Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Weekend Recap - Home for the Holidays Edition

Bright and early Saturday morning we headed downtown to McKinney's Home for the Holidays event.  I've been going to this since high school when it was called "Dickens of a Christmas" and it is one of my favorite weekends of the year.  

The only thing better than a morning on the square is a morning on the square where it's totally decked out for Christmas!

I have no clue whether this was a "sanctioned Santa" or just a random guy walking around passing out candy canes.  Either way - he was giving out the fruity canes which are our favorite :)

Luke was the only one of our kids who would even get NEAR the minion!

Along with the carnival type booths, food vendors and artists selling things local organizations (like churches) set up booths as well with free little games and such for the kids.  The picture doesn't show it very well, but Mason had a kleenex box full of ping pong balls strapped to his hiney and he was shaking them out :) 

Griffin LOVES a carousel!

We popped into the basement of the performing arts center to check out the train exhibit...

And then headed back out for more rides and games :)

Oh, Mason ;)

Ready to ride the ferris wheel!

Observers :)

Making headbands...

Y'all.  I was dying.  Luke came out with Yoda ears and a light saber.  Because, duh. :)  He got points for creativity for sure!

The highlight of the morning was this slide.  The kids rode it at least a dozen times.

There goes Luke!

Mason froze when he got to the top so he rode down with Dave and GG ;)

Luke and GG...

Mason :)

My kids are always up for asking to pet people's dogs and they'll sneak in a snuggle wherever and whenever they can :)

Train time!


They had the cutest little setup with Mrs. Claus...

Telling Mrs. Claus what she wants for Christmas :)

We ended the morning with a ride on the carousel...


 On our way out we ran into Mallory (Dave's cousins wife) and her girls.  SO CUTE!

Lucy was being quite serious and Mason was trying to lighten the mood :)

We spent the rest of Saturday doign Thanksgiving with Dave's Dad's family, napping, performing with a new Trolls microphone and doing laundry :) 

 Sunday morning we headed to our church's Hanging of the Green service.  Griffin has been really into Tangled and asked for Rapunzel hair (What!?!?!) so I attempted.  She was pleased. hahaha

She has taken the microphone absolutely EVERYWHERE!!!

 The service is so festive and special and it was so sweet to get to watch some of our friends perform!

Sunday afternoon I took Mason to his friends birthday party....

Jack and Ben are the sweetest and they had the coolest party!  They split the kids into groups of 4 and they traveled around to six stations "training" to be a Superhero.


Pony races!

This game they had to pump a balloon until it popped.  SO FUN!

Cake time!!!

Such a fun (and freezing!!!) afternoon

 We left Jack and Ben's party, swung by the house to pick up the rest of our crew and headed to Bowen's birthday party!

Mason and Smith! ;)

We left the party and headed to another Thanksgiving for Dave's family and then it was home to brace ourselves for getting back into the routine first thing Monday morning.

It was a packed weekend, but a fun one and one filled with lots of our favorite things.

Happy Tuesday, Friends!


  1. Luke wins the headband award for sure!!!! Hysterical! And Mason's friend's party looks AMAZING!!!!!!!

  2. What a fun weekend for your sweet family!! The weather was perfection, right?!

  3. What a FUN weekend! It looks like you had the best time at Home for the Holidays!! Loved getting to hug on your precious family really quickly while we were out there! :)

  4. Downtown Mckinney looks like such a special place. So glad you had a wonderful weekend!

  5. Your little town is such a neat place! And those birthday parties look amazing! What fun! :)

  6. That home for the holidays event looks so so fun!! It didn't even look that busy in your pics! And that super hero birthday party looked like the best time ever!

  7. Busy weekend! Is the train display a permanent exhibit? I have a 4 yr old grandson who is OBSESSED with trains. That looks like something he would love, and they live in the DFW area. I'd like to take him next time I visit!

  8. I love GG's coat! I remember when you showed it on a Snap, it's adorable:)Two b-day parties, more Thanksgiving AND Home for the Holidays! Hope you got a nap in there somewhere:). Happy Tuesday, Andrea!

  9. Y'all are busy! Every weekend recap post of yours I read makes me want to take a nap. How festive are all of McKinneys town events! And I think Santa traded in for a younger lady ha!


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