Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Easter Decor

I'm super late in posting this - but am crossing my fingers that you can find a few simple ideas to add a festive touch before the festivities this weekend.

I adore tulips and so I grabbed a dozen of these really unique ones from Trader Joe's and put them in a pretty white pitcher.  The sign came from Vine and Branches a couple of years ago. 

Griffin added the three cross craft that she made in Sunday School and please note Mason on the stepladder in the background :)

I kept the table pretty simple....

I found the egg plates at Homegoods and they're actually melamine.  I love the colors and that they're a little more "subtle" easter and a little less "bunnies and carrots and butterflies" (which are so cute! Just not the look I'm going for) :)

Hostess with the mostest ;)

For the tiered stand I put a garland into the bottom tier and called it a day.


If you're on the hunt for the plates - here's a pic to help.  I found a set on eBay... but can't find a direct link to purchase.

Chef Bunny is hanging out over by the mixer (I found this at a thrift store years ago!)...

... this cute little tea towel is on the stove (ignore the wrinkles! we've been using and washing it a lot!)...

... and there's another pitcher of tulips on the desk.

This centerpiece used to be on our kitchen table (I made it a few years ago) and this year it's in our dining room.

On the console table I added a little box of eggs (that I found at a storage unit sale.... seriously!), a carved bunny (found at a flea market) filled with more eggs and another Vine and Branches sign.

I've struggled with where to put my apothecary jars since the move and I decided to try them out in the top of this nook for the Easter season.  I'm kind of on the fence about them.... but am going to live with them there for a while.

So there you go!  A few (I know.... my "few" might be different than others. hahaha) little touches and we're festive!  Now... about all the eggs.  A few years ago I found a TON of them at a random storage unit sale.  We were on the square and were walking back to our car and there's this row of storage units that were open and having sales and I immediately spotted the eggs.  I paid a ridiculously low price for all of them and have used them for all my Easter decorating for years.  

If you're looking for any of the items in my tabletop or decor I've tried to link as many as possible below.  Most are the exact item, but some are as close as I could find and all the links are affiliate links.  Happy Decorating, Friends!!!


  1. Looks so good!! Your Easter decor from a couple years ago is what had me falling in love with that tiered stand!

  2. Such fun decorations, I love it!
    Xo, Elizabeth

  3. All of the green details make me so happy :).

  4. Such cute decorations! Simple but elegant!! Happy Easter! Love your table.

  5. Super cozy, as always! Looks great, girl! Xo

  6. Those eggs were quite a find! Love the tablescape, and the console table decorating!

  7. Oh my gosh Andrea, I just love everything! You have such great taste, seriously! I need those plates, going to check my Homegoods today!

  8. Love all of the Easter touches. I didn't put out any Easter decor this year. I'm in major spring cleaning/purging mode getting ready for our adoption fundraiser yard sale so I had to forgo decorating this year. I can't believe you found those eggs in an old storage unit. Score!

  9. I love all the little touches of Easter and Spring, and how bright your home is. I love those plates as well. How pretty for a table this time of year!

  10. I love your holiday decor posts!! They are some of my faves, and this Easter post is no different! Those plates are so adorable.

  11. Everything looks so nice! I like where you put your apothecary jars.

  12. Your house is so cute! I love all the Easter touches but those plates are my favorite!

    That Inspired Chick

  13. I'm on board with the less bunnies and butterflies and a more natural / subtle look! Everything looks great as always...LOVE LOVE your tablescape!

  14. Love your cozy and fresh Easter decor! I can't wait to check out your shopping links. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  15. I bought the plates last week at TJ Maxx. They had two and green. All of your décor is really cute. Love your kitchen table!

  16. I just love your cozy home so much! Random, but I also love watching your Instagram stories!. Your family always looks like you are having fun and living a life to the fullest (if that makes sense)! Music playing, kiddos running around, cooking, etc. You have a beautiful life! :)


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