Thursday, May 25, 2017

First and Last

I still can't believe that today is the last day of school!  Mason was done yesterday - but Luke and I are at school today.... I'm giving and grading exams and then going to Middle School awards and Luke has class in the morning and then Lower School awards.

It's bizarre because I SWEAR that this picture was taken just yesterday!

I snapped these pictures of them yesterday after school (hence the untucked shirts and Natives) - and they are holding up 1 and 3 fingers for 1st and 3rd grades :) Look how much they've grown!

Luke has had a wonderful year - his teacher (Mrs. Francis) was so easy going, but still held the kids accountable for their work and to a high standard of performance.  Second grade participates in the  Accelerated Reader program (they read books of a certain level and then take quizzes and earn points) and has an "AR store" that is a HUUUUGE motivation for the kids.  Parents donated all kinds of prizes and the kids earned "AR Bucks" when they earned points and got to "shop" the AR store once a month.  His teacher also had a monthly book club  that met at lunchtime (Chat and Chew) that Luke participated in.  We've seen huge improvements in his reading and his desire to read outside of the classroom.  He's found several series and genres that he really enjoys and I totally give credit to Mrs. Francis for helping him find and develop a love of reading.

Other highlights of 2nd grade included....

- Learning to play four-square and wall ball
-Getting to buy ice cream from the catering program on Fridays 
- LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of writing! (YAY!)
- A new love of all things Colonial and an incredible amount of knowledge about Helen Keller
- "Stinky feet Fridays" (where kids can earn going shoeless and bringing electronics)

Here he is flashing his "threes" for third grade next year :)  Third grade is the first year he'll have a homeroom and switch back and forth between his homeroom teacher and another teacher and he is so excited about it!

Mason has ROCKED Kindergarten this year!  His teacher (Mrs. Hamilton) is incredibly patient and is one of those teachers who NEVER raises her voice.  EVER.  Seriously... she has the softest voice and the kids are literally rapt waiting for her to give instructions.  She's amazing to watch.  Mason's big challenge this year has been sight words - it's been a learning experience for all of us and is actually something that I'm really grateful for.  We've learned A LOT about Mason's learning style and had some great lessons in perseverance.  He is so excited about entering the "number grades" and I can't wait to see how the emphasis on writing in first grade helps his reading (we'll be working on this during the summer as well!)

Other highlights from Kindergarten...

- First field trips!  Getting to ride on the bus was a HUGE deal and getting to ride it twice was icing on the cake :)
- First team sports!  Soccer, basketball AND baseball!
- A million and seven friends :)  Mason knows EVERYBODY and everybody knows Mason.
-  Cubes! Cubes! Cubes!  Kids earned (and lost) cubes daily and there were lots of days where you earned enough to visit the treasure box in the principal's office to pick out a treat.

2016/2017 has been an awesome year of growth and learning for both the boys and we are forever grateful to their wonderful teachers and assistants!  Now for a day full of awards, exams, grading, end of year party-ing and classroom packing!!!


  1. Woohoo!!!! I'm so excited that it's your last day!!! I love getting to spend extra time with you during the summer!!! Love you!

  2. Woot woot for summer!!!
    What are some books that Luke is into. I'm always looking for new ones for Ry. If it does not grab his attention the fist chapter it's over.

  3. Happy summer!!!! I loved reading about your kiddos years! Have a great last day!!! Xo

  4. Yay for summer!!! The boys are just too cute!

  5. Today is our last day, and we are beyond excited!!! Love this post, I may have to borrow your inspiration.

  6. Today is my last day with students and tomorrow is teacher records day. I'll still have to do a few things next week for graduation, but I love that part. Have a great summer break with your kiddos. They rocked it this year!

  7. This year has gone by crazy fast!! GG will be going next year!! AHHH

  8. I would love your tips on teaching site words. My daughter and Mason sound SO much alike and I would love to hear and tips and tricks you learned. They are both so handsome!

  9. Please tell us what books Luke likes to read. I have a little boy who is just finishing 1st grade, so we need some new reading for this summer.

    1. Yes I would love this too! My son is finishing first as well, but he is reading at a second grade level and I would love to find stuff that interests him to read over the summer!

  10. So glad the Luke and Mason had such a successful year! I know you give much credit to their teachers but don't discount yourself, mama's work hard to help their kiddos be successful;). Happy Last Day of School and I can. not. believe that GG will be in these pics next year;0.

  11. Hope ya'll have an awesome summer! and oh my goodness your puppy peeping through the class! haha

  12. I cannot even fathom that the school year is already over. Elle has pre-K graduation on Saturday, and she keeps saying, "Mommy, you might cry." Yes dear, I might cry. And I might just be a big old blubbery mess. But I hate crying in public, so I will do my best to hold it together. All bets are off for the first day of Kindergarten in August.

  13. Woohoo for summer! You are such a wonderful teacher and mother and you deserve a couple of months of fun with your people! Your boys are precious and God is going to use them in some big ways! Enjoy your last day!

  14. Oh my goodness, I always take a first day and last day picture of my sweet girl and had totally forgotten until I read your blog this am!! Today was her last day of 5th grade and I read it just before we left for school, so I took the picture just in time! Thank you! I love reading your blog every day and I love your style.

  15. Oh they do grow up so much in a year! Happy Summer to you! I had to laugh at the stinky feet Friday comment, my son loved buying the privilege of wearing no shoes all day in school. What a fun way to reward kids :). He loved it too! xoxo ERIN

  16. Happy last day of school!! Eeeek! 😍


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