Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Fall Family Pictures

I've shared a few of these on Instagram over the past month or so but wanted to share our full fall family photo session here on the blog :)  We met Kelly on "the road" one morning in November and while I had big plans to mix pink in with our green and cream color scheme I ended up changing it at the last minute and LOVE the neutrals.

I always feel like we're in a catch-22 situation when it comes to the family pics... if we do them at the beginning then the kids (read: GG) aren't really "warmed up" to the idea of pics and if we wait too long we can surpass our limit of cooperativeness.  But somehow Kelly always manages to make our crazy look calm... and for that we're FOREVER grateful! ;)

It was cold and I guess that's why both of the boys insisted on putting their hands inside their layers :) hahaha

I'm not sure any of them were ready for this picture but Luke's little smirk KILLS me! :)

This is the picture that KILLS me!

My crew :)

Being in front of the camera isn't my (or Dave's!) favorite thing in the world but every time we do these pictures we talk about how glad we are that we have them.  Kids grow WAY too fast and I don't think we'll ever regret getting in the pictures with them.  


  1. Gorgeous pictures!! She really captured their personalities so well.

  2. Gorgeous photos!! I love that you got a kissing one with each kid!

  3. I love these so much! Love the color combo too--pink would have looked good mixed in, but I like the green/cream combo better!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  4. Great pictures! No, you will never regret taking these pics! I so wish I had done these when my kids were growing up!

  5. Beautiful pics! I regret not taking more family pics as my kids grew up. You'll be so thankful you have these!

  6. You will treasure these pictures especially as the kids grow older. I can't imagine how you will choose which ones to display. They are all so wonderful!

  7. Precious family! I'm not sure anyone loves the actual having the pictures taken...the whole ordeal....but I think we are all happy when we are done to have them. I love the pictures of you and Dave with the kids!

  8. just precious.....the one of Luke hugging you (I don't even know you and I got all teary) :-) - GG and Dave...just all so so sweet! Thank you for sharing!


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