Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday Favorites - MJ Swim Edition!

Y'all.  It's finally here!  My last Friday Favorites of the school year!  Next Friday I'll officially be on summer break and I am SO EXCITED!!!  Between the dabbing, fidget spinners and water bottle flipping it's been "a year".  I'm mainly just ready for a couple of months without hearing anyone say "lit" ;)

Narci and I are sharing our Friday Favorites and we'd love for you to join us!  Grab  our graphic, link back to one (or both!) of us and enter your link at the bottom of the post.

At the very top of my FAVORITES list today are the new Matilda Jane bathing suits!  Matilda Jane sent Griffin a couple of new suits, towels and coverups and we are OBSESSED!!!

I mean... look!

This is Matilda Jane's first swim collection and it couldn't be cuter. The prints were all done by their own in-house artist, there are awesome mix and match options (for moms too!) and all of the swimwear has UV 40+ protection.  

I LOVE a great one-piece and the retro cut, ruffle detail and flamingo print on this one are amazing!

Rash guards are one of my favorites because I HATE the thought of sunburned shoulders.  They also make bathroom breaks super easy because is there anything worse than struggling to pull up a wet bathing suit after a potty break?

The ruffles on the top and then on the coordinating bottoms are so sweet.

(sidenote - Mason was standing in front of her and all you can see is that bit of his leg - crazy, right?!?!)

She asked to wear the top as a shirt the other day so I think she likes it :)

As much as I love the suits I can't get enough of the little coverup!  It's soft and stretchy and the colors are so much fun.

They sent a coordinating coverup for me as well and it is SO CUTE but there was no way I was getting in the water because it's FA-REEZING but trust me - you'll be seeing a lot of it this summer.  You can check the cover-up out HERE.

And here are the pieces Griffin was wearing...

I really can't say enough great things about the quality of these suits.  They're definitely going to last us all summer and probably next summer as well.  Griffin is wearing a 4 in all of the pieces and I'd say that they all run true to size.

Thank you SO MUCH to Matilda Jane for partnering with us!  

If you have any questions or would like to connect with a trunk keeper click HERE!

 Next up on my list was a really cool event we had at school.  The new high school is coming along and before they did drywall and stuff (I'm acting like I know what I'm talking about.... I actually have no idea whether or not it's drywall) ;) they let all the middle and high school kids go up to the building and write Bible verses and sign their names inside the walls!  Elementary classes made posters that will go into the walls as well. 

We've watched it being built this year and it was so much fun to get to take the kids up there to see where they'll have classes.  My new classroom won't be in this building and I am SO JEALOUS of these windows!!!  Aren't they awesome?!?!  I'm just going to be grateful I'm out of my portable :)

Look what came in the mail this week!  "Our" Anna Grace's graduation announcement.  Aren't they gorgeous?!?!  Graduation announcements are my FAVORITE kind of mail right after Christmas cards.  It reminds me that they DO actually grow up and out of their Middle School years into people who know how long to microwave their leftover pizza without assistance and can be left alone for 90 seconds without stealing thumbtacks to turn their pens into darts. ;)

We've been spending our evenings out in the backyard and it's my FAVORITE way to end the day.  Tired, clean kiddos :)  Can y'all spy Mason mid-jump???

Jack Bauer loves the water and he always gets in with the kids as well although I think the lounging poolside is his favorite part :)

Rough life! 
(PS!  There's an MJ towel in the background!!! They're giant and sooooo soft!!!)

On Tuesday Dave chaperoned Mason's field trip to the Dallas Zoo and they had the best time!  These two are my FAVORITE!

All the kids wore these animal hats :)

Mason's FAVORITE parts were the monorail...

... and this guy!

My FAVORITE part was this picture he drew when he got back :)

I LOVE a good pop of yellow andI picked up THESE SHOES last week.  The little ankle tie is my FAVORITE feature and I think they'll be great with dresses this summer as well.

A few of my FAVORITE things to get me through the last few days of school!  Exam prep, packing up my classroom and a WHOLE BUNCH of squirrely kids :)

A month or so ago I blogged about my new found love of THESE Birkenstocks.  I have worn them almost every day since I bought them so I decided to try out a pair of this style and adore them just as much!  These did take me a couple of wears to break in, but they are so comfortable and cute!  My Opa always wore Birkenstocks and I love that they make me think of him as well.

My principal "gifted" the staff with jeans days for the rest of the year and I've been taking full advantage :)

This shirt is the same as the red one I blogged about a few weeks ago.  I'm wearing the XS and it's loose and flowy and lightweight.  LOVE!  It's also 40% off right now!

I've busted out my FAVORITE summer polish....

.... and this little picture was a FAVORITE this week as well :)  

I snagged these boots on HauteLook a month or so ago for a STEAL and they are Griffin's new FAVORITES.  They're a size or two too big for her and my plan was to put them away for next year but she had other plans.

Her chambray dress I found at GAP Outlet.

A FAVORITE part of my day is my first (or second!) cup of hot tea :)   Especially when it's in a Luke's mug! 

 Mason made me a cup of tea for Mother's Day... doesn't it look delicious?!?!  It's rainbow-flavor and HUGE - my FAVORITE!

And look how STINKIN' CUTE!!!  That little smile is my FAVORITE!

Luke brought home this artwork this week and it made me tear up!

(This would be so easy to do with your own kids this summer with star stickers)

And Mason brought home a Paul Bunyan picture that totally made me giggle.  That beard is my FAVORITE!

Last, but most definitely not least, y'all know that the girls from #imomsohard are my FAVORITES and their latest video made me CRY I was laughing so hard!  You HAVE to watch!

As much fun as I had watching them try on "not reasonable" suits, my FAVORITE part was this.... "I want my daughter to love her life and to love herself and she's not going to do it because I tell her to do it... she's going to do it because I teach her to do it".  I mean - so good!  

I hope y'all have a fantastic Friday and a wonderful weekend!  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Friday, Friends!!!

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  1. I Mom So Hard is going on tour this summer and my friend and I are going to see them live! Can't wait! :)

    1. I'm so jealous!!! I tried to get tickets for the Dallas show but it was sold out. SO SAD!!!

  2. The MJ swimsuits and the Wellies are both so cute!!!

  3. G in those She is such s cutie. And the best thing that principal's can give their staff is A JEANS PASS!!!

    1. Thank you! And yes! Jeans days or no staff meetings :)

  4. I love Luke's art! And you know what my favorite part of the video was. #wisdom ;)

  5. We were at that weird size for the swimwear, but I've worn the mama cover up several times. It's a big time favorite of mine! GG looks adorable too!!

    1. The coverup is the best!!! Can't wait to wear it a ton this summer!

  6. GG's swimwear is adorable (it might have something to do with the model:). Happy Last Friday of School!

  7. Love your mom fashion! Mind sharing where your white peplum tee is from? I love it! Also- have you already shared your height/ mind sharing? I am 5'8 and I love the clothes you wear. Knowing how tall you are would help me guesstimate how it would look on me. Happy Friday!!

    1. Thank you!!! I"m 5'3 and the shirt is Free People from Nordstrom!

  8. You may have shared this before - but where are the frayed, destroyed jeans you are wearing in several of the pictures from? And do they fit true to size?

  9. Oh my GG in those MJ swimsuits are too much! I have been loving my Birkenstocks too, that style looks cute, I might have to try them out! ;) I'm jealous you're almost out school, we still have 8 days... which I guess isn't that bad but we are sooo ready!

  10. I was dying watching that video of Moms and swimsuit shopping!!

  11. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the IMOMSOHARD girls!!! They are the best!!! And have that monkey (or whatever he is) at the zoo sits there EVERY SINGLE DAY!! I swear! I have pictures of him sitting in that window from years ago and then the last time we went during spring break he was sitting there when we got there and still sitting there when we left! I think he loves all the kids!

    That Inspired Chick

  12. GG and the swimsuits are adorable! How have I never heard of #imomsohard?! That video made me laugh so loud at work, and I'm sure my co-workers are like what is her deal...!?

  13. Your intro was so funny and clever! I have a 6th grader so I can imagine how a classroom full of middle schoolers are. God Bless your last days/weeks!

  14. I LOVE your style. I've been pining over those Arizona birkenstocks and I just need to take the plunge and buy them. I have to also second the comments asking where your jeans and white top are from. Absolutely love!

  15. That little swimsuit is adorable!
    My mom got birks just like that... they're adorable!

  16. I am LOVING Griffin's Denim Dress & those boots!! 😍

  17. Would love to know where the white shirts you're wearing in these photos are from??? Always looking for cute white tops :)

  18. Seriously that video and the Holderness video about MAYHEM and summer break parody to Katy Perry's firework had me in stitches this morning. Who made that suit? Spiderman! LOL! Those swimsuits on G on the other hand are too cute and that sun hat, stop it! SO CUTE! xoxo ERIN

  19. Sic em, Anna Grace! I graduated from Baylor in 2011 and it was the time of my life!! Hope she loves it just as much :)

  20. I love your bracelet (the colorful one) in your nail polish pic. Where did you get it???


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