watch movies :)

And while she was watching three of my FAVORITE people were having a Pokemon battle :)  I'm not sure my mom had any idea what was happening - but apparently she won!

I picked up this book on Amazon this week and y'all... it's so cute!  It was one of my FAVORITES as a kid and my mom and I were talking about it last week and I was so happy to find it on Amazon!  We've read it every night this week and we all love it!  
(It's only $6 and if you have Prime it's Free Same Day Shipping!)

My FAVORITE spot this week?  The kitchen table.  Between grading, prepping and exams this has been my evening hangout spot. 

One of my FAVORITE stores is offering an extra 30% off of sale prices and you can find my favorite picks below...

The boys and I put together some fun little care packages for their teachers as we wrap up the year and included a few of our FAVORITES.  Behind the "Happy Trekking" mix is a card that they each decorated for their teachers and I included a note and gift card as well (inside we wrote "thanks for trekking through the year with us"... get it?!?!) :)

We added in a little bouquet and were done!

We had to make a quick Target run this week and Griffin's FAVORITE part?  Right here...

My FAVORITE part was picking up this cute little tee for Griffin.  The crewel watermelon and little Dalmatian print are PRECIOUS and the tee was only $7!

These licorice twists are AMAZING!!!  A new FAVORITE for a sweet treat.

If you're looking for a special way to honor a mom in your life this weekend please consider checking out the brand new Mandastrong Foundation and making a donation.  Manda's family has started a 501c3 non-profit in her honor and memory whose mission is to provide support for moms going through cancer treatment.  The organization will provide support in ways such as wigs, airfare to doctors, medical expenses, educational funds for children and special family events/gifts.  When I think about Manda I think about a lot of things... her beautiful smile, kind heart, great laugh... but most of all I think about her fierce love for her kids.  Manda was an AMAZING mom and did everything for her babies.  I'm so excited and grateful to see Manda's legacy live on in the lives of other women going through a similar situation as her and her family.  

 Last year I was introduced to Urban Southern and have since fallen in love with their company and not just their gorgeous bags.  The women who run the business having amazing stories and even more amazing hearts and if you're struggling with not being a mom on mother's day this year I can't encourage you enough to go read Meg's post HERE.  It's beautiful and raw and honest.

Happy EARLY Mother's Day to all my mom friends out there - may your weekends be full of all of your FAVORITES and not a lick of laundry :)  Happy Friday, Friends!

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  1. Happy Mother's Day weekend, friend!! Love you!

  2. How sweet of you to make little care packages for your kids' teachers! I wish they were in my classroom!!

  3. You're in the home stretch! You can do it!!!!

  4. Have a great Mother's Day weekend !

  5. Wow almost done with school, awesome!! And I need that book!

  6. Thise flowers are beautiful!!! Happy Mother's Day! Xo

  7. I remember reading that book to my kids; might have to pick it up for the grands:). One more week, you can do it! Remember that last year at this time you added moving to the mix, this year should be a breeze:) And Happiest of Mother's Days to you, Andrea!

  8. Happy early Mother's Day! In Spain it was last Sunday so we've already celebrated. I have pictures of the Mother's Day Breakfast we had at home on the blog :)

  9. I love the idea of adding fresh flowers to the teachers gifts. :)

  10. Happy Mother's Day!! I love the teacher's gift so darling
    Chelsea @

  11. I LOVE your kitchen table. We are on the hunt for a new one. Where is it from? Happy Mother's Day to a great mom!!

    That Inspired Chick

  12. Hot mess mom moment: I didn't realize this Sunday was Mother's Day until I saw this post.

  13. thanks so much for reminding me of that book.... it was the best and also POPCORN & Milk and Cookies.. what fun memories.. I am heading over to Amazon now.. Happy Mother's Day!!!

  14. My heart aches for Manda's family -- especially her precious kids -- as I can only imagine how much they miss her, and how difficult Mother's Day will be. I hug my two girls extra tight these days, that's for sure. Happy Mother's Day Andrea!

  15. I love reading your Friday favorites. I'm glad you take them seriously instead of just a chance to rstyle a bunch of links. Your family is just darling!! Good luck with the end of school craziness!! I swear my class hasn't been the same since spring break.

  16. Love the flowers and trek mix! too cute!!

  17. Great teacher gift ideas! TJ's cards really are the best deal, and their designs are so modern and fun. Have a great weekend!

  18. The cat and jack line at target gets me every time! Those teacher gifts are perfect and I didn't even know TJs had cards and those are so cute!!!! Xoxo Erin

  19. Thank you so much for mentioning that post, I hope it comforted someone. I'm a little behind the ball on getting cute gifts for my daughter's teachers but these are some perfect ideas that I'll have to snatch up! I have a Trader Joes here in Denver and love going there.


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