Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Valentine's Day - Sun catchers and Pokemon Treat

Earlier this week we tackled a quick little craft that we used for Valentine's Day but could really be used any time depending on what shapes you make at the end.  I took some crayons that were past their prime, peeled them and then used a crayon sharpener to get shavings.

I set up the ironing board in the kitchen with  pieces of wax paper on it and then let them sprinkle the shavings on however they liked.

 After they had sprinkled to their heart's content I put an additional piece of wax paper on top, covered that with a piece of scrap paper (I used a magazine page) and then ironed on top.

I used a non-steam setting and just moved quickly making sure that wax didn't seep out onto the board (you could always put paper down underneath to protect your ironing board... I just didn't think that far ahead).  

We let them cool for a few minutes and then the kids cut hearts out of their creations and we taped them up in a window.

It was hard to grab a good picture of how pretty they were since the sun was shining straight in this window - but they really are neat.

We loved how some of them had bubbles in them and next time we make these we'll probably leave a little more open space to see what happens.

A couple of weeks ago I shared a TON of free printable Valentine's and ideas of little treats to put with them HERE, but when I sat down this past weekend to ask the boys what they wanted to pass out it was unanimous - Pokemon!  This was convenient considering I don't know anything about or understand Pokemon in the least :)  

I racked my brain and came up with an idea that worked for both of the boys and y'all... they FLIPPED they were so excited!!!  

I made this little card (you can right click and save it and then have it printed anywhere in 4x6 format - I printed mine at Sam's Club for about $0.12 each)...

...and then ordered this package of 144 Pokemon figurines for under $20.  There were enough for both boys to give all of their classmates 3 each and then they made extras for friends who aren't in their classes.  I also picked up these cellophane bags and then we were ready to go!

I was skeptical about the little figures, but they were actually way better than I anticipated.  They arrived the day after I ordered them (YAY!) and the boys had so much fun picking out which ones to give to each of their friends.  

I actually ordered another package to split up and give them for Valentine's Day because they loved them so much.

They wrote their names on the front under the "from," and then wrote each of their classmates names on the back.

To put them together I folded down the bag and stapled it shut and then placed the folded card on top and put a staple on either side.  DONE!

If you have a Pokemon lover in your house these may fit the bill for Valentine's or even a birthday party favor. So easy and cute!

Happy Wednesday, Friends!

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  1. That wax paper crayon art brings back memories!!

  2. If I still had little ones in the house I would definitely do this! I used to love how the kids would spend time making valentines for each of their friends -- one year they stamped all of theirs. . .I always had them put them together though and have input. To this day they are good gift-givers and I think it's the little things we do when they are little that make a difference. You are generous with your talents Andrea! Yesterday in Bible class I asked my students (7th grade) what good stewardship is and you are a great example -- God has given you a talent (designing and creating) and you use it and share freely. Have a great day!

  3. Ohhhhhh! The sun catchers are so cute!!!!!

  4. I love those sun catchers!! Totally doing that this weekend with my kids!

  5. Adorable sun catchers, and those are awesome non-candy valentines!!

  6. Thank you so much for the printable! My son will love doing this for his classmates...all 20 of them!

  7. Andrea, I find your blog so inspiring! I love the fun ideas you do with (and for) your kids! My 7-year old loves Pokemon, so this is perfect. Thanks!

  8. Love the Pokémon Vday cards!! My son would flip too!

  9. Andrea,
    I wanted to let you know that I had my special ed students work on a service project making cards for hospitalized kids that you wrote about a few weeks back. I don't have an exact number of cards made, but the big manilla envelop that I used to package them cost $7.20 to mail to Chicago. Thanks for the great idea. I used some of your prints and we also made some of our own as well as Pinterest ideas. The students loved working on them. And I just spoke to my aide about the sun catchers shown here for a spring project. Thanks for the ideas!

  10. Love these and I'm pretty sure you just made my 6 year old's day! He's going to flip when he see this after school!

  11. You are such a fun Mom!! LOVE the crayon shaving and wax paper craft!

  12. These are so fun and pretty! I love the pokemon cards also! I bet the kids had a blast!

  13. What a cute idea! I'm using it for my son's classroom party. I sent you an email :) Thanks!

  14. Just a heads up, I tried having these valentines printed at Walmart today and they wouldn't let me have them because of copyright infringement. Just wanted others to know.


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