Monday, October 17, 2016

Weekend Recap - On The Farm Edition

Friday was a pretty typical day for us... I sported a cute shirt and jeans....

... Mason sported a superhero outfit for a special day his class earned...

... Griffin wore a smile and Luke hightailed it to class before I could snap a picture :)

When I went to pick the boys up from ESS that afternoon I found Mason sound asleep :)

Friday night fun!

 Sweet boy had a little bit of a "week" at school and it was so nice for him and I to get in some snuggle time Friday night. :)

Saturday morning it was dance...

... donuts...

... and soccer :)

I was at dance with Griffin when Dave got Mason dressed and when I got to the game I was a little surprised to see Mason's shorts...

These are actually Griffin's :) hahahaha

After the game GG and I headed to the square to run a few errands and she and I had the best time.

A quick stop at home to clean up, eat lunch and then we headed out to a birthday party.  The party time was actually changed and I didn't get the memo so we were there an hour early. hahaha  Plenty of time to look at horses, watch a movie and drink a Dr.Pepper in the van :)  It was a blessing in disguise because the day had been non-stop and it was a little bit of quiet time that we all needed.

The party was at a really neat petting zoo and farm and the kids got to touch, pet, brush and hold so many cute animals!

Pony rides!!! I think Mason took three turns - he LOVED it!


The COOLEST part of the place was the kangaroo!  Apparently the owner raised it from a baby and it was seriously so friendly.  Such a surreal experience to get to feed and pet a kangaroo.

They also got to feed emus...

... and another animal that I now can't remember.  Who knows what this guy is???

Oh you know... just petting a kangaroo with a macaw feather :)

Griffin picked out a SUPER cute baby kitty for her friend Libby and they were so excited to have twin kitties :)

Griffin LOVES her some Owen!

When we got home we met up with my mom for some bubble blowing and bike riding.

Watch out, world :)

Love this sweet little motley crew!

Fresh and clean and ready for snuggles on Saturday night :)

Sunday was VERY low key.  We start a new quarter at school tomorrow and so I went and worked for several hours.  I got EVERYTHING done for the week and it felt so good!!!

We put away laundry, prepped school bags and played in our rooms.  

We measured and started planning the playhouse...

... and blew bubbles in our jammies. 

Tea party for the win!

Sunday evening my brother, sister-in-law and nephew Beau stopped by.  Look how cute!

 Crazy cute cousins...

It was a busy weekend - but busy with lots of our favorite things and people.  This week is a short one for us (it's parent-teacher conference day on Friday) and this coming weekend is Wedding Weekend!!! We're so excited!!!

Don't forget that tomorrow is Show and Tell Tuesday and we're going to be sharing the quirks and other things that make us each unique :)  SO FUN!

Happy Monday, Friends!

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  1. We had fun getting to see your crew on Saturday!!

    1. Us too!!! Next weekend we're hanging out over here! Pizza and a movie outside!

  2. Mason in Griffin's shorts will have me smiling all day long!!!!! :)

  3. I hate that we missed Libby's birthday! It looked like so much fun!

  4. What a fun weekend! So glad you had such a great time!! Xo

  5. Love the Blue Jays jersey! GO JAYS GO!!!

  6. That free people shirt is gorgeous! And that party looked so fun!

  7. Dance & Donuts sounds like a perfect Saturday morning combination! The birthday party looks like a lot of fun! At first I thought the mystery animal might be a tapir but it looks cuter than any that I've ever seen!

    1. Right?!?! Can't go wrong with either one. I'm about to go google tapir :)

  8. What a fun weekend. I think that large brown guinea pig looking animal is called a capybara. We have them at our local zoo

  9. I can't believe that is your "baby Beau"! My Beau is not too far behind him in age and this has me in total denial that he is growing that fast!

    1. Right?!?! We just discussed how we'll probably always call him Baby Beau :) hahaha

  10. Love that top!!!! Perfect fall weekend top!

  11. So much fun!! I love all the outfits :) Darling
    Chelsea @

  12. Laughed out loud at the soccer shorts. So funny!

  13. Love seeing your family weekend time - you are a great mama!! I have been 24 hours early for way too many parties to admit - one time a week early! Oops!

  14. I was at Old Navy this weekend and saw this mustard colored dress and immediately thought of you!!

  15. Oops! It's THIS mustard dress!! (The one on sale!)

  16. So happy you had fun at the petting zoo. I'm the mom who said hi to you as you were walking in, apparently 1 hour early. Lol. It's such a fun place. The kangaroo is so soft!

    1. So glad you said hey! We should have stopped and chatted since apparently I had time to spare :) hahaha

  17. I always enjoy your weekend recaps! Wishing you a great week :)

  18. Cute pictures! Love Mason's short shorts (Ha) and Griffin's room. The animal is a capybara from South America. I used to take my older daughter to the zoo every week when we lived in Tucson and the South American section was her favorite (so we were almost on first name terms with the capybara family).

  19. the cute little twirly dresses that griffin wears... do they come in adult sizes?? even at my age, I still love some twirl!!!


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