Monday, November 21, 2016

Weekend Recap - It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas Edition

Happy Monday, Friends!  It's EXTRA happy around here because we're on a week of break and enjoying every minute of it!  

Friday morning was chilly and rainy and Griffin was pumped to wear her new "fancy coat" :) hahahaha

It was Grandparents Day at school and the boys were so happy to get to perform for a few of their favorite people :)  Sidenote - Luke has outgrown every single pair of pants he has/had.  Even the ones that I bought for this year.  Awesome :)  Looks like we'll be making a trip to the uniform store this week!

My spunky kindergartener ready to perform!


LOVE the next pic!  Luke and Gibi :)

Can you spy Mason?  Look for the vest :)

And Luke!

The Seniors had their Econ fair going on and Griffin was so excited to see Anna Grace!

And I was just excited to be wearing a coat :)

My mom had to leave quick to get back to work but these two went to get donuts with Haha while I finished up with my classes and they had the best time!  

Friday afternoon we did this...

Saturday morning I had to be up and out EARLY to deliver breakfast for a group of kids at our church's DNOW weekend.  Kids are grouped together and spend the weekend at a host home - they do fun activities, do some Bible Study and have an amazing weekend.  I always volunteer to cook for a host home and dropped off breakfast and lunch before 7:30 a.m. 

After breakfast of our own Griffin, Mason and I headed to dance class.

After dance we ran a couple of errands including a trip to Target to grab some ornaments for the tree in their playroom.  My plan was black and white with burlap, but when we got there they were SO EXCITED about #allthecolors and so I ran with it :)  Seriously... cutest ornaments ever.

We joked that we had an ornament draft :)  Dave and I put them in a big pile and let them take turns picking out which ones they wanted to hang on the tree.  

SO PROUD!!!  They have big plans to make more ornaments which I can't wait to see. 

After the tree the kids and Dave packed up and headed to a birthday party while I stayed home and worked on Christmas cards.

It was at the "National Video Game Museum" and look how crazy!  They had a room set up like the '80s complete with working Nintendo..

Time warp, right???

And then a seventies room with an Atari!

After the party Dave headed in to work and the kids and I got busy decorating the rest of the house.

It was a little bit overwhelming figuring out where everything was going to go (first year in a new house!), but we had the best time.

We hung out on Sunday - park, errands and more decorating and ended the night putting ornaments on the "big tree".  Well... they put ornaments on the bottom 1/3 of the tree :) hahaha 

Dave and I gave the kids each a new ornament... Griffin got a paint palette...

... and Luke and Maosn got Star Wars ones!

I have plans to gradually move ornaments up the tree and add on the rest this week :)

After decorating we ended the night watching Finding Dory - so cute!!!

PERFECT way to end the weekend!

We are so excited about this week!  Lots of time with family, tons of time with friends and the BEST food of the year :) 

Don't forget that tomorrow is Show and Tell Tuesday and we're going to be sharing about our "Want, Need, Wear, Read" Gift Lists.   If you're looking for an example you can check out mine from last year HERE.

Happy Monday, Friends!

PS - This post contained two affiliate links which means that if you clicked on one and made a purchase I may receive a commission.  THANK YOU for reading and supporting my blog! :)


  1. Coats, trees, twinkle lights, you and your fab hair...there is just too much to love in one post :). So glad I get to spend my week with YOU friend! xo

  2. Where did you getthat Home Alone shirt?!?

  3. What a fun weekend! That video game museum looks so cool! And your house looks beautiful!

  4. Where did you get the home alone shirt?? Love it!!

  5. What a great weekend! The playroom tree is so fun!! Love all the bright colors!

  6. I love that your kids had a vision for their playroom tree. And I love even more they you abandoned their vision and ran with theirs. The Christmas decor is looking fabulously festive!

  7. Great start to a restful week! I hope you slept in today!

  8. A fun start to Thanksgiving break! I don't know a mama who deserves it more:). The trees look great and how fun to decorate a new space. I'm sure it will be signature Andrea, cozy and warm with a little bit of sparkle here and there. Have a great Monday!

  9. I LOVE your kids' tree!! So fun!

  10. Your tree looks fabulous there!!! Such a cozy weekend! And as a student pastors wife, just gotta say that you ROCK for helping out with DNOW!!! ;)

  11. Can you by chance let me know where you got Griffin's skirt for dance? My little girl demands a tutu skirt over all clothes lately and I'm trying to find some super cute ones! Thanks!

  12. Love the playroom tree. Doesn't Target have the cutest ornaments this year? GG looks adorable in her little cuffed jeans & long sweater. So cute! And that museum looks fun! My 20-year-old would love it! :)

  13. ❤️ those cute jammies! Where are they from?

  14. My son was one of the Senior group leaders for your churches DNOW he loved it. What an amazing group. Love the decor and the Jammie's.

  15. Love the PJs!!! Enjoy your school break this week!


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