Monday, April 3, 2017

Weekend Recap - Luke's Birthday Edition

Happy Monday, Friends!!!  This weekend was a whirlwind and so much fun!

We started Saturday morning off bright and early with presents and pancakes. 

Remote control boat for the win!

And a new Snap Circuits set!

We sang and had a candle in the pancakes and in typical firstborn fashion he had "hand shields" up to prevent a pesky sibling from blowing out his candle :)

 Playing Snap Circuits and facetiming with Gibi.

Since we were up early we had a couple of hours to play before heading to dance and errands and such.

After dance and the grocery store we headed to Mason's baseball game

 Number six was ready to play 

And these two were being so stinkin' sweet!

 She ADORES him!

So, maybe this is common practice, but I thought it was SUCH a good idea.... they brought buckets with each of the kids names on them for them to put their gloves, water, hats, etc. in when they weren't using them.  So good, right?!?!

Cheering for her big brother up next...

Dave had to head in to work about halfway through the game and y'all... this little Daddy's Girl gave me a run for my money.  I was totally that mom with a kid in makeshift timeout bawling her eyes out.  The kid was bawling - not the mom. hahaha  But there was a good chance I was close to bawling.  In my experience three and a half to four and a half years old is NO JOKE.  I sent this picture to Dave when we left with the text "heading to Starbucks" :)

When we got home GG took a nap (#allthepraisehands) and the boys and I headed outside to try out the remote control boat and get some planting done.

Gibi came over Saturday night (Haha was still at the lakehouse checking on the work they're having done out there) and gave Luke his present...

Excited is an understatement.   It was something Pokemon that he had been begging for... a pack of a million and seventeen cards or something :)


A few Sunday morning shenanigans!

... and then Dave took the kids to a birthday party at the movie theater while I got things ready for our "Family Fiesta" on Sunday night.

One of Mason's classmates was having a birthday and they reserved a theater for the Kindergarteners and their families to watch Boss Baby!  SO FUN!  Apparently the party was "army" theme and they all got hats :)

Please note Griffin's newest picture face...

I mean... how fun is that?!?! 

Sunday evening we had our annual "Family Fiesta"... but I'll share about that tomorrow.  

I hope y'all have a wonderful Monday!!!


  1. Looks like a great birthday...pancakes, presents, and bacon. That's my kind of birthday! :) I cannot believe Luke's NINE already! How did that happen?

  2. The look on Luke's face when he's opening gifts is priceless!!

  3. Luke's expression when opening his remote control boat is priceless! Seems like he had such a great birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday to all the McAnally kiddos!!!!!!!!!

  5. I love that idea to use buckets for their hats/mits, ect at the games! Totally going to let my hubby know about that. Looks like Luke had a great time celebrating!!

  6. Looks like the birthday boy had a fabulous weekend. Birthdays are just the sweetest!

  7. Lov the buckets for the kiddos game things - brilliant idea. Looks like Luke had a wonderful birthday. I can empathize with you in the hard age tantrums - I remember those days, thank goodness they grow out of them for both child and mom. All very normal, hard tho it is.
    Can't wait to read/see your family fiesta post. Have a great night.

  8. YESS!! To the 3.5-4.5 comment. Didn't help we added baby sister at that same time so I never knew if it was her or him!

  9. Griffin's hair is so long!! And yes, those buckets are genius! We did that one year with Matthew's tball team. We got them from the Dollar Tree so they were cheap too!

    That Inspired Chick

  10. My three year old looked real similar to yours on Saturday. Boo! Hang in there. Glad there were so many other sweet moments to make up for the sour.

  11. How cool to reserve a theater for a party?!?! Great idea. Happy birthday Luke!

  12. LOVE Luke's "shield hands". Not his first time I see😜😉. Gigi's new picture face😍

  13. Love the looks on Luke's face as he opens his gifts :)

  14. We live in the area...where can you reserve a theater for a birthday party? The Moviehouse? Such a fun party idea...and I have two birthday parties I really need to start planning 😬 (laceyheadley at gmail dot com) Thanks!!

    1. This was at Cinemark Legacy. We got an evite last weekend inviting our kindergarteners and asking us to reply if additional family members wanted to come. They paid for the kids tickets and other tickets we were able to purchase with the group. They actually had enough people respond to reserve the whole theater... all 75 seats... so it was really neat!


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