Monday, December 5, 2016

Weekend Recap - In the Spirit Edition

Happy Monday, Friends!!!  Friday morning started off EXTRA sweet when Dave sent me this picture :)

And #godblesstexas

Friday night we had pizza, watched a movie and laid low.  Dave was off Saturday and he picked up dance duty and ran some errands with the kids and I looked like this for about 95% of the day...

I worked on Christmas presents and cards and laundry (OMG, laundry!!!) and then we decided to go eat at one of our FAVORITE "old McKinney" favorite restaurants.  Sicily's is a little hole-in-the-wall place that we've been eating at for about 20 years.  And despite a coat of paint or two it's the exact same. Their rolls are amazing and if you get a chance to go you need to try the Tortellini Sicilano.  

I asked Mason to take a picture of me and GG before we left and this is what I got :)

It was our anniversary and there is no other way we'd wanted to have spent it!  #11yearsandlotsofkidslater

Snapchat is always a great distractor while you're waiting for food :)

After dinner the plan was to head to a neighborhood in Plano that goes ALL OUT with lights.  But by the time we got down there all three kids were asleep.  So instead I ran into Nordstrom Rack and then Dave and I grabbed ice cream before heading home and successfully transferring all three kids from the van to their beds.  #parentwin

Saturday night I stayed up way too late getting our annual North Pole Breakfast ready.  I think that this may be one of my favorite nights of the year :)  I have the best time making it special and thinking about how excited they're going to be in the morning.  I love getting to be creative and create something pretty magical for them.

I'll share all the details later this week but this picture sums it up pretty well :)

Shoutout to my friend Amber who totally saved the day by bringing us her backup Elf on the Shelf Saturday afternoon :)  Our elf has been lost in the move and I'm sure he'll turn up after most of the festivities are over.

After the special breakfast Dave headed in to work and the kids and I headed to church.

We spent the rest of the afternoon playing UNO, hosting tea parties and meeting Santa!!!  We were a few minutes early for our session with Narci so we hung out here...

 And then it was time for SANTA!

The setup was seriously so so so cute!!!

I think this smirky look may have been right before he asked Santa, "slappy make daddy happy?" (quote from Trolls!) and high fived him :)

 Can't WAIT to see what Narci got!!!  I look forward to these pictures all year!

We ended the weekend with some serious snuggle time and a few Christmas stories to round out the festive weekend :)  

Don't forget that tomorrow we're going to be linking up and sharing our Christmas Decorations for Show and Tell Tuesday!

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  1. I have to admit I prefer the kids screaming when Santa enters. Hahaha! And we love Sicily's. I feel like we need to go ASAP to try your tortellini. I'll keep you posted. :)

  2. I'm with Erika. I still remember Griffin's EPIC NO THANK YOU Christmas pic! :) But this year's look like they are going to be amazing! Happy Anniversary, you crazy kids! :)

  3. Narci's Santa scene is ADORABLE!!! I love the red truck... every detail. I can't wait to see how your pics turned out too. Merry Christmas!

  4. One of my favorite Christmas traditions is seeing your precious kiddos for our Santa minis. Thank you so much for bringing them out!! I still can't believe that no one cried! Amazing!

  5. I can't wait to see the North Pole Breakfast! And those Santa pics!

  6. Your weekend recaps are my favorite - you all cram so much fun and down time into 2 days!!!! Can't wait for the North Pole breakfast - after years of pleading I bit the bullet and Santa will be sending an Elf for our family this year (the 11 year old is over it, but the 7 year old may just collapse from the sheer joy!).

  7. Cutest photo set up ever! Cant wait to hear how the kids loved Elf

  8. Happy Anniversary! The Santa pics look like they are going to be great!

  9. Successfully transferring sleeping children to their beds? An anniversary miracle!;)
    Your North Pole breakfast is always so magical and the Santa pics, so cute! Happy Monday, Andrea!

  10. Where did you get your awesome Texas shirt?

  11. Ooh, I'm going to have to try that restaurant...I love Italian...and bread :)


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