Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Griffin Style Guide

For as long as I can remember I've enjoyed clothes.  I was always allowed a say in what I wore and encouraged to express myself through my fashion choices  (hello 4th grade giant sweater with a cat on it, leggings and slouchy socks with my puffy painted Keds).  

When the boys came along I had so much fun dressing them - the little polos, button downs and layered comfy clothes.  But I'd be lying if I said I didn't have the most fun picking out gifts for my niece and friends little girls.  The bows!  The ruffles!  The shoes! 

When I found out I was going to have a girl of my own I was BEYOND excited for lots of reasons, one of which was that I was now going to get to shop the other 80% of stores :)  (Seriously... the boys sections are so small!!!)

Over the past 3.5 years I've had an absolute blast dressing Griffin and the questions I get most often revolve around her clothes/accessories.  A few weeks ago someone suggested a "Griffin Style" post where I could share our current favorites and picks and then refer people to this post when they had questions - such a great idea!  So, I'm running with it and sharing a few.

Most of Griffin's closet is comprised of Matilda Jane.  I've blogged about it A LOT and have nothing but awesome things to say about MJ.  The designs are girly, quirky and bold and the quality can't be beat.  

One of the first pieces I bought Griffin was this Larks Lake Ellie top and here she is in it at about 2 months old...

... and then the same top a whole year later!

Matilda Jane photographs beautifully...

and you can layer/unlayer pieces so they last multiple seasons and years.

Here are a few "MJ Tips/Tricks"....

It's confusing the first time you order.  Basically... you can't order directly from the website yourself.  You order through a Trunk Keeper who is a Matilda Jane employee.  Your trunk keeper does NOT have to be local to you.  It's nice if they're close by, but if you have one that's not your order will ship directly to you either way.  (My trunk keeper is Kat Kempson and she is incredibly sweet and knowledgeable! 

Sizing can be WEIRD.  Certain pieces run large/small and different styles have a history of running a certain way (i.e. Lulus run large, leggings run small, etc.).  My biggest recommendation would be to ASK!  Ask friends whose girls wear it, ask an MJ trunk keeper, ask in a Facebook group (yes... there are Facebook groups!!!).  If you can find a trunk keeper close by, ask to stop by and try the clothes on your little girl to get an idea of sizing.

Start small!  Unsure about diving in???  Grab a pair or two of the pants, pair them with a chambray top or white tank and jacket and see what you think!

I think that Matilda Jane can seem pricey... $60 for a little girls dress seems crazy.  BUT, when you consider that she could wear it all summer, then all fall/winter with a shirt under or jacket under, probably another 4 seasons as a dress and then beyond that a top the value becomes pretty apparent.  For me, I would rather invest in a piece that's going to hold up to lots of washing and wearing and that we'll get two years of wear out of instead of a $30 dress that she'll only wear for a season.  You can also occasionally find it on Zulily and MJ also runs sales every season. 

Other brands I love are Poppy Whitaker... her whimsical appliques are so fun and unique!

Joyfolie for mini-me boho style and precious shoes!

Boden for outstanding quality and fun prints...

....  Alice and Ames for the softest, twirliest dresses around.

GAP for the cutest little jeggings!

... and Sweet Sprouts for the best holiday shirts.

If you need a great shirt, be sure to check out their line and use the code griffin10 for 10% off your purchase!!!

For jammies I looooove Hanna Andersson!  She started off in the newborn sleepers and has worn them ever since.  They're expensive but they last FOREVER!  We wash ours multiple times a week they have lasted for years!

I also love SweetHoney Clothing...

I get asked a lot about the leotards Griffin wears to dance and they're from The Leotard Boutique.  They're a great value and have held up to weekly washing.

The preschool dance classes don't require a particular color/style of leo and tights so we had FUN with colors last year :)  As she's outgrowing them we're sticking with the black leos and ballet pink tights.

Jameson Monroe Flower Bows
I get asked ALL THE TIME about Griffin's big flower bows and they're from Jameson Monroe.

They're super lightweight and we've never had an issue with them staying on.  They match EVERYTHING and we get tons of compliments on them.

And here's a trick... when she was teeny I would buy the toddler/child size and just tie a little knot in the elastic.  When she grew I undid the knot and they still fit!

She still has this mustard flower and it still fits 3.5 years later!

If you're new to Jameson Monroe or just want to grab a few for Fall, you can use the code GRIFFINSBOWS for 25% off your order through this Friday!

Ruby Blue Messy Bows are seriously one of the things I'm going to miss the most when she gets too big :)  They are so over the top and fun!

Persnickety has some of my FAVORITE over the top headbands...

Chunky Necklaces by Sprinklings are the perfect accessory for any outfit ;)

I feel like her Hunter Boots are one of the best little wardrobe investments I've made.  She wears them ALL THE TIME and they have held up so well!  Since it doesn't get super cold here she wears them year round with the liners or socks.  And they're so cute!

Griffin and I LOOOOVE Mini Melissas!  They're PRECIOUS and scented (yes! scented!) and the cutest things ever!

Now brace yourself for WAY too many pictures of GG in Mini Melissas :)

I've always found Mini Melissas to run about a size small.  And they only come in whole sizes so there's a big jump in between sizes which can be problematic... but they do fit for a long time thanks to the adjustable velcro.

As Griffin gets bigger and is riding bikes, scooters, etc. she's wearing more and more Natives.  They are the most versatile shoes EVER and I love that she can wear her brother's hand me downs.

And last, but not least is a new favorite - Cape Clogs!!!

I picked up a navy and brown pair on Zulily a while ago and then Cape Clogs sent us a couple of pairs to review (one for me which I'll share on Friday!) and we are in LOVE!  They don't look like they'd be comfy and/or easy to walk in but Griffin wants to wear them ALL THE TIME!!!

She wears them for play, Lisa's house, errands, everywhere.  I love that she can slip them on and off herself and the little strap can go across the back as well.

I mean!!!

Her navy pair is a 24 and her pink and brown pairs are 25.  They're definitely more roomy... but I love that she's going to get a couple years of wear out of them.
I'm going to sound CRAZY but when I was little my mom used to get the Hanna Andersson catalog (you know.... all the original mix and match striped stuff) and I would seriously think "one day I hope I have a little girl who can wear clogs". hahaha   Maybe it's my Dutch heritage showing :)

If you want to win your own pair of Cape Clogs for your little girl head over to my Instagram page!!!  

Okay.  So I'm exhausted. ;)  That was A LOT of information.  I try my best to tag brands and companies on Instagram when I post pictures (you just need to tap the photo and they should pop up) and I NEVER mind answering questions about where things are from.  I know how it goes when you see something cute and want to know where it's from ;)  

So.... what are your favorite spots to shop for girls?  Any great ones that I missed?  Questions???

PS - This post contained affiliate links which means that if you clicked on a link and made a purchase I may receive a commission.  Also, thank you to Cape Clogs for Griffin's precious pink clogs!  THANK YOU!!!


  1. I'm convinced no matter what she wears... ADORABLE! So precious!

  2. Thanks for sharing all of Griffin's super cute outfits and their brands! I have 3 little girls of my own! This is a random question but... what is your trick for keeping all of Griffin's clothes looking fresh and not super worn from one season to the next? I have one daughter who is a neat freak and nothing gets stained/messy looking and 2 little girls, who I think intentionally seek out mud and paint. Do you have your own trick for stain removal? Do you wash the clothes inside out to help with fading/pilling etc? Or is Griffin like one of my daughters and she just isn't hard on clothes so there isn't much worry?! Thanks!!

  3. Ok a few things...1. She is the CUTEST little thing ever!!!! We love to see what she's wearing! 2. Love live the hairbow! MD is 12 and still occasionally wears one...praise the lord!! 3. Enjoy this!!!! I miss these fun clothes soooo much!!! Preteens aren't much fun to dress!!!

  4. I'm so glad you got that girl so you can dress her up. It's always fun to see what Griffin is wearing. :)

  5. Loved this post. Griffin's style is amazing! You guys are the reason I starting buying MJ and Sprinklings!

  6. I love little girl fashion--especially how you dress Griffin!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  7. All that MJ love!! Did you see where everyone's favorite farmhouse decorator designed upcoming pieces. Oh my heart! Having 2 boys first, makes dressing my little baby doll even more fun! Great post!

  8. Cute, cute, cute! Griffin always looks adorable! Love!

  9. Thanks for all the MJ info!! My daughter is 7 months old and I've been so hesitant to buy something because it is a bit pricey but knowing it'll last seasons is so nice!!

  10. Dressing little girls is one of the joys of life :)

  11. I remember the first time I saw Griffin on your blog a few years back. I just couldn't get over how cute she was. I remember showing my husband! She is still just so cute and I love the way you dress her:)

  12. Griffin's style is so on point! And she is looking so grown up in some of these pics!

  13. The headbands and the Mini Melissa's slay me! SOOOO stinkin cute. Thank you for all the pix this morning, it truly brought me joy to see them all. And Miss Astor's hair is GORGEOUS! : )

  14. GG has been a fashionista since birth!! She is so photogenic and looks insanely adorable in anything you put her in. We recently had to make a stop at the pediatricians office and my daughter was wearing MJ and the DR could not get over how cute it was. I thought it was funny that a 50 something year old man was obsessing over the clothing. :)

  15. The clothes and shoes look so pretty! Griffin is adorable in them all. How do you choose the size that lasts so many seasons when she is growing all along? It's hard to guess where to start and not be huge yet have room to grow.

  16. Griffin is a doll! Isn't it fun to dress a girl! There is nothing better than Matilda Jane! My girls, who are 14, 13, & 11, wore Matilda Jane before it was the rage. Like, I remember the confusion when I had to find a trunk keeper! Looking back, I should have become one. ALL of our toddler years are Matilda Jane & I kept several pieces in hopes of my grandbabies wearing them!

  17. True story. I buy the messy bows for my daughter. She was wearing them to school until they told her not to as they are too distracting.

  18. Soooo sweet! I bought a few messy bows this morning! Any advice for keeping them on a little one who might like to take them off? 😅

  19. She looks adorable in everything!!! I tend to go more inexpensive with my daughter because she is VERY hard on clothes but I would LOVE to try Matilda Jane! The patterns are so whimsical!

  20. Super cute! I marked some of the sites you mentioned in case we ever have a girl. All those pictures are so precious! Thank you for sharing.

  21. Andrea...she is just the cutest thing and her wardrobe is 1000 times cuter than mine. My "little girl" started college this year so now I'm in waiting mode for grands...I hope we get a pink one and can play dress up with her just like Griffin. She is truly a doll!!! We were all about the bows until close to middle school and then we'd still sneak ribbons in. She was actually known in elementary school as "Bow Katie". Oh my heart. I miss those days.❤️😊

  22. Great post! I always LOVE seeing how you dress Griffin! I need some of those necklaces and mini Melissa's for my 16 month old!

  23. I have a little boy, but I wanted to say that I LOVE Hanna Andersson pj's for him too! Such good quality.

  24. She is adorable - even messy hair with a BIG BOW is just perfect on her. My kids are WAY too messy to spend as much on their clothing, but I love seeing Griffin's cute style!!

  25. We love GAP for jeggings as well... they seriously have the CUTEST little skinny jeans for little girls. I would totally wear them if they made them in my size!

  26. She looks so big in that last picture! She's a doll :)

  27. How do you fix Griffin's hair? My daughter has similar hair with some curl, so I was looking for tips! Thanks, Jen

  28. Oh my goodness, I remember before I found out the sex of my baby (a boy!) I would ohh and ahh on Nordstrom's website looking at the mini Melissas. My name is also Melissa so I was rubbing my hands together in anticipation of purchasing two pairs had I found out I was having a girl. Can't buy mini Melissa's but I hear what you say about the boy section, they do make cute baby boy clothes but it's not the same!

  29. Adorable! Those pictures of Griffin toward the bottom in the green dress with her hair down... Oh my! Such a beauty and they just make me picture her when she's older. What about those adorable big bead necklaces? I know you've linked to them before. I can't remember where they're from though. Thanks!

  30. Adorable! Those pictures of Griffin toward the bottom in the green dress with her hair down... Oh my! Such a beauty and they just make me picture her when she's older. What about those adorable big bead necklaces? I know you've linked to them before. I can't remember where they're from though. Thanks!

  31. She is so darling! Thank you for sharing. Long time reader, first time caller but...
    I follow you on snapchat and would LOVE if you posted your go to "happy" playlist for when your kids are playing. Just today I had to creepily replay a snapchat of Griffin to hear the lyrics to look up the song ("Where We Gonna Go From Here" ... love it).

  32. What size do you get her in the dance skirts? XS or small? My daughter is 3 1/2 and I can't decide what would be best

  33. This has got to be the best post ever! I'm not sure Griffin could be any cuter!!


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