Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Weekend Recap - Non-Stop Edition :)

Friday morning I was feeling the fall vibes...

.... all my outfit pieces are old (except for the shoes - more details later this week!)

And GG was feeling a little more boho.

Friday night my dad and I loaded up these crazies and headed to the MCA varsity football game.

 You really can't beat Friday night lights in Texas :)

It's Mustang Sally!

 Cowbell and nachos for the win :)

Mason and a couple of his friends from class.  :)


Look who we saw!!!

Mason and his soccer team got to go out on the field to be recognized during halftime so Griffin and I hung out on the track and waited for him to run out.

There he is! (well... somewhere in there)

We also got to see our favorite cheerleader!

Tippy Toes!

Friday night was LATE and we put on our kitty dress bright and early to head to Mason's 8 am soccer game.

We picked up biscuits and settled in for a GORGEOUS morning of soccer.

Playing Legos :)

There he goes! :)

Mason's goal kick! :)

Spirit tunnel time :)

Look at these cuties!!!  Soccer studs :)

After soccer Griffin and I headed straight to her dance class where she found and LOVED the mirror ;)

Saturday afternoon I grocery shopped and prepped some meals for the week.

The kids were playing outside and I looked out and they had the hose out and were spraying each other off.  They were SOAKED so I ran with it and hooked up the sprinkler :)

These two were feeling EXTRA lovey Sunday morning.

And she was feeling extra twirly...

Sunday afternoon looked a lot like this for me and GG...

... and this for the boys at a birthday party...

Sunday evening I worked on this...

And I'm proud to report I am FULLY caught up.  #amen

I think that I might actually be more tired AFTER the weekend than I was before, but we had a blast so it was worth it. 

Happy Tuesday, Friends!


  1. I cannot believe Griffin wore those shoes all weekend!! Hilarious!!

  2. Griffin was so cute in her clogs on Sunday! I loved how proud she was of them :).

  3. Yep, I'M exhausted! Your weekends are always jam packed,but so much fun!

  4. What a jam packed weekend that looked so wonderful!

  5. I'm telling you--that kitty dress is precious!!! :)

  6. Your weekend sounds awesome! GG in the mirror is adorable! My daughter is like that too in her dance class!

  7. we have 14 of those a&a dresses (i know). they really are THE BEST twirl

  8. Weekends are so tiring sometimes. I feel like all of my son's friends have birthdays in the fall and we have a party at least once a weekend. We call it birthday season. I would love to hear about some of the meals you prepared on Sunday for the week! That sounds like such a great plan that I never seem to carry out. :-)

  9. Your weekend sounds like mine! Monday hit me like ton of bricks!

  10. You seem to like your clothes super blousy (loose) like I usually do. When you wear a form fitting outfit, do your friends and husband flip?

  11. Griffin's clogs!
    Mason on Sunday morning looking like a Gap Kids model!
    LOVE IT!

  12. Holy moly!! And I thought we were busy! I don't know what I'm gonna do when we have kids in all kinds of sports and dance and such! Haha.

  13. I would love to hear more about meal prepping for the week, too! Such a great idea for busy, working mamas! Do you prepare and freeze? What are some good make ahead meals?

  14. Where is GG's cat dress from, it's SO cute!

  15. That looks like a fun birthday party!

  16. Happy Wednesday! I'm so glad you remembered to link up!

  17. Love the pumpkins in your kitchen vase! Never seen that before. What were you prepping for dinner? It looked good. And GG's cat dress is sold out. Boo. ��


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