Monday, October 10, 2016

Weekend Recap - Another HoCo In The Books Edition

Happy Monday, Friends!  I am happy to report that we are all well-rested and on the mend at our house!  I wrapped up another successful Homecoming (11 in the books!) and as much fun as it was, I'm breathing EASY tonight :)

Friday morning was wet, cold and dreary.  Dave set out early with Luke and Griffin and I got cozy with just Mason at home.  He was diagnosed with strep throat on Thursday afternoon and so he and I spent the day resting, watching movies and delegating dance duties via email (well, that one was just me. hahaha)

Lots of rest, lots of gatorade and lots of snuggles (and antibiotics) were just what this little man needed.  By the afternoon his fever broke and he was back to his chipper self.  As crazy as it was for me to miss such a busy day at school, a lay-low rainy day was just what the doctor ordered for both of us.

The middle school dance didn't start until 10 pm Friday night (so the kids can have a chance to attend the varsity football game first) and while I was running around setting up, meeting vendors and picking up food look who was crowned Homecoming Queen!!!

I brag on "Our Anna Grace" a lot - but y'all... it is so well deserved.  She is smart, kind, genuine and PRECIOUS and I was so excited to see her get recognized by her peers.  And look at how gorgeous she was!  Does the dress look familiar???

 The middle school homecoming dance is a pretty easy one - it's casual and since I have 6th, 7th and 8th grades there I try to keep it really fun and really "party-like" ;)

This year I decided to keep the decor to a minimum and instead hired an incredible lighting company.

So worth it and so much fun!

Saturday morning GG and I did dance class and we were both feeling the late night from before :)

Later that afternoon I hit up the grocery store and came back to find twinkies in a box. :)

 I've decided that they're only getting boxes for Christmas - hahaha 

We spent pretty much all afternoon playing outside, flexing our muscles and eating cake from our neighbors birthday party.  It was warm, but breezy and we had a great time.

I baked one of these...

... and then we were back outside until dark (again with the boxes!)

I was in bed and asleep before 10 p.m on Saturday night (without a stack of grading next to me!) and it was GLORIOUS!!!

Sunday morning was cool and crisp and we couldn't have been more excited...

After church Sunday morning we got out our Halloween decorations, cleaned up the yard a bit, took naps (#hallelujah), played outside and I went up to school to get a few things done.  A wonderfully restful day.

This week is going to be markedly less busy and I am SO EXCITED for a boring week :)

Thank y'all so much for all your encouragement last week via the blog and social media - I so appreciated all of it!!!

Happy Monday, Friends!


  1. What a wonderful weekend! Loving GG's sunglasses, what a rockstar! ;)

  2. Love everything about that last picture..the purple...the scarf...the earrings. It's ALL GOOD! xoxo

    1. I'm adding you Sheaffer's comment. You looked so cute at church yesterday! Loved your hair and all those layers!

  3. Your weekend sounds like a great mix of busy and relaxing. Such fun, precious pics!

  4. You looked so cute at church yesterday! I loved your hair and your scarf (and your earrings too!). xo

  5. We've had strep at our house, too! Glad everyone is feeling better. Where did you get the stack of pumpkins near the front door? Love those and I'm looking for something like it :) Thank you!

  6. I just love your blog! You inspire me every week! I am so going to make the pasta for dinner tonight!

  7. Glad to hear you and Mason are feeling better. I love your earrings!!! Have a great Monday!

  8. So much to say: you looked adorable at church! And, why do kids love boxes so much?! Also, the dance looked like so much fun! Good job, friend!!

  9. I'm glad Mason is better! Great idea to invest in awesome lighting for the dance!

  10. So glad that you are all feeling better to start off the new week! Happy Monday, Andrea!

  11. Oh Griffin jumping in the last picture sends me over the edge - what a cutie!!!

  12. Where did you get your brown purse? Love it!

  13. What a perfect weekend, except for Mason being sick :(
    Hope he is doing better and nobody else gets it.
    I love that brown purse and I'm dying to know where it's from??
    Hope you have a great Monday!!

  14. Glad y'all are feeling better! I remember the horror of middle school dances. So embarrassingly awkward!

  15. So glad you guys are feeling better! Yay for Anna Grace! I loved her dress from prom and it was the perfect choice for Homecoming Queen! Here's to a calm, boring week-lol!


  16. Need purse details!!! It looks amazing :)

  17. Sometimes kids get sick and it ends up being the day of rest you both needed.

    Congrats to AG!

    That final look gorgeous!

  18. Love this post! Need brown leather bag details!!


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