Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday Favorites - Board Bar Edition

This week was short and sweet.  Spring Break is coming FAST and we're counting down the days!

Per usual, Erika, Narci and I are sharing our FAVORITES from the week and inviting y'all to join us!  Grab our graphic, link back to one (or all!) of us and share your FAVORITES from the week at the end of the post.

My FAVORITE part of the day?  Me not sorting socks :)  I let them watch TV while they match and pair and they actually enjoy the task.

Her FAVORITE little activity is playing with kitchen tools at the counter.  She makes pies, cookies and cakes and serves them to me, Dave and her brothers.

Monday night we wrapped up the birthday celebrating at dinner with Dave's family.

This girl and her love for matching!!! FAVORITES!!!

She loves wearing the same color as me, carrying the same bag as me and doing the things I do.  Not sure how long this is going to last but I'm soaking it up as long as I can.  It's so cute, but also such a great reminder about the example I'm setting. 

She requested princess unicorn hair.  So I obliged. hahaha

I saw this earlier in the week on Facebook and laughed SO HARD!  A college kid thought he was getting a care package - but instead it was trash he was supposed to take out while he was home for winter break.  #momwin ;)

When you love Beauty and the Beast and are wearing Mrs. Potts and Chip shoes and can't stop staring :)  I mean... this age is my FAVORITE!!!

I've gotten the Julep box for over a year and every month get a couple of new polishes and a few beauty products to try.  I got the Charissa polish in my box last month and it's a new FAVORITE.

This week Mason has been all about his Goobi set that we got him for Christmas.  It's been his FAVORITE toy all week and I've loved watching him build and create.  I've also enjoyed getting to talk to him about angles, polygon names, etc.  

And Luke has been all about these Brain Flakes.  They're so much fun to play with and all three of my kids can build with them.  Another FAVORITE for sure! (this would be a great birthday gift to keep on hand!  Perfect for boys and girls and lots of different ages)

Her FAVORITE spot :)

On Wednesday night I met up with some of my FAVORITE girls (other Kindergarten moms!) at The Board Bar downtown McKinney for a girl's night.  One of the mom's set up our event the week before and we registered online and picked out our design at the same time.  When we got there they had spots marked with our names with our boards and stencils set out for us.  

We distressed, sanded, stained and assembled our boards into our signs...

Then we peeled the backing off our vinyl, stuck it to the sign and started painting.  Once it was all painted we peeled the stencil off and then had to use a little tool to go back through and pick off the teeny tiny pieces of sticker that were left on.  The design I picked out was SUPER detailed (I hadn't really thought about this when I picked it) and it took a long time to get all the detail done, but it was relaxing at the same time.

Once all the stencil was gone we ran a blow dryer over it to make sure it was totally dry...

... and then rubbed it down with wax.

We had 10 moms there and we all brought appetizers and drinks to share, cranked the music up, had the doors open and laughed SO HARD!  

I brought Sheaffer's apple dip and it was a HIT! (this is the after pic - hahaha)

And look what we made!!!

I've done the "painting with a twist" thing several times (where you paint a canvas and everyone paints the same thing), but have never actually hung anything that I painted up in my house.  These turned out SO NICE that I can't wait to go back and make another.

We have no plans this weekend and it's supposed to rain and get cold again and I'm so looking forward to a cozy weekend at home.  

Happy Friday, Friends!!!

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  1. I ended up buying your amazing bag from Southern Urban! I LOVE IT~ I wished I would have bought my Ella the smaller one! She would love it!! She is 9 and like Griffin still loves to "match" me! So fingers crossed you still have some years:)
    Your board turned out AMAZING! Can't wait to see where you hang it!

  2. Your sign turned out so cute!! The real question is could an average joe in the craft department produce a really cute sign? ;)

  3. I love how it turned out! Way better than the painting with a twist type ones that mostly wind up in a closet.

  4. How have I never heard of the board bar???? So cute! I absolutely love that idea!

  5. The pictures of you with Griffin are pure sweetness! Also, that Board Bar place looks like so much fun!

  6. I am with you, the Painting with a Twist art does not hang anywhere in my home. I LOVE that Board Bar concept, fingers crossed one comes to Orlando!

  7. LOVE your board bar sign!!!!!!!! And YES to the dip.

  8. I've been wanting to go to one of those board party places!! Love your sign and all your friends' too! How fun!!

  9. Pretty sure every week I just tell you how cute your kids are so lets not break that tradition because man they are cuties! I love how your little girl loves to match you! So stinkin' cute!

    Love the board signs! I want to make one now haha

    Happy Weekend :)

  10. Those boards..all the heart eyes! My 4-year old daughter loves matching with mommy!! I know the day is coming when she won't want to match anymore, so I'm soaking the sweetness of this season up with her! Happy Weekend

  11. I love the signs you made! They turned out fabulous! What a fun idea for a girls' night out! I'm going to have to look if we have a place like that around here...

  12. Where did you get your shoes you are wearing in the picture with the caption, "she wanted unicorn hair"? I love those shoes.

  13. Knoxville needs a Board Bar!! This is amazing!!!

  14. That board looks amazing!!!! I wish we had something like that close to home!

  15. Oh my gosh your sign turned out amazing!! Seeing you weed out those tiny pieces...that is my life!! ;) I remember telling Craig a few years ago that I'd love to make a Painting with a Twist type business only with wood signs. Looks like the Board Bar had the same idea!

  16. We have one of those board places in tow and I've been dying to plan a girls night yo try it out. Yours turned out amazing!

  17. Your sign is amazing! I love the cat pjs and Beauty and the Beast flats your little is wearing! Jess at Just Jess

  18. That Board Bar could be the most amazing thing ever! I need one out by much fun is that?! Good work everyone on their boards, all of them look great!

  19. Love the matching... BUT... those BOARDS😍😍😍😍😍😍

  20. Your board turned out so cute, what a fun moms night out idea! Also I love that your little lady is matching you. How sweet. Genius on the sock idea - my kids would be all over that idea! xoxo ERIN

  21. So cute that your daughter loves to match your matching bags!! That nail polish color is so pretty and The Board Bar sounds like such a fun idea :). Happy Weekend!

    Trendy & Tidy

  22. your board is precious!!!

  23. Your mama's night craft turned out so good!!! How fun!

  24. I did Board Bar last December and it was so much fun. I'm waiting to repaint our living room so I can hang it up! So cute.

  25. Sometimes I think everything awesome happens in the in the northeast we don't have anything like that! What fun! Love your sign, it turned out great.


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