Monday, April 10, 2017

Weekend Recap - Birthday Fun Edition

This weekend was jam packed.  I need a weekend to recover from this weekend.  But it's all good things so I wouldn't have slowed down the pace even if I was given the chance :)

Friday started off right with a FRY-day dress and a little ya-hoo for the weekend.

After changing out of a ketchup-covered dress it was time to twirl in the driveway....

... drink some Starbucks...

.... and check out the fire truck parked at the end of our street.  I'm convinced that McKinney has the NICEST firefighters ever and they often take the time to invite the kids over to check out the truck, answer questions and let them ring the bell.

Just a leeeeeetle bit uncertain :)

After the commotion we retreated to the backyard to look at bugs, jump on the trampoline, eat brownies and get incredibly dirty.

When you're just trying to eat your brownie and your sister won't stop kissing you :)

And then a ladybug landed on his face and almost crawled up his nose.  Night made.

Bath was up next and then we settled in to watch a movie... on the unicorn.  Yes... it's still inflated and currently in our bedroom for lounging purposes.  We figured why not, right? 

And this was about 15 minutes later...

Where was Luke during all of this?!?!  Well... he was having his EPIC BIRTHDAY SLEEPOVER with his sweet best friend.  Dave took them to Dave and Busters...

... followed by some Pokemon/Lego shopping...

.... the Lego Batman movie...

.. and then back home for more pizza, more dessert, more playing and watching Pokemon all until after 1 a.m.

Saturday morning called for donuts and more playing for Luke and Lincoln while I ran GG to dance class...


... and then took Mason to his baseball game.  The kids get 3 pitches and if they miss all three then they get to hit off the tee.  On his first time up at bat he NAILED the first pitch and was so excited!

Back at home for lunch and some remote-control boat driving before we dropped Lincoln off at home and started putting our house back in order.  ;)

 Sunday morning we were running out the door and I wanted to grab a picture of all three of them and told them to go to the front step while I was putting my shoes on.  When I got there I found this....

... all three of them ready and waiting with the items of choice they were bringing in the van with them. :)  I feel like this speaks so well to their little personalities. 

When Luke has a friend over Mason and GG are kind of forced to play only with each other and they always end up being SUPER close for a couple of days after. They had been playing "prince and princess" since Friday night and Sunday morning they were still in character :) I can't EVEN!!!

.... and STILL being prince and princess on the way in to church ;)

Sunday afternoon we celebrated Griffin at her "unicorn" birthday party at her absolute FAVORITE place on earth - Playstreet!  Both the boys opted for special days with friends instead of a party, but all this girl could talk about was meeting her friends at Playstreet so we made it happen :)

I wish I could take credit for the decor - but Playstreet did it ALL! We showed up and it was done... decorations, food, drinks... the whole deal.  Birthday party BLISS!

I mean... it couldn't be any cuter, right?!?!

 Friends arrived and the party started!


Luke found the stuffed animal mouse and thought he was HILARIOUS taunting me with it :)

When we were making the guest list and Griffin was naming her friends she wanted to come McKinley and Anna Grace were at the top of her list and you should have seen the look on her face when they walked in the door!  I am FOREVER grateful for sweet "big girls" who love on my girl!


Cake time!


Because sometimes you need a little help from your friends :)

These two were coming off of their sugar high and were NOT super excited about the party being over :)  

The party was perfection. Everything was gorgeous, the kids had a great time and it was beyond simple for us.  Playstreet is our absolute favorite party venue (and one of our favorite spots to spend time doing free play during the week when we're out of school) and I can't say enough great things about how much fun it is, how CLEAN everything is and how well they do parties.  And just to be clear this post was NOT sponsored by Playstreet :)  

And here's a little video I put together of the afternoon...

And about 5 minutes later...

And that last picture pretty much summed up how I felt at that moment as well :)  Except I had about 7000 things to do to get ready to go on a trip with my 8th graders this week.

Two birthdays celebrations down and one to go!  Mason is planning an "epic day" with his bestie Jack for next Monday and we can't wait to spoil them with beyblades, pizza and time at the obstacle warrior place (all per Mason's request. hahaha).  

Don't forget that tomorrow is Show and Tell Tuesday and we're going to be sharing about our Proms!  I can't wait to peruse everyone's pictures ;)

Happy HAPPY Monday, friends!


  1. My favorite thing about Playstreet is how CLEAN it is!! It's a mama's dream. :). Looks like G had a great party. Bowen was sad to miss.

  2. Such a fun birthday party! Also, I seriously wish they made that "fries" dress in adult sizes!! It's too cute!
    Xo, Elizabeth

  3. What a fun party for a fun girl!!!!! Good job, mama!

  4. The unicorn theme is so cute! Is it weird that k want that for my next birthday. Haha! ;)

  5. Phew what a weekend!! So much fun going on and I love that the swan is still inflated in your room LOL

  6. Luke's epic day is both of my boys' version of heaven and my little gal would die over that unicorn bday party. Great job, mama!

  7. What a fun weekend! And I still can't get over GG's shoes!! 😍

  8. Looks like a fun party! Four is one of my favorite ages. Happy Birthday, GG! :)

  9. Love your hair wavy! I need to know how you do it and/or what tool you use? Thanks!

  10. What a fun weekend full of great things and happy memories for your kiddos. I love that the unicorn is still up and used for lounging. Both birthdays this weekend look like so much fun. Happy Monday!

  11. SOOOO Fun! And Ashby saying "cha, cha, cha" and helping blow out the candles is the cutest! I am so excited because I just got on the Play Street Museum website and saw they are opening a location in Flower Mound so maybe it will be open by Griffin's birthday and we can do his party there. WOOHOO! Have a great week!

  12. Ashby had the BEST time! Happy birthday Griffin!!!

  13. Oh my goodness! What a perfect little party!! I still can't get over those glittery birks!! #hearteyesfordays

  14. Mason and Griffin playing prince and princess....melted my heart.

  15. I love that your kiddos have things that they like to bring in the car with them. Our kids are the same way and we're always shouting, "go ahead and get what you want for the car ride" as we're getting ready to walk out... otherwise they hold us up. LOL.

  16. That looks like such a fun party! We don't even have a pool but I think I might need that unicorn float! It reminds me of that inflatable furniture that was big in the 90's!!


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