Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, Friends!!!

ErikaNarci and I are linking up and sharing our FAVORITES from the week and if you'd like to join us just link back to one (or all!) of us, grab our graphic and share your own Friday Favorites!

 I've mentioned multiple times how friends of ours are TCU alumni and pretty much indoctrinated him into being a fan :)  Well... it doesn't show any signs of wearing off as he brings home TCU artwork daily :)  

This TCU tank was my FAVORITE from the week!

Mason was "Bear of the Week" for his class last week and part of the "bear duties" included taking Mustang Bear on adventures and showing him around, taking pictures and then adding a page (front and back) to the class scrapbook.  

Look how cute!!!

We had the best time with our little houseguest :)

And speaking of guests... I had a few girlfriends over on Tuesday night and I had a bit of assistance setting the table :)  She picked out her FAVORITE plates and we used a mismatched bunch.

A garage full of bikes and trikes and scooters and she's playing with her FAVORITE umbrella :)

Headed to our FAVORITE little park down the street...

When you conquer the big slide by yourself! :)

And pushing her baby home :)

Another FAVORITE part of my week was walking up to chapel and having these two cuties run across the circle to give me hugs.  Look how cute they are!

Some pretty awesome art came home in Mason's folder this week... this is Me, Mason and Griffin walking on top of a rainbow and then taking a stroll in the rain with our umbrellas :)  Mason's new FAVORITE things to draw are eyelashes. hahaha 

I picked up this dress a couple of weeks ago because I am a SUCKER for the frayed hems and dip dye look.  It was warm this week and so, despite being pasty pale, I broke it out and it's quickly climbing to the top of my FAVORITES list :)

I paired it with these clogs and absolutely adore it!

But my FAVORITE part was that Griffin (who has been picking out her own clothes lately) picked out a dress to match mine!  I mean!

Sweet Trisha sent this set to Griffin and I can't get enough!  And she is giving y'all a sweet Valentine's Treat too! You can get 15% off anything in her shop with the code MOMFESSIONALS15 

I don't have any baby girls to buy for right now, but look how precious this set is!  It's a hat, blanket and leggings for under $35 (with the discount).  SO CUTE!!

Last, but not least - it's not too late to shower your kids (or husband!) with some Valentine's love...  I blogged HERE about these little hearts that we're putting on the kids doors at night and it's easily something you could do for the next few days leading up to Valentine's Day.  You could even do a few a day this weekend to get the full 14 hearts if you wanted to.  The kids have absolutely loved reading them every morning and Dave and I sitting down to write them at night has been a FAVORITE part of my day.

Happy Friday!!!

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  1. What a sweet idea to have the Valentine's hearts on the door!! I'm definitely going to do that this weekend for my husband!!

  2. I see lots more matching-mom-moments in your future. How sweet! And your house was oh so cozy on Tuesday. You're lucky I sit at the table and didn't grab a blanket to lay down on the couch. :)

  3. Where is Griffin's scarf from? So cute! Love that you two are matching also.

  4. I love GG's set from Ruby Blue! And how awesome is it when your baby girl wants to match mommy! I'm obsessed with matching Mia! I just started the heart compliments and I love the look on their face when they see them!

  5. One of my favorites this week was dinner at YOUR house!!

  6. That outfit from Ruby Blue is too sweet! And I'm loving the infant bundle - almost makes me wish I were having a baby girl instead of a boy! Have a great weekend!

  7. Mason's drawing are precious! So sad I missed dinner at your house this week, the pasta looked delicious!

  8. My kids are loving the hearts on their door every morning. Thanks for sharing!

  9. GG pushing that stroller is almost too much!

  10. Can you reply with where your wood kitchen table and chairs is from? Thank you. Love your blog. I've been reading for YEARS.
    Kelly S.

  11. The fun flower plates on your table. Where are they from? Pioneer woman??

  12. I love the mixed plates!!! Soooo cute! where is the bee one from!?! My kiddos call their grandmother B so we love to get her cute bee things!!

  13. Love the hearts on the door! We did that for our kids two years ago and we've never taken them down! Might add some fresh ones!

  14. Andrea, could you please tell me where your mirror and wreath above the fireplace are from? And your kitchen table? Love!

  15. Your kids are just so stinkin' cute... I love seeing pictures of them! It makes me so excited to be a mom soon!

    Thanks for hosting:)

  16. Because of your recommendation, I'm the proud owner of a pair of clogs like yours! Love them!!!

  17. I'm not used to seeing GG with her hair down! She always looks SO stinking cute, though!

  18. Your dress is so cute, and I love that your daughter chose one to match you! The scrapbook/bear photos are too fun. Love that idea!


  19. I love the heart idea! And I can't say it enough, your kids are so cute! Have a great weekend.
    Beautifully Candid

  20. Those boots GG wears with the multiple ties on the front are so sweet! I love your dress, the color combination is a good reminder spring will be here soon:) And the matching outfits are adorable:) I came across a Flat Stanley-inspired school project my teenager did in elementary years that reminded me of Mason's experience taking his school bear home. My son's class read Flat Stanley and then drew themselves as Flat Stanley and sent it to friends or family who documented through a letter and picture where their Flat Stanley went during a week with them. My son's went to his cousin's where they took him swimming, played soccer and hung out with the family dog:) I think these are cool projects because they get that positivity from belonging with their class and having their own individual project to remember. The hearts project is great!

  21. I need more details on those clogs/heels...LOVE THEM! How do they run? Are they comfortable? Do you wear them all year long?


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