Monday, April 24, 2017

Weekend Recap - Senior Prom Edition

Happy Monday, Friends! We had some AMAZING weather here Saturday and Sunday and we are all exhausted from spending every spare minute outside.  Fresh air for everyone!

Friday night the kids and I made our own pizzas using dough and sauce I had picked up up at Trader Joes earlier in the week.  We've been doing Pizza Friday for YEARS at this point and I'm not sure how/why we've never made our own pies!  The dough and sauce were DELICIOUS and the kids had the best time assembling them themselves.

Earlier in the week we had meatballs and sauce for dinner (also from Trader Joes... see my post HERE) and we decided to use the extras on our pizzas!  SO GOOD!!!

 The kids all crashed pretty early and then it was just me and a crazy storm that blew through and dropped a bunch of hail on us (again).  Thankfully our new roof and other damage (from the storm last month) hasn't been repaired yet!

Saturday morning was awesomely chilly and Griffin and I hit up dance class and then headed to Lowe's to grab a few supplies.  Miss Independent wanted to pull the cart all by herself.  ;)  Good luck with that, sister!

A quick stop at home for some lunch and to change out of dance clothes and then we were off for a couple of errands...

... and to a birthday party for one of Mason's friends.

It was at Sci-Tech Discover Center in Frisco and was so much fun!

They had several demonstrations, made rockets, had snacks and then got to explore.  There was a giant red blood cell (there were 500 red balls/cells in there and 1 white ball/cell)...

... this camera that you could point at things and then see them magnified on the screens....

... a microscope camera...

... and a giant nose that sneezed ;)

There was a whole room of really great hands on things as well...

... simple machines...

... huge foam blocks...

... and BUBBLES!!!

It was such a fun party and was so neat that all the kids got to go and participate.

Later that evening we stopped by Anna Grace's house to see her before she headed to Prom!  Can y'all even believe it?!?!  Anna Grace - the sweet, precious soon-to-be-freshman who was a "mother's helper" for me the summer that Griffin was born is about to graduate!

Anna Grace is even prettier on the inside than she is on the outside and she has been such a blessing for me and the kids!  And I swear I wouldn't have survived June - August of 2013 without her :)  Going from 2 to 3 kids rocked my world and having her around during the day was such a huge help for being able to be out and about and (some days) just get dinner started and laundry done. 

This one cracks me up!

And look how sweet they were last year!

Saturday night we at outside (and were chilly! amen!) and all crashed early (again).

Sunday morning Griffin insisted on matching and we sported our matching aviators ;)

After church we spent the rest of the day outside cleaning, mulching, trimming, etc. and I took zero pictures until this....

... which pretty much summed up how all of us felt at the end of the weekend :)

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are ready to share your grown-up parties for Show and Tell Tuesday tomorrow.

Happy Monday, friends!


  1. What a GREAT weekend!! Anna Grace is just beautiful!!

  2. Anna Grace was absolutely stunning in that blue dress. Simply gorgeous!!

  3. Anna Grace looked BEAUTIFUL!! I cannot believe she's already graduating. It feels like just yesterday that she was 13!

  4. Such a busy weekend!
    Xo, Elizabeth

  5. Looks like a great week! And my word, Anna Grace is GORGEOUS!!!!!

  6. The sci-tech place looks super fun. We may have to add that to our list this summer.

  7. What a great weekend!! Still no shame in our minivan game, and those pizza look so delish!!!

  8. Fun weekend!! Love Anna's dress!! Gorgeous!

  9. Anna Grace looked so gorgeous!! What a fun weekend!!

  10. Mini pizzas are on our menu for the week! My kiddos love being able to make their own! :)

  11. I love Prom! It is always so bittersweet to see all these "kids" who I have known for years, who have been T.A.'s in my class, or babysat my own kiddos growing up and going, but also then graduating. It looks like you all had such a great weekend.

  12. I loved the prom pictures! Anna Grace looked stunning and the way she interacts with your kids is so precious!

  13. I absolutely love AG's dress! What a beautiful girl. The house she is standing in front of is beautiful as well. GG's hair is SO long! All the kiddos are growing up!

  14. Random question, where did you get your brown leather bag from? It's beautiful.

  15. Anna Grace's prom dress is absolutely stunning. She seems like such a sweet and classy girl!

  16. Happy Monday! Sounds like a fun and busy weekend! Her prom dress is gorgeous! Isn't it crazy how time flies?

  17. Obsessed with our navy hoodie- where's it from??

  18. Oh my word, Anna Grace is absolutely gorgeous! And her dress? Stunning! I would love to know where she got it.

  19. A beautiful brilliant full weekend are the best. Love your kids with Anna Grace - precious.
    Have a wonder filled week

  20. Looks like a fun wknd! I love Anna's dress!!! Happy Tuesday/Wednesday from Canada!


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