Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving Break - Making the Most Of It

Every year when Thanksgiving break rolls around all I want to do is put on my jammies, cue up Netflix and snuggle (and eat) on the couch.  ;)  BUT... I have three little ones to entertain and I'm not sure they would think that a week of couch time is super fun - so we get out and we do.  We try to make the most of the time that we have off and plan lots of fun things.  

All the kids wanted to have friends over this week and we decided to kill #allthebirds with one stone and let them all have friends over Monday morning.  Dave was home and the thought was that they would all have a friend to play with and so they would all be occupied and happy.  The plan worked.

Griffin invited Ashby over and I was going to take them to Playstreet Museum, but when Shay dropped Ashby off they immediately headed upstairs to play and then asked to craft so we opted to hang out at home instead.  

Paper, glue, scissors, pom poms and no plans or instructions.  The best kind of craft time.

Mason had his friends Jack and Ben (they're the cutest twins EVER) over and they had so much fun chasing the girls (and their babies) around.  Luke had Lincoln over and they locked themselves in Luke's room to build Legos in peace :)

We decided to head to the park down the street and the girls were TICKLED to bring babies and strollers.  

Pretty sure Shay and I have looked just like this on NUMEROUS outings :) hahaha

Babies (with babies) at the park!!!  ;)

While the girls played on the slide the boys climbed trees, played cops and robbers and dog piled each other.

 I wanted a picture of all the kids and asked them to sit on the slide.  I got this and couldn't love it more!


When we got back to the house the kids got out the dress up boxes and this happened...

Why are they all sitting so nicely???

Because the pied piper was coming!!!

With a whole bowl of leftover Halloween candy :)

When you're trying to eat your Nerds sand your friend keeps breathing fire on you :)

Lunch wasn't part of the original plan but everyone was STARVING so 7 PB&J's it was!

In the afternoon Mason, Griffin and I ran some errands while Luke, his friend Lincoln and Dave stayed home.  Then we headed to see Trolls!!!  It was Griffin's first time in the theater and she LOVED it!

Griffin REALLY wanted to hold Lincoln's hand and Lincoln REALLY sweetly tried to avoid holding her hand :)

After the Trolls movie I brought out the one Troll I saved from my collection as a kid and Griffin was smitten!

Tuesday morning we met Shay and her kids at the Perot Museum! And yes... baby Troll tagged along :) 

 We raced...

... crafted...

... and built.

After the museum we made a pit stop at the grocery store for provisions and a red cup of water :)


When we got home the kids insisted on helping Brayden (he's been doing some yard work for us).  How long before they can ACTUALLY do the work?!?!

We spent the rest of the day play UNO and getting ready for dinner with my parents and my aunt.  Today we're heading to The Arboretum and Thursday will be full of cooking and family time.  It's been a great break so far and making the most of it has been an absolute blast.

PS - Three of my VERY FAVORITE Free People pieces are marked down 33% today!!!  I own and love all three!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, friends!!!  (Because that's totally a thing, right???) ;)


  1. Those pics of Ashby and GG are just so cute! She had the BEST time at your house this week and we had the best time at the Perot Museum with you guys yesterday!!

  2. So many fun things!! I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Andrea!

  3. Looks like you're making some great memories this week!

  4. What a fun week you guys have been having!! I love that you cram in so much fun, I'm the same way! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  5. You always know how to get the most out of a day! Love the pics of the kids at the park, Ashby and GG are too cute with those babies:). I hope you are feeling much better today and Happiest of Thanksgivings to you and your precious family.

  6. So so much fun!! How much I would love propping myself up in the couch to watch NetFlix too...hanging with my kiddos and their friends is fun too. You guys enjoy the rest of your week off....I know we will!!

  7. We are still jamming to the Trolls soundtrack, & I don't see that changing any time soon. :)

  8. Wow! Such a fun Thanksgiving week! Hope you're back gets some relief at the chiropractor today!

  9. Ashly is full of so much JOY in all of those pics! So, so sweet!

  10. I meant Ashby. Haha Crazy autocorrect.

  11. I felt so bad watching your snaps last night. I prayed for you all night. I hope you are getting some relief from your chiropractor and feel better soon.

  12. I love UNO! I even bought the retro cards last weekend so we could play on Thanksgiving!

  13. Luke has gotten so tall! Happy Thanksgiving!

  14. Why isn't anyone asking what kind of light up shoes those twin boys are wearing?! They're awesome!


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