Friday, April 28, 2017

Friday Favorites - Sky Ranch Launch Camp Edition

Happy Friday, Friends!!!  This week has been another busy one for the books and I have some fun FAVORITES to share! 

Erika, Narci and I are sharing our FAVORITES and we'd love for you to join us!  Grab our graphic, link back to one (or all!) of us and share. Easy!

The boys both received character awards this week and it was my FAVORITE moment.  It is so special to see them recognized by their teachers and I absolutely treasure the little notes that they each received on the back of their certificates explaining why they were selected for each award.

Luke received Dependability...

... and Mason received Kindness!

We couldn't be more proud of our two FAVORITE boys!

I've been wearing one of my FAVORITE bracelets a TON lately! It's lightweight, great quality and is a unique piece I always get a ton of compliments on.  The chalk art is courtesy of the kids :)

 Griffin moved up to a booster seat this week and of course we had to stop by and show one of her very FAVORITE people!  I love that Gibi is JUST as excited as Griffin!

FYI - she's in a Chicco KidFit high back booster that she more than meets the height, weight and age requirements for.  So far we both love the seat and I have nothing but a great report.  The belt is positioned flush across her shoulder (not by her neck at all) and the lap belt lays flat across her lap and not her belly.  It's GREAT!  I highly recommend it!
This probably sounds silly but some of my FAVORITE moments are the unplanned and impromptu ones where we're just hanging out.  We were testing out her booster seat and so we went and got ice cream and then decided to load "a few" bags of mulch into the van.  We were cracking up at Luke back there with all the bags!  We sang our heart out to Trolls and had a blast!

The kids new FAVORITE toy??? Bags of mulch.  Seriously.  This is about half of them and they're BEGGING us not to spread them! hahaha  (They may get their wish because it's supposed to rain like crazy this weekend!)

Griffin and Dave stopped by to drop something off for me yesterday and seeing GG on the deck at school is one of my FAVORITE things and I still can't believe in August she'll be in a uniform!!!

Since before we moved in (so last Spring) I knew I wanted to do a fun, bright, probably floral rug in Griffin's room.  Everything I loved was super expensive, or not the right colors or just not "right".  A couple of weeks ago I found out that this rug was on BIG SALE and then on sale AGAIN and so I scooped it up and crossed my fingers that it was gong to be as good in person as it was online.  Well... it arrived last night and I'm already in LOVE!  I just kind of threw some bedding and pillows I already had on her bed to kind of get an idea but I seriously ADORE all the colors!

Hers is 5x8 and it's plush and vibrant and wonderful.  I'll figure out the rest of the room situation and then share the finished little update :)

 I posted about a couple of new FAVORITE shirts on Wednesday, but here they are again juuuust in case :)

Left -  Right 

Luke's self portrait is a new fridge FAVORITE...

... as is this cutie's fresh haircut ;)

If Llama llama Red Pajama is a FAVORITE at your house then next time you read it you should attempt to freestyle it like this :) hahaha  One of my students showed this to me and my kids thought it was so much fun!

My last FAVORITE is a big one!  Last year Luke went to Sky Ranch Launch Camp and had one of the best weeks of his entire summer!  

It's a day camp for elementary-aged kids who aren't quite ready for overnight camp (or maybe whose parents aren't quite ready for them to be gone for a week!) ;)

  It's packed with awesome camp activities, games, songs, "cabins", etc. We have several "Sky Ranch songs" that are regular staples at our hose now... if you've never heard "It's Raining Tacos" you need to Google it right now!... and we credit Sky Ranch for his love of Gaga Ball and Ninja.  They also have a spiritual component with daily devotions and last year Luke came home with a journal with his sweet little notes and prayers that he had written down during devotion time.  

After the camp-wide closing, the families of the campers gathered at each of their cabins and the counselors presented each of the boys with an award.  It was so special because the counselors didn't just present the boys with the awards, they spoke with the parents and kids individually and explained why they picked each award for each camper and then gave them a certificate with a personal letter talking about their time at camp with them.  It was seriously the best.  Luke adored his counselors and I wish y'all could have seen the look on his face when he got birthday postcards from both of them a few weeks ago!  And I'm not talking generic notes.... these were thoughtful and personalized and meant the absolute world to Luke!

I am so glad that Luke got to have such a wonderful experience last year and am ECSTATIC that both boys are attending this year!  You can find all the locations and dates HERE and I really can't say enough great things about the program and experience.

 This weekend is supposed to be rainy and truth be told... I'm kind of looking forward to an excuse for hanging out inside and baking a little bit :)

Happy Friday, Friends!!! 

PS - This post contained affiliate links... thank you for supporting my blog.  And a BIG shoutout to Sky Ranch for partnering with me on this post!


  1. Your little Griffin is so precious! I love seeing her pictures :) I also LOVE that rug- can't wait to see how you put everything together

  2. My big kids are going this year and they're SO EXCITED!!!

  3. Look at big girl Griffin in her new car seat. That picture of your mom and G is absolutely precious!

  4. Thanks for hosting this great link up. I love reading your favourites posts each Friday. You must be so proud of your boys and how they're doing at school. Dependability and kindness are such amazing character traits to have and receive awards for!


  5. So I'm hoping I can talk Carter into Launch Camp this summer! He never wants to go to a full day camp, but I know he'd love it!!!

  6. I have watched that Luda rapping Llama Llama all week! It is the best! We have the same car seat for Nat, and we love it!!

  7. That rug for Griffin's room is beyond precious!! And that girl seriously has better style than me! So cute!

  8. Aw, your precious girl in her booster! She looks so big! Sweet picture of her and your mama!!

  9. Wow, that rug is gorgeous! Love your tops, and Griffin looks so big sitting in her booster seat. Those awards for your sons are so sweet! You must be a proud mama.

  10. What breed is your fur baby? So cute!
    I love reading your blog. So refreshing and real. Love the recipes too! :)

  11. That camp sounds like Windshape day camp (through Chick Fil A). We have one in our town and everyone loves it! I wish we would have rain- here in central Fl we are in a horrible drought and there are forest fires all over. It's super scary and it's hot and dry. 😕

  12. I had a parent show me Luda rapping Llama Llama Red Pajama this week. I wish I had those skills, my students would be into every read aloud. That camp sounds like so much fun. What a great experience. Happy Friday!

  13. Thanks for sharing your info on the booster seat! Elle is turning 5 next week and I'm just waiting for the go-ahead from the pediatrician to make the switch for her. She's super small for her age, but I THINK she finally weighs enough! I'm looking forward to more independence (in the form of her being able to buckle/unbuckle herself!).

  14. I love that rug for Griffin! Perfect for a girl's room. Jess at Just Jess

  15. What a beautiful week you had! I love seeing all the kid's smiling faces!



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